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Is the appearance of some shaky leaf hints case-sensitive?

Is the appearance of some shaky leaf hints case-sensitive?

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My tree was finally getting big enough that I needed a way to distinguish direct-line ancestors from all the other relative-ancestors. Users solve this problem in various ways - such as the use an image of a tree. I decided I would capitalize the surnames of all my direct-line ancestors. So, I decided to start about an hour ago. Everything was going fine, I had completed maybe five or ten individuals, when all of a sudden, my "view recent hints" green shaky leaf at the top of the page started going crazy. All kinds of new hints were coming in fast & furious. And they were all on folks whom I had just capitalized their last names.
At first I thought, maybe all the ignored hints might be re-appearing. But, as far as I can tell, that's not it. These are new hints.
I wish some of you would try this... just capitalize a few of your surnames (you can change them back) and see what happens. Mind you, I only changed the capitalization - not the spelling. If it turns out this is universal for everyone, Ancestry seems to have a major flaw in their algorithm for hints.

Re: Is the appearance of some shaky leaf hints case-sensitive?

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I don't think it's case sensitive. My theory, based on seeing similar behavior when I've made a tiny edit to a profile is that by working with the profile in any way, you send a sort of "ping" back to ancestry that has starts a scan for new hints. I have absolutely no technical anything to back that up. That's just what seems to me to be happening.

Re: Is the appearance of some shaky leaf hints case-sensitive?

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As far as I know, it is not case sensitive, but hints not previously shown will appear after a visit to a profile and especially after a minor edit (removal of/addition of punctuation, for example).

There is a thread of about a hint issue with some comments from staff that may be interesting to you.

Re: Is the appearance of some shaky leaf hints case-sensitive?

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Thanks, BurgessDonnelly...

I was especially interested in the answers in that thread you referenced from:

Laryn Brown, Product Manager, Ancestry.

Very interesting...

Laryn, if you're following this, we'd like to hear from you... please feel free to join in the discussion...

I find it truly amazing that we, paying users, should have to first, as you said...

"edit something on that person (add a note, edit one of the events) and save it"

...before we can see all the relevant current hints on a person in our tree.

So... When I access my tree in graphic pedigree view, and it goes through the routine of all those little green shaky leaf hints above each person wiggling and gyrating in sequence throughout the tree, from beginning to end, supposedly showing the hint algorithm scan is searching all databases on Ancestry for hints... what is actually happening?

Are all databases being searched? If not, why not? And if not, why do you even show this supposed "search" going on? Is it because it looks good to all the newbies who don't know any better, and is a good-looking marketing ploy?

I guess the major question is why does Ancestry's hint scan algorithm seem so "incomplete & inefficient?" Why do we have to jump through hoops to make it work? It seems that making this "feature" work as it should would be a big win-win for both Ancestry and it's users.

So, Laryn Brown, Product Manager, Ancestry... please let us hear from you...

Re: Is the appearance of some shaky leaf hints case-sensitive?

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The shaky leaf kicks in by a nothing more than a visit to a profile, no editing of the profile is necessary. If you view the individual in family/pedigree view, the immediate family will also receive *new* hints.

Shakey leaf hints are from records that have been linked to other trees. The "system" isn't really searching the database collections.
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