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Dalton genealogy

Dalton genealogy

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Coffeys and Daltons

JoAnne Norton (View posts)
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Surnames: Coffey Brown Dalton
My greatgrandmother Bridget Coffey married Peter Brown in Westmeath, Ireland. Their daughter Ellen Coffey married a Dalton. Any connection?


lewis headrick (View posts)
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Surnames: dalton

my ggrand father on my mothers side was george dalton

his wife charolette headrick. my ggrand father on my

fathers side, anderson dalton his wife? mae mary adams.

if you will email me i will give you my web page which

has a picture of george and anderson dalton.



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Surnames: Coffey
In my line, I have a William Coffey married to Elizabeth Dalton.

Dalton family

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Surnames: Dalton
I have a William Coffey born Feb.22, 1873. He was a brother to my grandmother Hulda Elizabeth Coffey. I have a Matilda Dalton who married an Ausban Coffey. She was born Jan. 30, 1805. e-mail me at my address and we will see if we can make a connection. I know that the Coffey's and Dalton's intermarried a lot. they must have lived close to each other.

Dalton Gang Ancestors

Omie Dalton (View posts)
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Surnames: Dalton

My grandfathers name was Omer William Dalton. He was from Coffeville Kansas. We were not allowed to discuss the Dalton Gang. But he did tell me that after his father died his mother married a bigger crook then his father ever was, so he jumped a train and ended up in Plainview Texas where he meet my grandmother. My uncle has the tinsle picture of the daltons with their wives and families, my grandfather was a baby. If you will notice the big ears in the photos of Bob Dalton they still exists through out our family. I think my great granddad was Bob Dalton but not sure. If you have any information or can be of any assistance please E-Mail me back. Thanks
Omie Dalton


Kassia Dalton (View posts)
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Surnames: Dalton
I am not sure but I think that I may be related to the Dalton Gang, also. My grandma would never let us talk about it either. I never met my grandfather on my dad's side so It is sort of hard to get names and dates that I may need. My grandfather (that I never met) lives here in Pittsburgh, PA. His name is Robert Dalton. I have talked to my grandmother about HIM but she said that she didn't remember anything. Who knows! If anyone out there knows of a child named Robert born to a Dalton (In Kansas and is lost) please let me know. HELP! I don't have a E-Mail. Kassia Dalton 139 Bronx Ave. Pgh, PA 15229

Your Dalton grandfather

Sarah Gibby (View posts)
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I hope you get a chance to read this response. If you go to you can get free e-mail for life and can check it anywhere, any time via the internet.

As far as your grandfather's relatives are concerned, here's what I would ask you to do. Find out his exact birth date and state he was born in. It's even better if you can get the town and county of Kansas he was born in. Then you can check the vital records (a set of books that can usually be found in the library). If not write to me and I'll give you some help. It is possible to find out yoiur ancestry even with just confirming your grandfather's birth. What you will hope to eventually do is to get a copy of his birth certificate, (which you can obtain once you know his birthdate) and by writing to the local government of the town he was born in. (I haven't yet done this myself, but I have definitely read about the process, and know I must do the same for researching my ancestors).

Once you obtain the birth certificate, that should tell who his parents were and (I believe) their ages. From there you can research when his parents were married. On a marriage certificate it will say who their parents are, etc. From there, you can get their birth records, etc. It's a bit time consuming, but it can be done with some help and some patience.

I went to school in Pittsburgh so I was very interestd when you mentioned where you were writing from.



James Lewis Dalton

Gale Dalton (View posts)
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Surnames: James
Was not James Lewis Dalton (1815-1890) supposed to be the Father of the Dalton Gang? If there is someone out there with "proof" or links that would give actual names and information, please send that slong!

Gale Dalton

Dalton Outlaw family

Bob Brewer (View posts)
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Surnames: Dalton
Those of you interested in the Dalton Gang family need to understand the difficultly in proving which (given name) is the correct one for members of this family. You will find several genealogies on the WEB that are erronous in some of their content. The names, William, James, Louis, Matilda, Henry and some of the others used by the Dalton outlaw's relations are common to many Dalton branchs of this tree. The names Emmett and Gratten were first given to two of the outlaw brothers, this was due to the origin of the names and the dates they first became famous. Robert is not too common except in this Dalton family and therefore may be a common thread...but not always! bear this in mind.
An opinion, and it is based on research, is that the accepted Dalton genealogy is corrupted back in Virginia. There were two unconnected Dalton families residing in Pittsylvania Co., Va. the late 1700s and apparently they intermarried. Also Daltons bearing the same given names, from both of these families married into other neighboring families, ie, Phillips, Talbot, are two right of the top of my head.. There is a connection between the James and Dalton families of Logan Co.,Ky. There are undoubtedly connections between the James and Younger families of KY.,which preceeds the Younger-Dalton link in MO., although they are not proven yet. The connection will be found in the wive's side of the James and Younger bunch and it is likely seperated by two generations. Also a very diligent researcher should be able to make a connection between the James-Dalton-Ford families. This is based on old documents written by long dead persons that give no references to their information. Another family related to the Dalton bad boys is Johnson. Anyone with info on this link should pursue it since it may have hidden importance to other links. The name Ussery and Matthews (Mathes) also arises in researching these other families. Historical research tends to indicate some sort of kinship between most of the famous outlaws of the west. This is far too much research for any one person to accomplish, so those of you interested: Get with it!
There are researchers who are working full time on this subject and would welcome all the help they can get. A problem arises when too many people learn that research is being done in this area and they overload the researchers with questions that they, themselves, should be able to find the answer to. These researchers do not have the time to communicate with dozens of people about frivolus or imagined relationships. They will try to answer any email that links to their work.
Golden Circle Research
Bob Brewer, Director
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