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John Payne Blount and decendants

John Payne Blount and decendants

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I am seeking any and all information regarding the Blount family in British Guiana. I know of John Pattison Blount and his mother Mary moved back to England some time before 1851. It may have been the death of his father John Payne Blount that precipitated this move. I do not have a date or location for John Payne Blount's death. Iknow that there are at least two Blounts still in British Guiana but have not information about them.

Re: John Payne Blount and decendants

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Surnames: Blount
John Payne Blount died in London c1836/37, according to his son Arthur. [Claims to Land in Demerara 1892, p 14, claim No 101]
A man named John Payne Blount died in Islington, London [Registrar's District], in Jan-Mar quarter of 1840 [vol. no. 3, page 137].

John Payne Blount was in Demerara by 1810. He was reported [then a formal requirement for everyone planning to travel abroad] as due to leave the Colony in January 1813 [Essequebo & Demerara Royal Gazette]. He was reported as leaving the Colony of British Guiana with three servants in May/June 1815 and there is a will in Georgetown of John Payne Blount, a native of Barbados, which was deposited on 13 Feb 1840. [Deeds Registry, No 12 of 1840] A John Payne Blount is said to have married ‘Mary Elizabeth W.’ at St Joseph in Barbados in 1815 [IGI – but no details and no precise date].

Blount had a business partnership with Charles Benjamin, as Benjamin & Blount, which was dissolved after the death of Benjamin in 1825. The firm claimed to own:
- the wood lot Seba [Lot 57 Bercheyck]
- and the Coomaka Lands on the East Bank of the Demerara River.
In January 1870 transport was made of a John Paterson Blount’s half-share in Pln Windsor Castle to William Branch Pollard by JW Davson, special attorney of Blount; Blount's address was given as: No 42 Highbury, New Park, Middlesex. [Royal Gazette 8 Jan 1870]

At the 1881 Census a John P Blount, age 56, unmarried, born British Guiana, who worked as a Commission Merchant's clerk, was lodging with the Blackman family at 38 Milkwood Road, Lambeth, Surrey. Also lodging in the same house was Mary I Spencer, age 69, unmarried, born British Guiana.

Re: John Payne Blount and decendants

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Surnames: Blount

My maiden name was Shirleen Blount.

I was born in McKenzie in British Guiana. I am the youngest of a family of six girls born to George John Blount and Mary Angela Blount (nee DeFreitas). I believe we are the descendants of John Payne Blount.

My sisters and I would welcome any information you might be able to provide with regard to our heritage as most of our family history has not previously been documented and was lost. We believe that the two Blounts that you refer to are my dad and uncle, Randolph Blount who is alive and well living somewhere in Guyana.

Currently, living in Canada, are me and my sisters Gail, Marjorie, and Deborah. My other sisters, Donna and Marlyne are living in the US.


Shirleen Blount

Re: John Payne Blount and decendants

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Surnames: Blount
The following are the names, Addresses and Telephone numbers of Blounts in Guyana. They come from the online Guyana Telephone directory. Randolph does not appear here.

Blount Akona 58 B Field Sophi Main 2193815
Blount Carlton 200 Wismar HS Lin Main 4445908
Blount Cary West Watooka Wsmar Main 4449023
Blount Oluki 159 Banyaballi St Retrv Main 4446288
Blount Paula 1155 Central AWard Main 4424151
Blount Pauline 14 West Watooka Wsmar Main 4448991
Blounte Kenneth 231 Mora St Mcken Main 4444855

Most of the information I have is historical from the website:
If you read the "Start of the Bauxite Industry" section you will find some information on John Payne Blount.
The rest of what I know is noted in a previous message in this thread. If you will drop me a line on my e-mail I will keep you informed of anything I find. My email should be posted with this reply.

You might also try the following on the web: The Guyana / British Guiana Genealogical Society
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