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Thomas Davis Myers- Salem, Marion Co.,IL

Thomas Davis Myers- Salem, Marion Co.,IL

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Looking for information on the following:

Thomas Davis Myers
..+ Rachel J. Metcalf (m. 12-26-1878 in Marion County, Illinois)
..... 2 Herman Davis Myers (b. 01-12-1885 in Salem, Illinois)
......2 George Myers
......2 Lincoln Myers
......2 Ellsworth Myers
........+ Nellie ???
......2 John Myers
......2 Anna Myers
........+ John ???
......2 Laura Myers
........+ Frank Fulton
......2 Sarah Alvira Myers
........+ William Marion Stroup

Please contact me at

Thank you.

looking for Anna Myers mother

joan wells (View posts)
Posted: 965418057000
Looking for Lucy Myers, the mother of Anna May Myers who m John Ellsworth
Waymire. You have an "Anna" with a John ??, could this be my
grandparents Anna (b 9/1886, d 12/1924) John (b 1880, d 8/44)

Anna Myers' Mother

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Are you sure Anna's mothers' name is Lucy?? There are numerous similarities (names and dates) between our trees, but i am pretty positive my Anna's mom' name was Rachel J. Metcalf, who married Thomas Davis Myers on 12-26-1878 in Marion County, Illinois. I also have found that Rachel remarried, to William A. Thompson on 10-18-1898 in Marion County, Illinois, also. I found documentation on both marriages. I do have the names John and Ellsworth in my family, but i do not have information on them yet. Is there anything else you can tell me about your family? Hope we share families. Cris Myers

Anna and Lucy Myers

joan wells (View posts)
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Anna May Myers married John Ellsworth Waymire
in 1908 in Independence KS. They both were in
the Salvation Army when they met. It seems Anna's
father died before she grew up and her stepfather
Jacob Hoover is listed as her father on her death
certificate. Also listed is her mother Lucy Myers
born in Ohio. I have no other info on Lucy personally
but she is a key figure as I cannot go back
beyond her without more "clues". Lucy was my
greatgrandmother. Anna and her sister Elizabeth
were of American Indian heritage and had inherited
some property in the KS/MO area. My aunt is
not sure where this property was actually located
but the tribe was Cherokee. Lucy could have gone
by another name, just not sure at this point.
Anna was born in MO and died in Chetopa KS in
24. She died of TB after giving birth to 11
children, (3 sets of twins), in her short lifetime. She lost all but
3 as infants, those 3 were my 2 aunts and my
mother, Ruth, Pearl and Virginia, respectivly.
Does that help any?

Anna and Lucy Myers

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i am sorry, but our families don't seem to be a match. I also have been having extreme trouble finding much on that generation. i do however have some names and they don't match yours. My Anna married a John, but their one and only daughter, was named Helen, who married Roy Cannon. I also do not have a sister for Anna named Elizabeth. I am still researching these people, and i hope to recieve information on Rachel and Thomas's marriage, Anna's parent; and Herman's birth, Anna's brother, very soon from the Marion County Clerk in Illinois. They may list names of family members, i have not discovered yet. i do hope this info will shed some light, for me. Again, I am sorry. If my data should change, with this new information, i will be in touch. Maybe at some point we will find a connection between these two Myers' families.

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also, there is another genealogy message board that you might want to look at if you don't know about is yet. it is called the GenForum. It is located at the following address:

it has numerous Myers' there. Maybe you will have some luck.


thank you!

joan wells (View posts)
Posted: 965568436000
Thanks for trying! I am familiar with GenForum
I knew it was only a remote possibility that we
would connect but then we
have to follow every lead we can or we will
never discover our history.

new email

Cris Myers (View posts)
Posted: 968716058000

new email

Cris Myers (View posts)
Posted: 968716107000

Grand daugther lucy Myers lived in NC Cheerokee tribe

Denise Myers daugther of David (View posts)
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David was my father he had 4 brothers and i sister they called sister
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