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Servat, French Army service 1915-1917

Servat, French Army service 1915-1917

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Surnames: Servat
My great-grandfather Jean SERVAT was conscripted into the French Army on March 5, 1915, at age 43, and was discharged May 22, 1917, returning to his hometown of Erce, Ariege. I have his "number," 599, but I don't know if that is a unit number or his identification number in the defense department. Is there any way to find out where he fought? The only other information I have is "Campaigne de Allemagne" but when I Google that term all I get is references to Napoleon.

Are French military records online? It's easy to find ancestors who died in the Great War but I'm interested in where the men from Erce went for the two years they served.

Re: Servat, French Army service 1915-1917

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Ceci est la page Web pour les archives militaires.



Re: Servat, French Army service 1915-1917

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Surnames: Servat SansSouci
Bonjour, Janice!

Merci beaucoup for the page Web pour service historique.sga.

I am having difficulty finding specific online pages for the Armee de la terre, (RI, 136eme) 1915-1917.

I cannot find the location of archives online. I will keep looking!

Thank you again! Merci encore.



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Still here?
Where and when is he born?
Who were his parents?
136eme RI was originaly from Saint Lo, Manche! Far away from ariège!

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Surnames: Servat, Peyrat, Sans-Souci, Gabrielou
Oui, Jean Marc, still here!

My great-grandfather Jean Servat Sans-souci was born 22 December 1871 in Erce to Jean Servat Sans-Souci (1837-1902) and Marie Peyrat Gabrielou (1841-1902), both also born and died in Erce. He died 8 March 1940 in Erce.

Since I made my original post on this message board, I have been able to learn the following about his service during the Great War:

5 March 1915 - conscripted with Mobilisation Generale and sent to Bethune, Pas de Calais

June 1915 - serving with 136th Regiment, Rozay en Brie

April-May 1917 - sent to Fort Douaumont near Verdun, under the responsibility of the General, 3rd Army Corps. Then sent to Castres, Tarn, Midi-Pyrenenees, became super-reservist (due to his age) with 15th Regiment.

I will have to look again at my records to remember where I learned this information (it was quite a while ago).

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Did you even found that?
But you didn't understood all
He never fought in 136éme RI! It was 136th RIT

14/11/1892 -> 24/09/1895 88th RI Régiment d'Infanterie, 2nd class soldier (private), apointed drummer le 29/09/1894 (in thoses days, a drummer hadn't any weapon!)

04/10/1897 -> 21/10/1897 88th RI Régiment d'Infanterie
26/08/1901 -> 22/09/1901 88th RI Régiment d'Infanterie
07/10/1907 -> 20/10/1907 136th RIT Regiment d'Infanterie Territorial

08/03/1915 -> GVC (Garde des Voies de Communication) à Bethunes
03/06/1915 -> 136th RIT Regiment d'Infanterie Territorial à Rozay en Brie
27/04/1917 -> Fort de Domont (in Val d'Oise) folowing the decision of the General, commanding the 3rd Army Corps. It is now a center for fireman's formation
14/05/1917 -> Send to Maison Sauliere à Castres (Manufacture of war ammunition)
01/07/1917 -> 15th RI Régiment d'Infanterie
20/12/1918 -> End of military période

15th RI
1917 Verdun : cote 304, Mort Homme (jan. à juin) puis Alsace : (nov.-déc.) : Aspach puis Vosges (déc. à fév. 18) : Le Voilu
1918 Alsace : (fév.-avril) : Aspach puis Flandres (mai-août) : Le Kemmel, ferme des Pompiers, cote 44 L’Ailette (août-oct.) : Fresnes, Couvron, la Serres (oct. nov.) : Pouilly, Crécy-sur-Serre, ferme St Jacques

For more, the best for 14-18 ... in french


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Yes, the language problem: I misunderstand many things. Merci for taking the time to show me.

My grandmother said her father came back to Erce a different person after the war. He never again went to church.

Thank you!

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I Found your tree on Genanet
Is it up to date? Did you make it alone?
Some things semble strange
You found the wedding Servat x Peyrat but don't know the spouse's mother
You call Marie Jeanne Cau, Marie Jeanne Coutirat...
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