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Joseph Taylor Dunkerron Captain in Bengal Artillery

Joseph Taylor Dunkerron Captain in Bengal Artillery

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Classification: Will
Surnames: Taylor, Begum
This is the will of Joseph Taylor, Captain in the Bengal Artillery of Allypoor near Calcutta, East Indies.

It was purchased from the National Archives, (http://www.national
Reference: PROB 11/1526/61
Date: 09 September 1811

Note: ‘something’ means illegible.

I Joseph Taylor Captain in the Bengal Artillery do hereby make my last will as follows I leave and bequeath to Noor Begum the mother of my eight children and who now resides in my house at Allypoor near Calcutta the monthly sum of two hundred Calcutta Sirra(?) Rupees (Cal. S.R. 200) to be paid her on the first of every month during her life. And I leave her to be used by her for life my house at Allypoor and house & ground at Dum Dum. And I do hereby leave will divide and bequeath my lands of Courtduff and its land the House near Dublin unto my four daughters Elizabeth Taylor, Mary Taylor, Allis Phillis Taylor and Emma Taylor their heirs & something to be formally divided amongst them or the survivors of them at the age of twenty one nor their day of marriage whichever first may happen. On condition that should either of them marry her share shall be settled on her and her something something her should she die a widow without children and should any of them at any time die without issue I direct that her share shall be divided amongst the survivors. I mean that something something of my daughters shall have the use and interest of her share from the day of my death tho it shall not be finally delivered to her till the age of twenty one or day of marriage and I leave to my oldest son Thomas Taylor my lands of Dunkerron and Reen in the County of Kerry on condition that he shall pay out of the product of the said lands one hundred and twenty five pounds sterling yearly for life to each of my two sons Francis Taylor and David Taylor. And I leave to my three sons Joseph Henry Taylor, Francis Taylor and David Taylor one thousand pounds sterling each the interest of which to be paid them during their minority & the principal at the age of twenty one. I leave all my books to my daughter Mary Taylor. And I leave all the rest & something of my property of whatsoever found and wheresoever situated to be equally divided amongst my above named four daughters or the survivors of them under the conditions above mentioned and I direct that if any of my herein named eight children shall at anytime die without issue or heirs then his her or their share of my property shall be divided amongst the survivors and I appoint James Alexander Esq. of Calcutta, Colonel John Horsford, Major J D Sherwood, my sons Thomas & Joseph Henry Taylor and my daughters Elizabeth and Mary Taylor executors and administrators. Executioners and Administrationists of this my will I revoke all former wills made by me made and something thus to be my last will and testament something witness whom of I something affix my hand and seal this twelfth day of July(?) eighteen hundred and eleven. J Taylor (seal) Signed sealed published and delivered by the estator(?) Joseph Taylor as said for his last will and testament in the presence of us (noted something something) and something said will pursuant of oath

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other do hereunto affix our names as witnesses Mary Prow(?) of Crickhowell, Charles Gabell of this same place Attn. at Law, Charles Gough his clerk.

Proved at London 9th Sept 1811 before the judge by the oaths of Thomas Taylor M.D. the son and Elizabeth Taylor spinster & Mary Taylor spinster the daughter three of the executors to whom something was granted being first sworn by something to duly administer something to James Alexander, John Horsford and James David Sherwood Esq and Joseph Henry Taylor the sons the other executors.

Re: Joseph Taylor Dunkerron Captain in Bengal Artillery

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Classification: Query
Are you providing information or wanting information?

If you have ever watched Who Do You Think You Are, UK you can probably find the birth records for the children of Noor Begum.

At one point in history the British government wanted their troops to marry local women as it made them more content and
accepted. This policy later changed. Most of the men left these families behind when they returned to the UK. Good
to see someone be this responsible I don't imagine that happened a lot.

The same thing happened here in Canada with the employees of the Hudson Bay Company who had forts all across the country for the fur trade. I'm not sure if it would be
a government approved marriage as these were not soldiers.

The website has Parish Church records
for Kerry.

There is a Military message board you might know of or be interested in - google MILGENIRE.

The National Archives at Kew London have records for the
British Army but now have given the authority to a pay-website for these records.

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Re: Joseph Taylor Dunkerron Captain in Bengal Artillery

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Classification: Will
Surnames: Taylor, Begum
I am delighted to find this, as one of Joseph's daughters, Emma Taylor, married my great great grandmother's brother. His name was James Franklin Bland of Derryquin Castle, a big landowner and neighbor to the Taylor family of Dunkerron. After having three children, Emma died aged 27. The newspaper announcement said "At Derryquin Castle, in early life, of nervous fever, deeply and sincerely lamented, Mrs. Bland, the lady of James Franklin Bland, Esq". If you care to send me the pdf you got from the National Archives, I would like to have a go at translating some of the words that you could not read. I can already tell you that estator(?) is "Testator" and "their heirs and something" is probably "their heirs and assigns." I have already purchased the will of one of Emma's sons from the National Archives and transcribed that, so I know what they look like and how difficult they are. You can if you wish email me: Teresa Stokes at

Re: Joseph Taylor Dunkerron Captain in Bengal Artillery

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Classification: Query
Hi Teresa.
I trawl the Kerry board every couple of months and discovered this. You could add that another relative, James Franklin Fuller was the architect of the Taylors' home at Dunkerron, in addition to its neighbour, Dromquinna House.
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