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Thomas Volkema (View posts)
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Seeking information, details, dates on Derk BROEKMAN, born 1796 in Zuid-Holland and his wife Angenietje Van REGENMORTER, born March 20, 1797 in Oudorp.

Broekman - Regenmorter

Leo Akershoek (View posts)
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If you are looking for ancestors fron the isle of Goeree-Overflakkee, province of Zuid-Holland, maybe I can help, provided your ancestors lived there before 1800


Susan DeeWaard (View posts)
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Province of Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Both Dirk and Angeniety BROEKMAN emmigrated to Drenth, Michigan, USA from Ouddorp, Zuid Holland, Netherland. They are both buried in Drenth, Ottawa County, Michigan. Angeniety's birthdate is 20 Mar. 1795. I believe her parents were Willem VAN REGENMORTER and Arentje VAN OOSTVOORN.

Re: Broekman - Regenmorter

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hi my name is amber van regenmorter im trying to figure more out about my history my great grandfather came from holland his name was peter i dont no his fathers name he was killed by a train thats all i no about my history please tell me of any van regenmorters of regenmorters cause my dad said wen one of my grandfathers went to the netherlands to have freedom of religion and they pyt van in front to make it sound like they were dutch this is all i really no i want to find out who were my grandpas uncles and more about there life back in holland

Re: Broekman - Regenmorter

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Please try to write proper english, with punctuation.
On are 17 hits on Pieter van Regenmortel in the period 1815-1872. Most hits are birthes. There are at least 4 persons with this name as they are married to different women. Did your ancestor marry before emigration or did he go single?

Re: Broekman - Regenmorter

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You may want to check out this link:

If you read the story you see it talks about Peter Van Regenmorter's father Jacob who was killed when struck by a train. Looks like this is your family.

Also found this online:

JAKOB (JACOB) VAN REGENMORTER, born. 1843, Ouddorp, Zuid-Holland, Nederland; died Before 1894, Holland, Ottawa County, Michigan; married JANTJEN (JANE) DOREN; born 20 August 1860, Assen, Drenthe, Nederland; died 03 January 1948.
Jacob Van Regenmorter was a factory worker who died at work. He was distracted by a switch engine and failed to see a flyer coming down the second set of tracks. He was killed instantly. He left a widow and five children with no benefits or government assistance.
[Source: Richard Van Regenmorter, grandson of Jacob Van Regenmorter]
Baptism: Hollandsche Gereformeerde Church, Vriesland, Ottawa County, Michigan
Immigration: 1847, Ship name: Hugo Grotenhuis
Jantje (Jane) Doren's first husband, Jacob, was killed at work. At the time of his death, there were no death benefit programs for the family and so Jane could not support the family herself. She removed all children from school and helped them find work. Her son, Peter, left school in the fourth grade and helped support the family by milking and herding cows.
Even though the family was virtually penniless, Jane was too proud to allow her children accept charity. For example, she refused to allow them to partake in soup kitchens set up for laid-off factory workers.
Jane immediately married Pieter Elhart, possibly more for financial support than love. He brought three children to the marriage and they produced 2 additional children, raising 10 children in their small home.
After Pieter died, Jane lived with her daughter, Mary, in the late 19teens or possibly 1920.

Check out this link for a family genealogy:


Re: Broekman - Regenmorter

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Thanks lots for that my grandfather is william van regenmoter, but most of were dead before i was born. I only knew henry and my grandpa Richard lives in californa. So i dont know much about him i only met him like once at a family reunion. So the only people lift are Rich. and william my grandpa has memory loss kinda. is there any other van regenmorters in holland like the other five or ten people decendents. Let me know thanks.
P.S im not evan in high school yet so im not very good with proper english and spelling espesilly on a computer im not really famillar with one yet. sorry if its hard to read thanks.

Re: Broekman - Regenmorter

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Amber, Regenmorter is finished in the Netherlands according to
I do find 80 times "Regenmortel, van" in 2007. In 1947 there were 41 persons.
The phonebook at lists 27 people with this name. When you click on the UK flag the questions are in english.
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