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Motey Tiger

Motey Tiger

Byron Smith (View posts)
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Surnames: Tiger
Motey Tiger is the son of Tulsa Fixico
Tiger Louisa. If you have any information
please let me know. @Smitty7901

Moty(Motey) Tiger

JTiger (View posts)
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Moty is my great, grandfather.

Motey or Moty

Eugene Tiger Prevett (View posts)
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Motey Tiger is my Great Grandfather. Motey was Chief of the Creeks during the later 1800s and early 1900s. He served out Pleasant Porters term, after his death, since he was 2nd Chief. Then President T. Roosevelt appointed him for a second term. The reason he was appointed is the gov. decided they needed more control over the Creeks or perhaps all tribes so the president appointed the Chiefs. This continued until some time in the 60's--not sure of the exact date. Motey was chief when Okla. became a state in 1907.


Motey or Moty Tiger

Bonnie Hedman (View posts)
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Motey was born around 1842 the son of Tulsa Fixico and Louisa Canard. Motey enlisted in the volunteer Indian regiment of Colonel Chilly McIntosh during the Civil War. Moty married Hettie Canard in December 1865 - they had three sons - George Washington Tiger born in 1866, Johnson Edward Tiger born in 1875, and Amos Tiger born in 1883. Hettie died on January 26, 1884. Moty later married Kizzie Lewis. Moty was appointed principal Chief of the Creek Nation in September 1907 by Pres. Theodore Roosevelt. Moty died in August 1921 and was buried in the Tiger family cemetery.
Moty is mentioned along with a picture of him in "A Guide to the Indian Tribes of Oklahoma" by Muriel H. Wright.

Moty Tiger

JTiger (View posts)
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Bonnie: Do you have additional background information on Moty? Please email me at Thanks!


Eugene Prevett (View posts)
Posted: 952035456000
Bonnie is your father's name John? If that is true please contact me at

John Tiger

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Bonnie Would you please send me any information you have On Motey Tiger, or any of the Tiger family at
Byron Smith
1414 s.Delaware
Okmulgee Okla.74447

Moty Tiger

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Jim could you get me names and birth dates on great,great great,grandkids please.
at or by mail 1414 So.Delaware Okmulgee,Okla.74447

Re: Motey or Moty

marla mills (View posts)
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my mother is half american indian her father is moty hancock do you have any more information

Re: Motey Tiger

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Surnames: Tiger, Kennard, Canard, Fixico, Hampton, Moore, Nitie
I have read in books that in the early years of the white man in this country, the mountain lion was called "tiger".

The Creek Indians belonged to the town of their mother--my greatgrandfather, Moty Tiger, belonged to his mother's town, Tuckabatchee--his father's town was Thlopthlocco. Moty's father's name was Tulsa Fixico and his mother's name was Louisa Canard (Kennard). In our family, the name of Tiger began with Moty and his siblings. The name Canard began when a Scotsman, Kinnaird, came to America and married into the Creek tribe. The name Kinnaird has been spelled eight different ways--Kinnaird, Kinnard, Kennard, Kenard, Kanard, Canard, etc.--I suppose according to how the person writing it down knew how to spell.

Tulsa married a second time to a woman, Chamela, who already had several children. Tulsa and Chamela then had a son, Lumyer, and three daughters, Fickhumkee (called Millie), Hunna (Hannah), and Sophia. They were all given the last name of Tiger.

In a newspaper article during Moty's time it was told that he was originally named Homv Tikv, which meant first to cross. He was named after an ancestor on the Kennard side who performed a brave deed. His name was later changed to Moty Tiger--Moty after Moty Kennard and "Tiger" perhaps because that is how "Tikv" sounded or who knows.

A biographical sketch written about him said that he was the third son of Tulsa Fixico; however, I've never learned who the first two brothers were or how long they lived.

One Tiger family told us that they got their name when the children were lined up in school and said "hereafter your name is ______ and your name is ___________.

Also when Indians were enrolled the Indian names were written down according to how the person writing it knew how to spell or how it sounded to them. For example, there were two related families with the same Indian name and one ended up having their name spelled Ireland and the other one Island.

In addition to their towns, the Creeks also had clan names. One clan name was Tiger. Moty Tiger married Hettie Tiger and her clan was Alligator so my grandfather, George Washington Tiger, was from the Alligator clan, the same as his mother. George's second wife, my grandmother, was Susan Hampton. Her mother was a full-blood Creek Indian woman named Susie Nitie. She died when Susan was around a week old and her father died when she was 7 or 9. Judge Napoleon Bonapart Moore was her guardian and he sent her away to school so she never learned much about her mother. Therefore, I do not know her clan name.

So you can see the name could have started several ways for different families.

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