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Reseigh Family

Reseigh Family

Reverend Brother Khang-Fré-Y' (View posts)
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If you are named Reseigh, you are related.
We are all related. Colm Reseigh of 1541
Cornwall is the earliest Reseigh that we
have actual records for.
I am the first son of the first son, 13
generations removed from Colm, and have done
massive amount of research on the Reseigh
derspora. ALL Reseigh's are related, whether
they like to think of it or not.
The original name though was RALEIGH, one of
the Dukes that came with William the Conquer
in 1066. He was given Cornwall as his fiefdom
for his efforts with William. Some where in
the intervening 400 years, the "AL" was turned
into "ES" by an incompetant records keeper in
Uny-Lelant, and it has been RESEIGH ever
With all the records I have about the RESEIGH
family from 1541 to the present, i.e. birth,
christening, marriges, death, et cetera:
Believe IT: If you are named Reseigh, you are
related to all other RESEIGH's. NO Exceptions.
The IS ONLY ONE (1) Reseigh Family in the
Rev. Bro. Khang-Fré-Y'
formerly (Fré Derick-William Billings-Reseigh)


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I do believe that we are all related. Some of the family members want proof of who we are from. One actually went on to say that he had always treated my mother as family even though there was proof was elusive.

Thank you for finding us and this page. I will pass on your letter to my "cousins" in Cornwall and South Australia. They would love to have this information.

You can contact me at

Re: Reseigh Family

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Hailsa, Rev.Bro.Khang Fre Y',

Father it is I, Derick; i have been trying to find you for many years. My son Eirik J.William Reseigh just turned 11 on April the 26th.2009. I wish to speak with you.
I would very much like to have copies of our family history; it is very important that your Grandson Eirik knows his history, his people, and his culture.
i miss talking with you.
you are often in my thoughts.
Be Well.

In Firth
your Son Derick W. Billings "Reseigh".

I can be reached at

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