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I am looking for information on the Ralphs who came from England to British Guiana where my grandmother Harriet Norine Ralphs was born to a John William Ralphs and Katherine Sarah Wilhelmina Ralphs (nee Hancock) in 1880. Any help would be appreciated.

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Surnames: Ralphs, Hancock, Hubbard
I assume that you have already found this site:

The information I can offer was taken from there, particularly this link;

Tikwis Begbie (“British Guiana Colonists” – wonderful summaries) has John Williams [sic] Ralphs marrying Katherine Sarah Wilhelmina Hancock on 29th June, 1877. She appears to have two sisters: Alice Helen Elvira Hancock, who marries David Milne Smith on June 6th, 1882, and Jessie Hancock (b. 1/12/1887; d. BEF 1928. She marries Edward Augustus Hubbard on April 18th, 1876. My interest and connection is with her: She and Edward have three children: Jessie Alphina [Tikwis has the spelling ‘Alfina’] Hubbard; Alice Maud Hubbard; and Thomas Hancock Hubbard. He is my great-grandfather.
The three Hancock sisters’parents are Thomas Hancock (d. BEF 1876), and Helen [can’t find her maiden surname], born ABT 1811, died 4/4/1867. No date for marriage.

Tikwis has the following five entries under Ralphs [site had minor updates in July]:
RALPHS, -, wife of W.J.
Married RALPHS, W.J.

RALPHS, Harriet Norine
Born: 4 NOV 1880, British Guiana

RALPHS, John Williams
Born: Demerara
Married HANCOCK, Katherine Sarah Wilhelmina: 29 JUN 1877, St. Philip's Church

Born: 27 MAY 1879

Married RALPHS, -, wife of W.J.

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So excited to get your post this morning. I have found it very difficult to get information on my relatives born in British Guiana. I have been in touch with Tikwis over the past few years and found the site to be very helpful. My paternal grandmother is Harriet Norine Ralphs born on Nov. 4, 1880. Her parents were John William Ralphs and Katherine Sarah Wilhelmina Hancock. My grandmother had a brother named Reginald Hancock Ralphs and she spoke of two sisters who died at an early age from eating poison berries but I have not found anything regarding that as of yet. I have written to the GRO and to St. Philips Church and the Guyana Embassy for birth records or marriage records but have not not heard back from anyone. Any additional information you have would be so appreciated. Lovely to hear more family history Thank You Wendy

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Surnames: Hubbard; Hancock; Ralphs; McCall; De Sousa; Willis; Craig
Hi, Wendy. I can only add the descent details from Edward Augustus Hancock and Jessie Hancock (who, if my guess is correct, would have been your paternal grandmother’s aunt…).

Edward Augustus and Jessie had three children:

(1) Jessie Alphina, who married a Robert McCall. I believe they had one daughter, Margaret who married a Frank De Sousa in 1921. They in turn had four children one of whom [at least] had married and moved to the States. My mother knew them a little when she was a child (they visited the UK from BG in the 1930’s).

(2) Alice Maud Hubbard, who married a William Kerr Craig, and lived in Scotland [she died in 1928, I think without children].

(3) Thomas Hancock Hubbard, who met and married my great-grandmother, Lizzie Willis. They met in Sunderland, but moved to Southampton. He was a ship’s engineer.

Returning to Edward Augustus, he predeceased his father – I have a copy of the father’s will, and it is clear from the wording that Edward Augustus was already ill: the will is made in favour of the grandchildren.
Now, Thomas and Lizzie had four children: Jessie [1902 to 1998]; Alice [b 1904]; Thomas [b 1906]; and Kathleen, [born 1914, but died shortly after]. Thomas himself died of tuberculosis in 1914 before the birth of the last child.
The eldest child, Jessie, is my maternal grandmother. She moved to Scotland in the 1920’s, where she met my grandfather.
My mother, Elizabeth, was their only child, and she died three years ago. She’d done a (little) bit of family research, and I have followed through on that. I am the eldest of her three children.

I can tell you nothing about the Ralphs, though. That connection only came to light when I found the Guyana site, and the links to Tikwis’ summaries. Tikwis furnished me with a fascinating set of data about the Hubbards in BG, and a link to a court-case over a land dispute (but I don’t think there is any reference to Ralphs).
In the other direction, I haven’t got any further back than Thomas Hancock and his wife Helen – no surname for her. Her birth appears to be around 1811.

All my searches have been internet-based; I’ve not written to any organisations or sought information elsewhere.


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Good morning John yes Jessie would have been my Great Aunt (my Great Grandmother's Katherine Sarah Wilhelmina Hancock's sister).
1. Katherine Hancock and John William Ralphs married on June 29, 1877 in BG at St. Philips Church , Georgetown and had 4 children I think, although I can only confirm two my grandmother Harriet Norine Hancock Ralphs b. 4 Nov. 1880 and Reginald Hancock Ralphs born 1879 and family lore also says two sisters but I cannot confirm that as of yet. My grandmother Harriet Norine Ralphs moved to Montreal, Canada (not sure what year yet) where she met and married my grandfather William Oliver Beale( born 1874 Devonshire, England) around 1907 I think. They had two children( Mary Aileen Beale b.1908 and Estelle Norine Beale b. 1909 while in Canada before moving to the US (Queens, New York) in 1910 where they had 8 more children William Ralphs Beale, Frank Lester Beale, Robert Elliott Beale, Ursula Claire Beale, Katherine Lucille Beale, Raymond Beale, Oliver Thomas Beale and John Richard Beale. My grandmother passed away in 1974 at the age of 94. She told us many stories of her childhood in BG. There is a very interesting website called British Guiana Then and Now that has lots of pictures and stories from BG. My husband's father was born in Glasgow Scotland. We live in the US where are you? Looking forward to talking more regards Wendy
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