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Seeking info on Octaviano and Rosaria Moraga-Mexico to Ventura Co. CA

Seeking info on Octaviano and Rosaria Moraga-Mexico to Ventura Co. CA

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Hello, I'm seeking information on the parents of my great-grandparents Octaviano (b. circa 1850) and Rosaria (b. circa 1853) Moraga. Both born in Mexico (Sonora I suspect), came to Ventura County Ca. 1873-74 with son Jesus (b. 1872). Octaviano naturalized U.S. citizen in 1876. May have been distant relations of the Jose Joaquin Moraga family that came to California with the De Anza party in the 1770s. Any information provided to help trace my family back to Mexico would be much appreciated.

Re: Seeking info on Octaviano and Rosaria Moraga-Mexico to Ventura Co. CA

Kathy Tucker (View posts)
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Surnames: Moraga

Was your Octaviano Moraga the owner of the bar/store/boarding/dance hall in Ventura Ca ? or near Ventura Ca ?

I am interested in a possible branch of this Moraga Family. I am looking for the link to James Moraga aka Santiago Moraga born in the 1860's Arizona/Mexico. His father was Antonio Moraga, mother was Margarito Rubera Moraga from Arizona/Mexico.

James "Santiago" Moraga married Josephine Sosa aka Raphaela Lopez. Mother: Maria Josefa Josephine Barrios Lopez Sosa. Father: Cerildro Jesus Sosa.

Jesus Sosa was arrested for a murder that took place in 1880 across from the "store" owned by Octaviano Moraga. Sosa's wife Joesfa Lopez Sosa and child were boarders at the Octvaiano Moraga place. Octaviano was a witness in the murder trial. Later, the child Raphaela Lopez married James "Santiago" Moraga.  

Any information that you might have would be helpful.

Thank You,
Kathy Tucker

Re: Seeking info on Octaviano and Rosaria Moraga-Mexico to Ventura Co. CA

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Yes, according to the 1880 Census, my great-grandfather, Octaviano Moraga, owned a bar, most likely in the city of Ventura. May have moved to El Rio (New Jerusalem) near Oxnard in 1890, where he is operated a livery stable.

He and his wife, Rosaria Moraga, who was reported to be related to the Andrade family of Ventura, had a son Jesus Jose Moraga, born 1872 in Mexico, who married Rafaela Grajeda in 1894. Jesus Jose was the first of 12 children.

Please let me know how Octaviano might be related to James "Santiago" Moraga or if you have any additional information on Octaviano.

Thank you
Frank Moraga

Re: Seeking info on Octaviano and Rosaria Moraga-Mexico to Ventura Co. CA

Kathy Tucker (View posts)
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Surnames: Moraga, Sosa, Rubera, Lopez, Soto

This branch of the families that I am working on is somewhat new for me. So just gettting started on the Moraga Family line by way of the Sosa/Lopez Family.

My best guess and only a guess is that Octaviano Moraga and James "Santiago" Moraga were Brother's, Uncle/Nephew or Cousins. I have no proof of them being related at this time.

Octaviano's birth of 1850's Mexico and his son Jesus Jose b. 1872 Meixco, which leaves me to think James "Santiago" b. 1864 Mexico/Arizona could have been a very young brother to Octaviano.

Do you have a Death Record for Octaviano and or his wife ? Do you have an Obituary for either of them ? Do you have a list of names of their children besides the son Jesus Jose ?

At this time I do not have an obituary for James "Santiago" Moraga. I do have a death certificate. (I assume Santiago was a nickname or baptismal name)

Death Record for James Moraga aka Santiago Moraga, he was born 7/25/1864, birthplace Arizona; died 9/1/1947, Ventura Ca, Ventura County, Ca.

(1895 Ventura County Ca, James Moraga used the name Santiago Moraga when he married Rafalea Sosa aka Rafalea Lopez (baptismal record Rafalea Lopez) birth name: Josephine Sosa. He was 28 she was 16. The Elders said he had something to do with the stage coach as employment (undocumented, maybe before coming to California.) On his Death Certificate it has "Retired Farming". His race, "White". "Widowed", he was actually divorced, he sued for custody of four of the children and raised them. His wife left and remarried twice. From the three marriages to Moraga, Soto and Anderson she had a total of 14 children.)

You may have this information already. Octaviano Moraga owner of a bar/dance hall/boarding house/store. I don't recall how it was listed, was a witness in a 1880 murder case in Ventura County California. His testimony and some information about him was wrtten about in a booklet.
The small book: "Poor Man's Justice" The Case Of Vincente Garcia and the Nineteenth Century California Justice System; written by Mark Ellis. The book is about 70 pages.

From a website; "Arizona was the 48th state in the USA; it was admitted in 1912 (it had been part of Mexico before the Mexican War)."

The listed birthplace on the death record of Arizona for James "Santiago" Moraga b. 1864 is right and wrong. At the time of his birth Arizona was Mexico. The reason I am writing so much about this is how important this is to many things.

Most of us think of Mexico as it is today. We need to think of how much infulence the Spanish had on Native American lives of North America and Mexico and their Surnames and Culture in general.

When we see "mexican" or "spanish" for the race on a census record that may not mean they were actually Mexican as we think of being from Mexico today. Any person born in say Arizona before 1912 was Mexican regardless of their heritage (unless they stated otherwise, which most did not due to discrimation in California at the time if they were not Spanish, Mexican or White.) Mexican only means they were from the Country of Mexico not their region or tribe or hertiage.

I doubt that James Moraga was of the "white" race as on his death record, there has been some hint he was native american (undocumented). In researching on the Moraga's and their SPOUSES we might need to research the Arizona Region Native American heritage as well as the Spanish and Mexican heritages, all are possible.

Most of what I have about the Moraga Family are notes from converstations with a limited amount of decendants. I have death certificates of the children of James "Santiago" Moraga's childern. I have no other information about his siblings or parents.

If you think there is any link between what I have written about and your research I would like to keep in contact with you beyond this message board. Perhaps by email.

You can contact me at the email listed at the top of this message, using my name that is highlighted Kathy Tucker, the next page will have the email address.

Re: Seeking info on Octaviano and Rosaria Moraga-Mexico to Ventura Co. CA

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Hi! I'm doing some research for a friend, and we are looking for the parents/grandparents of an Albertina MORAGA. In the 1910 census of Oxnard, Ventura Co., CA, she is listed as being the niece of Anastasia VILLEGAS, yet in the 1920 census (still Oxnard, Ventura Co.) she is listed as her granddaughter. According to her birth certificate, Albertina was the daughter of Marie(a) MORAGA. Albertina was born on 22 Sep 1907, but in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara Co., CA. Her mother, Marie is noted as being born in the U.S. and her occupation is "servant girl". The father is shown as what looks like "Alex? WORE/WARE? The writing is very sloppy, making it hard to read. The last name may even be "None". Anyway, he's listed as white. Albertina's birth certificate does not give her mother Marie's age, so I don't know how old she was at the time.

I noticed there were quite a few MORAGA families in and around Oxnard and Ventura Co., and I figure that several of them are related. If anyone can be of help on this, I would really appreciate it! :-)


Mary Kathryn Kozy

Re: Seeking info on Octaviano and Rosaria Moraga-Mexico to Ventura Co. CA

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I sent you an email, we have a direct connection to my wife's family.
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