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KRAUTER - Cook County, ILL

KRAUTER - Cook County, ILL

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I know that my gr grandfather, Wilhelm (William) Krauter, had relatives in Illinois. I'm looking for Krauters in Illinois who might be able to make the NY - Illinois connection. Wilhelm was born 1837 in Germany and emigrated about 1866. I have only been able to trace him from 1890 up in the US when he married Eva Pfleger in Tonawanda, NY. They also lived in NYC for a while but definitely had one daughter, Madolin, born in Illinois in 1895, I presume while visiting his relatives. I found several Krauters in Illinois on the 1890 and 1892 Voter Registration for Chicago and am almost certain these are his relatives but can't make the connection. I'm hoping I can find Wilhelm with his family in the 1870 census records, 4 years after his emigration, but have been unsuccessful so far. Wilhelm was a music teacher/musician and had a brother, George, who was also a teacher (wife Carole) who emigrated in 1866 (not on the same ship's manifest, however).

If any of this sounds familiar to anyone doing Krauter research in Illinois, I would appreciate hearing from you. Feel free to email me.


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My Great Grandparents Carl and Emma Krauter were living in Illinois (Cook County) around 1900. They moved to Hugo, Oklahoma (Indian Territory) around 1901. I found a picture of Carl in 1906 in the Hugo city records. Any relation to you?

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Surnames: Krauter
Hi Carl. Thank you for responding so long after that message was posted.

The only direct Krauter member that I knew was in Chicago was my George Krauter (a/k/a Kryter/Kraeuter) and wife, Caroline, who lived in Cook Co, Chicago, ILL. They never had children so that line could not be traced forward. However, it made me wonder about the other Krauters in ILL and whether they might be connected.

I have done an extensive family tree of my direct line of Krauters and although there were a few Karl's, most died in Germany. Still, I felt there had to at least be a "cousins" connection of my George to those Cook County Krauters I keep coming across in research.

The dilemma will be how to prove a connection. Have you ever seen the towns Niedergirmes, Wetzlar, Asslar, Katzenfurt or Kolschhausen mentioned in relation to your Krauters? That is where my direct line comes from, in Hesse. They called it the "Lahn-Dil-Kreis" region of Hessen.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to write me at my email address if you think we can make a connection. My great grandfather was a brother to George. They first settled in West Virginia, moved over into Indiana for a time and then George went over to ILL while my Wilhelm came to NY. One of Wilhelm's daughters was born in Chicago in 1895 so it makes me wonder whether he was visiting his brother, George, at the time or perhaps one of those other Krauters situated there.

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Surnames: Kräuter/Krauter
I have dates from Germany and US
with Name Kräuter
born in Katzenfurt, christened in the Church of
Dillheim, Germany

Please give me an answer.

Kind regards
Ingelore Frank, Germany

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Hi. Thank you for responding to my message from 2008. I have much information on my Kraeuter family in Germany.

My ancestors are:
great grandfr: Wilhelm Carl Kraeuter b. 1837 Niedergirmes
gg grandfr: Johannes Eberhard b. 12/18/1808 Nied.
ggg grandfr: Peter Heinrich b. 10/4/1763 Niedergirmes
gggg grandfr: Christian Friedrich b. 4/25/1727 Kolschh.
ggggg grandfr: Johannes confirmation 5/23/1704 Dreisbach?
gggggg grandfr: Paulus b. ca. 1665-1667 Koln?

Brothers of my great grandfather, Wilhelm Carl, are:
Sophie b. 1827 Braunfels (half-sister)
Hermann b. 1834 Katzenfurt
George Wilhelm b. 1838 Katzenfurt

I have much information on my German ancestors. I do not know records from church in Dillheim. I would like very much to know the information you have on Kraeuters from this church.


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Surnames: Kräuter Krauter
Hallo Linda,
this is what I have found by Ancestry Pedigree
and Census
Hermann Kraeuter
birth 25. October 1834 Katzenfurt
death: 26. August 1918 (or January) Wheeling, West Virginia
with Age of 83
married: 17. Mai 1868 in Wheeling
with Anna Maria "Hanna" Kern
Parents: Johannes Eberhard Kraeuter, Christina Mohr

Nellie Kryter, born 4. Mai 1867 Wheeling

Oscar Sigismund Kräuter born 5.11.1871 (or 30.8.1871)
death: 30. august 1938 in Columbus, Ohio

Leonore Nathalie Kraeuter, born 18. August 1876

Julia Christine Kräuter , born 11.2.1879 (or 30.1.1879) -

Hermann Eberhard Kryter born 10.10.1882
death: Ohio, West Virginia, USA
married with Marie "Mary" F. Walk

Wheeling, West Virginia Directories, 1888-93

Name: Hermann Kraeuter

living:69 Indiana
Occupation: Professor of Music, Studio

his Parents are:

Johannes Eberhard Kräuter born 18.12.1808
in Niedergirmes, death 11.Juni 1856
Niedergirmes and
Christine Mohr, born Niedergirmes,
deeath: 1854
married 1829 in Goarshausen

The Siblings of Hermann Kräuter are:

Wilhelmine Philippine Kräuter, born 23.Oct.1833 Katzenfurt

Wilhelm August Krauter, born 26. April 1837

George W. Kryter, born 16. Aug. 1938 Katzenfurt

Wilhelm Ferdinand Kräuter, born 29. Nov. 1839

Friedrich Kräuter, born 15. Mai 1841

The Parents of Johannes Eberhard Kräuter:

Peter H. Kräuter, Maria C. Marx

his burial is:

his grave;

here is a Georg Kräuter born 16. August 1838 in Katzenfurt, he immigratet in Chicago

The Pedigree by Ancestry is back to the year 1617,
is this your Pedigree?

Kind regards
Ingelore from Germany

Re: KRAUTER - Cook County, ILL

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Thank you Ingelore. I have all of this information. I did major research in the United States on my Kraeuter family (Hermann, George, Wilhelm, etc.) and the descendants. Many years ago I hired a professional genealogist in Germany who found my family records in Asslar. I then met a cousin, Lieselotte Kraeuter Hombrecher who went to many churches in Germany to find records on my family. She helped me trace my Kraeuter family back to 1600's in Germany (Koln, Katzenfurt, Kolschhausen). All information you have below is known by me. My Kraeuter family were musicians and teachers in Germany. J. Eberhard, George and Wilhelm all were teachers in Niedergirmes.

You mentioned you had church records from Dillheim. Is there information in these church records about Kraeuter families in Dillheim? Are you also a Kraeuter?
Thank you for sending the information below.
Linda - New York City

Re: KRAUTER - Cook County, ILL

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Kraeuter Kräuter
Hello Linda,
I´m a Hobby-Genealogist, and I have help Mr. Kopp from
Katzenfurt to find 100 Persons, they emmigrated between
1840 - 1860 to US, most to Baltimore.
I have searched by Ancestry and have many found, also
Hermann Kräuter. Nobody here in Katzenfurt has knows,
that he emmigratet. No Notice in the Church-Books.
All the People of Katzenfurt christened in the Church
of Dillheim (close together).
No, Linda, I´m not a Kräuter.
Katzenfurt is a small village, now Post-Adress:
Ehringshausen-Katzenfurt.It´s very beautiful here
with many woods, and small mountains. Come here!
Niedergirmes is 10 Miles from Katzenfurt
Greetings to you and New York from

Re: KRAUTER - Cook County, ILL

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Kräuter / Kraeuter
Hello Linda,

This Webpage is very good for search of Ancestors
in Germany

I´m registered by the genealogy-List of
In the List sometime more than 1000 People where
can read my eMail and they have much Church-Books.

For search in Köln (Colonia) you must registered the List
By FOKO or GEDBAS on a.m. Site you can search for
Names and Pedigree.
You can eMail me directly
per page

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