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The Boynes of Ireland

The Boynes of Ireland

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All of us know our ancesters come from Ireland. Has anyone traced their family from a certain area? There is the Boyne Castle, the Boyne River and the infamous Battle of the Boyne. All I know is that my great-great -grandfather was a boxer and he and a friend saved up money to come to America and tossed for the ticket and my g-g-grandfather won the toss. Another oral tradition states that he stowed away on a boat. My grandfathe, John Boyne, came from Pennslyvania where he worked in the mines and then bought a farm in Pierce City, MO. My grandmother;s name was Maggie McGinnis My mom, her three sisters and mother came to Kansas City because my grandfather died of black lung. Ancester names are Boyd, Cumiskey, McGinnis and Boyne, all from Pennslyvania. , I believe. Does anyone have an oral tradition that might be similar to mine about a boxer from Ireland? E-mail me,please.

Boyne ancestry

Pat Boyne Lacaskey (View posts)
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We have not had much success researching the Boyne's of Ireland. One thing mentioned to us when we were in Ireland was that many times when a name is a "place name", it could be a bastard child from the Lord of the Manor. this would explain to some extent, why no one gets too far in their searches. I really don't have anything else to help anyone. I can tell you that I have seen the River Boyne and it is lovely. Last June, some family members actually put their feet in it and we all brought home some of the Boyne River to New Jersey. What an unexpected emotional moment that was! Good luck in the search of the Boyne

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Craig Boyne (View posts)
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I have spoken with my brother Terry and he advises me you are related to us. Our grandfather Harold came from Pierce City, MO. I am not as knowledgeable as I should be on the Boyne ancestry so I have forwarded this web page to both Terry and our father Don.
Please keep in touch.

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Hi Craig! Nice to meet you. Where are you from? I know that my grandfather, John, had brothers. As a matter of fact, I am going to go through the pictures because I believe I have a photo of them. I think that one of his brothers was also best man in my grandparents wedding. Have a picture of that also. They sure were handsome. I never met either of my grandparents as they died before I was born. What information can you tell me about your grandfather and where he lived before Pierce City, MO?

Boynes of Ireland

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Dear Pat,
That certainly makes sense about the Lord of the Castle having bastard children and taking his name. Goodness.......there are so many Boynes.....a prolific group!!
Thanks for the information and my what a thrill it must be to place your feet in the Boyne river. I bet it was cold. Someday, I need to go over there and do the same. Take care!

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Craig Byone (View posts)
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Hi Barbara!

This is Terry. I'm replying on my brother, Craig's other email address.

Remember when I came up to KC to visit and attend the funeral? I also brought you some pictures of your great-grandfather Barney.

The picture you are refering to is the one with your grandfather John and my great-grandfather William.

Hope all is well with you. If you would like, you can email me at

Hi, Barbara. My name is Don Boyne and my grandfather was William Boyne. My father was named Harold William and was born in Monet, MO June 4,1913 and raised in Pierce City. Both my grandfather and father were Frisco railroaders. Grandad was an engineer and dad was a conductor when he retired. Both worked on the east end from Tulsa to Monet. Later, just before my father retired they extended his run to Springfield. Dad used to spend his summers in Pierce City with his uncle John. They both loved horses and dad used his summers to train for football. He really enjoyed his time there in MO.
I am 63, (will be 64 in October) and married a girl from our home parish here in Sapulpa - Sacred Heart. Terry is our oldest son, born in 1961. Our second son, Jon was born in 62 and our third son, Craid in 1963. Our fourth son was born in 1965. All live here is Sapulpa. What brought William here originally was the opportunity to work on the railroad. Sapulpa was the western railhead for the Frisco until the yard was moved to West Tulsa - I think in the '20s.

My grandfather died when I was but 5 years old, so I have few memories of him. All the kids called him 'Dad'. His wife was Albertina Wagner - a full blood German and a very devout Catholic. Some of my earlies memories of church are going with her and some of dad's sisters. Dad had five sisters - Ruth, Mary Agnes, Jean, Louise and Joy. Mary Agnes died at a young age. I never knew her. I knew the others very well. He also had a brother, Luis that died at age 45 in Oklahoma City.
I have an older brother Bob that lives in Ft. Gibson OK, and a younger sister Nancy that died in 1986 of cancer.
My email is We are all interested in our geneology. I visited the Boyne valley in Ireland last year, but didn't make any positive contacts with the family.

Let's stay in touch..


Boyne Family/ need help

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My name is Marilyn my mother's Name was Lois Marie (Boyne) Schmidt, her father was William E. Boyne, and her mother was Emma (Donohue) Boyne, and my grandfathers first wife was Mary Shannon.
My grandfather William parents wereJohn J. Boyne, wife Susan J, Smith, and his father was John Joseph Boyne and his wife was Anna Canavan, they are all buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Lackawana NY, and I can't get back any furhter, hope maybe someone can.
I know that they had something connected to the battle of the Boynes and The Boyne River,
Can you help or point me in the right direction

The Boynes of Ireland

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I just noticed this message string and the names *REALLY* intrigue me, as my great-great-grandfather's name was Barney Boyne from Columbia County, NY. I'm descended from him through his son William Boyne of Columbia and Renssalaer counties.

Is there any relationship here?

Battle of the Boynes

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I wrote to Ireland to research my Boyne ancestors and the Battle of the Boynes and the Boyne River.
The surname Boyne is derived from the Gaelic MacBaoithin and was one of the numerous names is Co.Leitrim in the seventeenth century. The name of the is an anglicisation of the Gaelic word Boinn, The Battle of the Boyne refers to the site of the battle on the banks of the river Boyne, it does not relate to the surname

Re: Boyne ancestry

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Pat - I believe we are distantly related. Do you live in NJ?
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