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Edward A. Lambert family

Edward A. Lambert family

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Surnames: Lambert Plant Huestis
Members of Edward A. Lambert family?

Edward was the Mayor of Brooklyn in the middle 1850's. He died Sept 7, 1885. His widow was Hannah J. Lambert.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle of Dec 28, 1886, Page 4, "Supreme Court, Kings County" there appears to be a case against Hannah and a lot of other Lamberts. I am guessing it is something to do with a probate. The article does not list the relationships of all the other family members. The plaintiff is William O. Thompson. The justice was Hof-- Willard Bartlett, and the complaint is filed in the office of the Clerk of the County of Kings, at the county court house, Brooklyn, 28 Dec 1886. The Plaintiff's attorney is N. Cothren of New York.

Is there a way to check the court records for what is probably a will containing a list of these possible heirs and their relationships?

Thanks so much. Marty in AZ

Re: Edward A. Lambert family

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Hi, 15 Lamberts in Greenwood Cemetery, all in section 70, Lot 3014. If you want to get back to me, Helen

Re: Edward A. Lambert family

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In the other hit in the Bklyn Eagle, the case apparently went against Hannah and the other Lamberts. Apparently it concerned property on Bergen St. The referee says as per his decision on Mar. 5th, 1887, he is ordering the property to be put up for auction on Mar.30th. Hannah J. and the others are all listed. Most of the others are clearly Edw. A's children by his 1st wife Elizabeth, and by Hannah, and their spouses.

It's easy to tell they're the children, since they're listed either on the 1850 Census (on pilot.familysearch), or the 1880 Census. I didn't check the "60 or '70 Censuses.

1850 Fed. Census - NY State county:Kings Ward10

LAMBERT, Edward A. 37 Stationer b.NY

LAMBERT, Elizabeth 35 Keep House
LAMBERT, Lansing m. 15y
LAMBERT, Mary f. 8y
LAMBERT, Eliz. f. 6y
LAMBERT, Ira m. 1y
Ann Lane(?) f. 65y
Charlotte O---? f. 51y
Jane O---? f. 29y

1880 Census - Edward A. Lambert,66, Blank Books, b.NY, father b.Eng, Mother-Scotland; and Hannah J. LAMBERT,49, b.NH
and children:

Edward H.19, Rufus C. 18, Jennette H. 15, Annie C. 10,and
Louise 3.

In the Eagle article, some of the names are:

Mary F. HUESTIS and husband Edwin
Elizabeth PLANT and husb. L.W.
Rufus C.
Ira B. and wife Alice
Edward H.
Louise M.
Jennette H. MURPHY and husb. Charles A.

You can see all the names in the article.

Hope this is of some help.


Re: Edward A. Lambert family

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Don't know if the Directory information I found on the fabulous Brooklyn Info Pages is of interest, but will give it in case you do want it.

1879/80 Lain's Brooklyn Directory

LAMBERT, Edward A. bankbooks 411 Broadway, h.103 S.Oxford

1859 Directory

LAMBERT, Edward A. stationer 121 Williams, N.Y.
h. Clinton Ave. n Green Ave.

1850/51 Brooklyn Directory

LAMBERT, Edward A. (alderman 10th ward) stationer
69 Wall St., N.Y.
h. 43 Wyckoff n Smith

As it happens, my Dad worked at Johnson & Higgins, 63 Wall St., from the time he was 14 in 1926, to about 1970 when J&H moved to 40 Wall.

Re: Edward A. Lambert family

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Thanks for all the information on Edward. I have some of those references, but I am not really sure which of those children are really his and which might be just Hannah's.
I appreciate your help.
Marty in AZ

Re: Edward A. Lambert family

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Again thanks. I am unable to do a good narrow search on the Brooklyn Eagle site. I don't know why.

There was a lot of making fast and loose with other people's money by Edward. I have this feeling that Hannah's family wasn't too happy about that.

I appreciate the information.
Marty in AZ

Re: Edward A. Lambert family

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When I searched on, I put the following in the search box:

brooklyn ny daily eagle 1886~~1887 and lambert w/2 hannah

I put this in exactly this way with a boolian search and came up with 3 hits- 2 of the piece I mentioned previously, and the one you found.

I found Edward A. and Hannah in the 1860 Census - no new children that had to be her's - (a Carrie too old to be Hannah's, who was not listed in the 1850 -maybe she was staying elsewhere at the time). So Lansing, Elizabeth, Mary and Ira B. were Elizabeth's, and possibly Carrie. The rest in the 1880 were Hannah and Edward's.

If you go to the pilot.familysearch site for the 1892 NY STATE Census - for Brooklyn, you'll find Ira B. LAMBERT with wife Alice L. and children Ira W., Frederick, and 2yo Gladys, in Ward 20, E.D.13. You can save this image right to your computer or print it out. Hannah J. is living in 1st Ward, E.D. 16, apparently alone.

In the 1900 Census Ira B. and Alice are living with their 2 surviving children- Ira Walton, and Frederick.

Using the great german genealogy group site:

on the NYC Grooms Index :

Ira B. LAMBERT May 2, 1872 Kings county
cert. # 749

Edward H. LAMBERT Jun 20,1884 Kings co.
cert.# 1837

Rufus LAMBERT Sep 9,1887 Manhattan
cert. # 73873

On NYC Brides Index:

Louise M. LAMBERT Mar 2,1899 Kings co.
cert.# 1239

On NYC Death Index:

Ira B. LAMBERT 61y May 10,1911 Kings
cert. # 9846

I.Walton LAMBERT 32y Oct 15,1912 Manhattan
cert. # 29638

You can order cert. copies from the photocopy unit of the LDS for $2 each, min. order $4.00. You'd need to give the Title and FHL Film # for each film the cert. should be found on. These are found in the Library Catalog on You can download and print out the Request form from site (form #31768).

Kit in New Hampshire

Re: Edward A. Lambert family

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Kit, Marvelous information. I truly appreciate all of your work. Following your lead, maybe I can create searches that work. I am more interested in D.Lansing Lambert, a son of Edward and first wife Elizabeth. He is ggfather for my husband. He keeps changing his name making it hard to find him at times. I suspect he went to Maine to die. But I don't know that.

Again, thanks so much for the information.
Marty in AZ

Re: Edward A. Lambert family

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Hi Marty -

D.Lansing LAMBERT died in Brooklyn.

On the site :

in the NYC Death Index:

Lansing LAMBERT 36y d.Sep 20,1870 Kings county

cert. # 7825

You can order his death cert. from the LDS for $4. From the Library Catalog on I found the microfilm information:

Title: Brooklyn death certs., 1862-1897

FHL Film # 1323684

To get the Request form, go to On homepage, upper right, where it says "forms, maps,guides", click "forms". On new page scroll down to where it says "Requests for photocopies- census,books, microfilm...". This is form # 31768.

Download and print out form. Put the cert. # in the column all the way on the right, where it asks for registration #.
I suggest you send a moneyorder rather than a check, it'll go much faster that way. Copies are $2.00 ea., minimum order $4.00. You should get your copy in 15-23 days.

Because of Helen's post, I found him on the site for Greenwood cemetery -

LAMBERT, D.Lansing burial: 9-23-1870 Lot 3014 sec.70

I found something else, which I'll send in separate post.

Kit in New Hampshire (born Brooklyn)

Re: Edward A. Lambert family

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Hi Marty - You may already have this, but on HeritageQuest I found Lansing in the 1870 Fed. Census.

1870 Fed. Census - state:NY county- Kings

Ward - 20

LANSING, D.L. 35y occupation: Stationer

LANSING, Anna K. 32y

LANSING, John B. 2/12 y

LANSING, Elizabeth 4y

Lansing did do a lot with his name didn't he, unless the enumerator simply totally misunderstood and messed up.

On the GGG site, in the NYC Death Index, possibly found wife Anna:

LAMBERT, Anna 63y d. May 13,1902 Kings co.

cert. # 8547

Seems to fit, though might not be right Anna.

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