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Loyalist Pensions 1843-1846 Charlotte County, NB

Loyalist Pensions 1843-1846 Charlotte County, NB

Cleadie B. Barnett (View posts)
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Surnames: Barber, Black, Britney, Budd, Carmichael, Carrick, Clader, Clarke, Cox, Davidson, Dodd, Dow, Ferries, Flinn, Flynn, George, Greenlaw, Grierson, Hailey, Haley, Hanover, Harley, Hastay, Haycock, Hendrick, Hervey, Hooper, Kendrick, Kennedy, Lane, Leonard, Linniken, Linton, McBean, McDonald, McFarlane, McIlroy, McNichol, McVicar, Myers, Pendleson, Pratt, Pulk, Quigley, Russel, Thompson, Towers, Tucker, Turner, Wallace, Waltman
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A Schedule of Old Revolutionary Soldiers and their Widows chargeable on the Relief Fund, 1843.

NEW BRUNSWICK. Schedule of Persons now receiving Relief under the Acts for the Relief of the Old Soldiers of the Revolutionary War and their Widows, specifying their ages, the Counties in which they respectively reside, and the year in which relief was first granted, - Furnished in answer to Address if 8th February. {1843}

(Lists of Pensioners found in the printed volumes of the Legislative Assembly papers, and there are files that support application for these pensions. The records that follow are found in the volumes for 1843 and 1846, Appendix pp. xcvii to cxxi.)

Elizabeth Barber /89/1840
John Black /83/1840
Jacob Britney /91/1839
Elizabeth Budd /67/1842
Ann Calder /85/1840
Janet Carmichael /63/1841
Esther Carmichael /81/1841
Rachael Carrick /80/1840
Dugald Clarke /91/1841
Susanna Cox /66/1840
John Davidson /79/1840
Margaret Dodd /89/1840
Isabella Dow /73/1840
Elizabeth Ferries /71/1839
Ann Flinn /72/1841
Elizabeth George /73/1839
Elijah Greenlaw /76/1841
James Grierson /95/1839
Ann Hailey /86/1839
Sarah Haley /92/1841
John Hanover /86/1840
Patience Hastay /61/1839
Catherine Haycock /75/1839
Mary Hendrick /75/1839
Henry Hervey /91/1840
Abigail Hooper /77/1839
Dorcas Kennedy /74/1840
Sarah Lane /68/1840
Nancy Leonard /74/1839
Hannah Linton /65/1842
Neal M'Bean /86/1839
Duncan M'Farlane /88/1841
Patience M'Farlane /81/1841
Elizabeth M'Ilroy /65/1841
Niel M'Nichol /93/1839
Lydia M'Vicar /80/1840
Henry Myers /83/1840
Wm. N. Hawkins /89/1839
Stephen Pendleson /80/1840
James Pratt /76/1840
Henry Pulk /91/1841
David Quigley /84/1839
Patience Russel /82/1840
Experience Thompson /77/1840
Ann Towers /79/1839
Margaret Tucker /85/1840
Rachel Turner /87/1841
Sarah Wallace /67/1841
Susanna Waltman /99/1840

April Session:
John Black /85/Pennfield
Elizabeth Budd /69/St Andrews
Janet Carmichael /65/St Patr'ks
Susanna Cox /68/St George
John Davidson /81/St George
Margaret Dodd /91/St Stephen
Mary Flinn /78/West Isles
Ann Flynn /74/St Patr'ks
Elizabeth George /75/St Stephen
Elijah Greenlaw /79/St George
John Hanover /88/St George
Ann Harley /88/West Isles
Abigail Hooper /79/West Isles
Sarah Lane /70 /St Stephen
Nancy Leonard /76/West Isles
Elizabeth M'Ilroy /67/St Patr'ks
Henry Myers /85/West Isles
James Pratt /78/St George
David Quigley /86/Grand Man.
Experience Thompson /79/St Andrews
Ann Towers /81/St David
Margaret Tucker /87/St George
Rachael Turner /89/St Patr'ks
Susanna Wattman /101/St George

Sept. Session:
Jacob Britney /93/Pennfield
Rachael Carrick /82/St Andrews
Isabella Dow /75/St George
James Grierson /97/St George
Patience Hastay /63/St Stephen
Catherine Haycock /77/Campo Bello
Mary Kendrick /77/Campo Bello
Hannah Linniken /67/St David
Neal M'Bean /88/St Stephen
Thomas M'Donald /89/West Isles
Patience Russell /84/West Isles
Sarah Wallace /69/St George

Re: Loyalist Pensions 1843-1846 Charlotte County, NB

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In 1840 Ann Calder of Campobello,N.B.applied to the N.B. Legislative body for a widow's pension based on the military service of her husband, Robert Calder, in the American Revolution.I wish to obtain copies of her application and any documents submitted to support her claim.

These records are said to be in the Legislative Assembly papers in the volumes for 1843 and 1846.

A query to the NBPA was unanswered.Is there a procedure whereby, for a fee, copies of documents in the records of the Legislative Assembly can be obtained?

-Any suggestion you can offer will be deeply appreciated.

Re: Loyalist Pensions 1843-1846 Charlotte County, NB

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Classification: Query
Provincial Archives
Getting a Copy:
A copy can be acquired by sending a full mailing address, a full reference of the record, along with $5.00 (Cnd) for each record requested to:

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
P. O. Box 6000
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
E3B 5H1

Please make checks payable to Minister of Finance
Requests received without full details or without payment cannot be processed.
In all cases, please allow at least 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.

They have always been good about answering my requests.
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