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Query : PASCHALL, Thomas

Query : PASCHALL, Thomas

Keith Burnette (View posts)
Posted: 978724360000
I am wondering if anyone out there has any information on Thomas Paschall.
He was born abt 1582 in Wrington, Somerset, England. Married Mary abt. 1607 in England. He died 26 Jan 1638, location unknown. Does anyone have any help on this one?

Oh, I'm a descendant of William PASCHALL and Reliance DENNIS. He was my 9th Great Grandfather.

Any help would be appreciated.
Posted: 980883924000
Edited: 1029558426000
We have info on this Paschal line. William is also our
9th ggrandfather. We have our direct line going back to
1475 France. Where does your line go after William and
Reliance? What info do you need? Let us know.
Laura and Nancy.

Paschall Line

Keith Burnette (View posts)
Posted: 981312067000
The info I have gathered is as follows:

William Paschall was the son of William Paschall (Sr.??) and Susannah Budd.

William Paschall (Sr.?) was the son of Thomas Paschall and Joanne Sloper.

Thomas Paschall was the son of yet another William Paschall and Joanna Collins.

Lastly, William Paschall was the son of another Thomas Paschall and Mary (no last name recorded).

I am hoping for any information to verify this information or any other information past Thomas and Mary. Anything would be of help.

Thank you for responding to my inquiry.

Keith Burnette

Posted: 981319274000
Edited: 1029558426000
Keith, this is what I have:
1. John Pascal b 1475
2. John Paschal b 1495
3. Andrew Paschal b. 1531
4. Andrew Paschal b. 1573
5. Thomas Paschal b. 1590
6. William Paschal b. 1608
7. Thomas Paschal b. 1633
8. William Paschal b. 1665
9. William Paschal b. 1693
10. Samuel Paschal b. 1727
11. Samuel Paschal Jr. b. 1775
12. Tabitha Elizabeth Paschal b. 1813
13. Tabitha E. Hooks b. 1855
14. Mary Hester Price b. 1898
15. Lois E. Andrews b. 1917
16. Laura Dodson b 1949
17. Stephen and Aaron Jones
18 Joshua, Alex, Cody, Christopher, and Ryan

This is my direct line. I do have siblings on the
Paschals up through Samuel Sr. This has come
from 2 different sources. I can copy what I have
and send it to you. Have nothing on computer yet.
My husband is from the same line until it comes
to Samuel Jr. His line then goes to Samuel's
sister Nancy that married Johannes Dingler. Gets
every complicated, did not know we were kin
until 1999. The Dinglers have done extensive research
on the Paschal line.

my email

Let me know if you need any more info.


Sue Paschall Holley (View posts)
Posted: 981434451000
This site has lots of information in it.


laura (View posts)
Posted: 983300285000
well can you help me get started im trying to figure this out my great grandfather was elisha paschall and my great grandmother was lottie paschall.[i dont know her maiden last name]thats all i know.please help if you can.

Elisha Paschall

Posted: 983307890000
Edited: 1029558426000
I did not post the message dated 2/27/01. If
anyone knows who did and you wanted to contact me
then write me. I know of 1 Elisha Paschall but he lived in
Columbia Co Ar. and he has decendents still here in the
county. Elisha Paschal, Tabitha Elizabeth Paschall Hooks,
and Nancy Paschall Baker came to the AR from Ga. I do not
know of any Paschalls that were Indian. They may have married
Indians. Try the site:
You might find something there. I personally do not like this
site but it may have info on it you can use.
My email is:

william reliance Paschal

Mary-Jane Gorbahn (Paschal) (View posts)
Posted: 983828020000
Hi there;
William Paschall is my 7th great grandfather.
My grandfather was John Eugene Paschal. He dropped an L when coming up to Canada.
Hope we can help each other out with information and such.


Keith Burnette (View posts)
Posted: 983992636000
Sure thing. Anything I can provide.


Keith Burnette (View posts)
Posted: 983993988000
Just thanking everyone who has posted to this message board. Who would have thought that in just a few sessions on the internet, and some short trip, I would have been able to track down over 500 years of ancestry.
Now getting the hard paperwork will be the trick.

Thanks everyone for an enjoyable experience. Kudos to everyone for their assistance.

If anyone can suggest some programs for printing out family histories in a manner that can be used for framing, gifts, etc., any info would be appreciated.

Keith Burnette "Paschall"
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