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Kittle Cemetary

Kittle Cemetary

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Surnames: Kittle, Adams, Willsie, Good , Dedow, and Muma
Could you please tell me where the Kittle Cemetary or the Michigan Memorial Cemetary is?. I'm looking for Hezakia Kittle and Cordelia Adams Kittle. Cordelias grandfather wasa brother to John Quincy Adams. We also need to know which brother, you have never came across this info. Thank you. My mother was a Kittle , Angus and Vera Kittles daughter. Thank you. Gail

Re: Kittle Cemetary

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Surnames: Kittle
Kittle Cemetery is in MIO Michigan in Oscoda County.
I have the Sexton Records for the following Kittles buried there:

Robert Kittle died 1914
Father Simon Kittle
Mother Mathilda Humphrey

Clarissa Kittle died November 24, 1910
Father Chas Dean
Mother: Catherine Dean

If you need more help on this I live nearby and have family buried there as well.

Re: Kittle Cemetary

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The Kittle's buried in the Kittle Cemetery, Mio, Michigan are descendants of Samuel Kittle who was the brother of Abraham Kittle, head of the Kittle clan in W. Virginia. Samuel and Abraham's parents were Ritsjert and Rachel VanEtten Kittle.

KITTLE'S - 1753-1884 - Randolph County, WV

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From pages 154-157: Pioneer Index of Randolph County, WV
KITTLE A. D. m Paulina, buried Coffman Cemetery, Junior, {9/25/1868-7/16/1910} [C1]
KITTLE Abraham 1806: 8/21 baptized Valley Church at Arnold Hill [ECRp2]
KITTLE Abraham I. 1822: 25 acres Whitman's Run [L3p58]
KITTLE Abraham Jr. m Margaret Marteney, Ch: Cyrus, Eli, Elijah, Elizabeth*, Ellenor*, George M. b 1809, James
(1803-1839), Leland, Mary*, Prudence*, Warren B. [BWp423+,MXp419,ECRp7]
KITTLE Abraham Sr. {1/1/1731-9/16/1816} b New Jersey, German, Revolutionary War, NJ Private, Continental
Troops, 1785: resided Jacob Westfall's District, 1787: August, name drawn for first grand jury, 1787-1792: 20 acres east side of Valley River to Phineas Wells*, Ch: George, Jacob, John, Miss*, Richard, buried Arnold Hill Cemetery, Elkins [BWp44,84,98, C1,L1p249,310,382,MXp419]
KITTLE Alby 1852:b, s/o Smith & Mary E. Kittle, farmer, m: Mary Kittle*, Ch: Harmon B., Lloyd V. [MXp419]
KITTLE Alfred m Susannah A., Ch: Elias b&d 10/24/1856, Louisa C. b 5/13/1861, farmer [B1p25,42,60]
KITTLE Amasa m Martha E. Triplett*, resided Lake City, Missouri, Ch: Alonzo, Estaline, Floyd b 6/12/1859, George, James Bruce b 11/17/1861, John Lewis, Rachel, William, farmer & blacksmith [B1p51,60,BWp383,MXp484]
KITTLE Andrew m Mildred A., Ch: Mary M. b 5/8/1853, Mary E. b 5/30/1855 farmer [B1p25,36]
KITTLE Andrew m Elizabeth, Ch: Mr. b 12/26/1858, farmer [B1p47]
KITTLE Andrew Confederate soldier, buried Phillip Cemetery in Coalton [Up29]
KITTLE Andrew J. {1829-1895} Pvt Co. A, 7th WV Cavalry, m Rheuhama, Ch: Elizabeth J. b 8/6/1866, farmer, buried Phillips Chapel Cemetery, Elkins [B1p69,C1]
KITTLE Anna 1811: 12/14 member Valley Church at Arnold Hill [ECRp5]
KITTLE Benjamin 1811: 12/14 member Valley Church at Arnold Hill [ECRp5]
KITTLE Benjamin 1842: Constable, 1844: Captain of Militia, 1849: Major in Militia [BWp75,77,78]
KITTLE Benjamin m Emily, Ch: Miss b&d 4/3/1858, blacksmith [B1p47]
KITTLE Benjamin m Nancy Stalnaker, Ch: Ira C. [MXp419]
KITTLE Benjamin Wilson 1845: Justice of the Peace, appointed by Governor for life [BWp71]
KITTLE Bethany m John M. Stalnaker* [MXp458]
KITTLE Bettie m Morris Hanifan* [BWp277]
KITTLE Carrie L. d/o G. W. & F. M. Kittle, 1891:m Edwin Scott* [MXp468]
KITTLE Charles m Georgia W., Ch: Charles Baker b 8/9/1854, farmer [B1p30]
KITTLE Christinia {1783-1829} m John Triplett*, buried Maplewood Cemetery, Elkins [C4]
KITTLE Christena {10/31/1821-12/31/1885} m Cyrus Isner [C1]
KITTLE Cora Lee {1867-1913} m Edwin Scott [C1]
KITTLE Creed m Mary, Ch: Dora L. b 6/4/1873, farmer [B1p95]
KITTLE Cyrus 1844: Lieutenant of Militia,1848: Constable, 1851: Captain, 1862: Colonel, 1863: Legislature, 1865-
1867 County Surveyor, m Thursey, Ch: Emett b 6/22/1854, twins Grant & Ellen b 10/8/1865, Mary L . b 8/8/1856, Vernon W b 8/25/1859, Wadman T. b 11/27/1867, farmer [B1p30,42,51,64,73,BWp67,75,77,78,238]
KITTLE Daisy d/o Creed Kittle, m Edward Marteney* [MXp440]
KITTLE Dama Rebecca, d/o Eli & Rebecca K., m Dr. Edwin Parsons of Meadowville, Barbour County [MXp419]
KITTLE Edmond m Mary Pritt* [BWp369]
KITTLE Edward Confederate soldier , 31st Virginia Infantry, killed at battle “Bloody Angle”, Spotsylvania Court House, four brothers also served, two died in war [BWp153,Up4]
KITTLE Eli {1/3/1800-11/12/1863} s/o Abraham Jr. & Maragaret (Marteney) Kittle, 1852: elected Justice of the Peace, 1869: entered office Board of Supervisor, 1828:m Rebecca Wees*, Ch: Caleb, Dama Rececca*, Leland, Lydia Ann, Morgan, buried Arnold Hill Cemetery, Elkins [BWp71,259,423+,C1,MXp418,419]
KITTLE Eli C. {1860-1932} m Mary E. {1868-1954}, buried Mount Vernon Cemetery, Beverly [C1]
KITTLE Eli Jr. s/o Eli & Rachel (Wees) Kittle, killed in Confederate Army [MXp419]
KITTLE Elias W. {5/29/1859-12/15/1926} s/o Van Buren & Mary (Myers) Kittle, m Tirza M. Woods*, buried Maplewood Cemetery, Elkins [C4]
KITTLE Elijah (1796-1856) s/o Abraham Jr. & Margaret (Marteney) Kittle, Ch: Amasa, Cyrus, David, Emaline, Hulda, Harriet, Hulda, Louise, Sallie [BWp423+]
KITTLE Elijah {12/24/1798-12/31/1873} m Lucinda {1801-6/5/1860}, buried Triplett Cemetery, Elkins [C3]
KITTLE Elijah 1845: Justice of the Peace, appointed by Governor, holding office for life [BWp71]
KITTLE Elijah 1866: entered office Board of Supervisor [BWp259]
KITTLE Elijah Church clerk for twenty yearrs Valley Church at Arnold's Hill [ECRp7]
KITTLE Elizabeth (1804-1850) d/o Abraham Jr. & Maragaret (Marteney) Kittle, m Mr. Yates [BWp423+]
KITTLE Elizabeth 1888:m John Hill* [MXp410]
KITTLE Ellenor 1789:b, d/o Abraham Jr. & Maragaret (Marteney) Kittle, m Mr. Holder [BWp423+]
KITTLE Ely 1818: 1/1 member Valley Church at Arnold Hill, church clerk twenty-eight years [ECRp5,7]
KITTLE Emmeline m1 Levi Findley,1888:m2 Andrew Jackson Workman* [MXp381,506]
KITTLE Ezra H. {5/4/1864-7/20/1900} buried Lower Rowan Cemetery [C1]
KITTLE F.H. 1882: licensed to teach with 50 [BWp113]
KITTLE French H. 1884: Constable for Randolph County [BWp76]
KITTLE George 1796: Ensign in Militia [BWp79]
KITTLE George 1806: 8/21 member Valley Church at Arnold Hill [ECRp5]
KITTLE George CSA, 62nd Virginia Infantry, killed at Berry's Ferry [Up4]
KITTLE George W. m Mary F., Ch: Caroline b 5/30/1859, Cordelia b 9/16/1867, Francis M. b 3/10/1869, Job 11/1/1861, Mary F. b 3/15/1870, farmer, buried Scott Cemetery, Norton [B1p51,60,73,80,83]
KITTLE George M. s/o Cyrus*, Ch: Judge Warren B.* [BWp423]
KITTLE George W. {3/26/1826-2/22/1899} m Frances, Ch: Alice b 11/30/1856, farmer [B1p42]
KITTLE Gertrude {7/25/1864-1/30/1955} m Mr. Falls [C4]
KITTLE Harrison “Bud” {1872-1958} m Anna Phillips*, buried Rowan Cemetery, Mabie [C1]
KITTLE Hezekiah 1852: elected Justice of the Peace [BWp71]
KITTLE Hezekiah m Margaret, Ch: Abigail b&d 11/4/1856 [B1p42]
KITTLE Hoy L. {11/9/1877-10/21/1906} buried Phillips Cemetery [C1]
KITTLE Hulda m Jacob Triplett* [MXp485]
KITTLE Ira CSA, 19th Virginia Cavalry, served with three brothers, three died [BWp154,155]
KITTLE Ira m Catharine, Ch: Thomas J. b 10/9/1868, Margarett E. b 11/1/1870, farmer & blacksmith [B1p75,82]
KITTLE Ira C. 1815-1896, s/o Benjamin & Nancy (Stalnaker) Kittle, 1852:m Maria C. Stalnaker*, Ch: Emma, Francis E. b 6/24/1875, George L., Harriet, Harrison, Lena, Louise*, Margaret E., Mary F., Nancy V., Paul, Sophronia,
Thomas, Virginia b 1/15/1858 [B1p48,99,MXp419]
KITTLE Jacob (1758-1848) Soldier in Revolutionary War, 1794: Captain of Militia, 1795: Dec., paid to patrol Leading
Creek during Indian scare, 1804: 40 acres Waters Tygert's Valley, buried Baptist Cemetery [BWp51,77,L2p366,Kp4,6]
KITTLE Jacob {1757–1844} 1806: 8/2 Deacon & one of first ten members of Valley Church, clerk twelve years, m Mary {1759-3/9/1834} [C1,ECRp2,7]
KITTLE Jacob 1806: Delegate representing Randolph County in General Assembly of Virginia [BWp236]
KITTLE Jacob m C. B., Ch: Roda b 1873, farmer [B1p114]
KITTLE Jacob m Catharine, Ch: Mr. b 5/27/1882, farmer [B1p123]
KITTLE Jacob m Jane M., Ch: Monduy b 10/4/1861, farmer [B1p60]
KITTLE James 1787: Lieutenant of Militia [BWp78]
KITTLE Jane M. Ch: Miss b 10/4/1858 [B1p48]
KITTLE Jemima {9/15/1788-11/22/1860} m Abel W. Kelley*, buried Kelly Mountain Cemetery [C1,MXp422]
KITTLE John {1765-1834} Pvt. 5th Regt VA Militia, War of 1812, buried Beverly Cemetery [C3]
KITTLE John 1785: resided in Jacob Westfall's District, Leading Creek up to Petty's Ford, both sides of river [BWp85]
KITTLE John Burlin 1865:b, s/o John Kittle, 1882:m Laverna Wilmoth*, Ch: Burtis, Clay [MXp419]
KITTLE John S. m Nancy, Ch: Columbia b 12/26/1859, farmer [B1p51]
KITTLE John W. m Eliza Ann, Ch: Rachael R. b&d 4/13/1856, farmer [B1p42]
KITTLE John W. m Louisa, Ch: twins Elam & Elijah b 12/30/1856, James W. b 8/9/1855, farmer [B1p36,42]
KITTLE John W. m Mary, Ch: John B. b 5/20/1854, farmer [B1p30]
KITTLE L. B. m Elizabeth M., Ch: Nancy b 6/1/1872, Miss b&d March 1874, farmer [B1p90,97]
KITTLE Leland {1/28/1846-1/13/1922} s/o Eli & Rebecca (Weese) K., German, 1873-1878 : clerk Circuit Court, 1879: bar, 1873:m Margaret Mary Moyers*, Ch: Ruth Morgan*, buried Beverly Cemetery [B1p126, BWp425, C3,MXp418+]
KITTLE Levi S. m Harriett Phares, Ch: Terry C. B. b 3/10/1870, farmer [B1p81]
KITTLE Lewis C. m Mary J., Ch: Dora b 3/12/1878, Harvey G. b 12/25/1873, farmer [B1p95,109]
KITTLE Lizzie 1894:m George W. Rowan* [MXp452]
KITTLE Lorenza D. m Lueza, Ch: Anna G. b 8/17/1881, farmer [B1p118]
KITTLE Louise {12/4/1852-6/20/1938} d/o Ira C. & Maria Kittle, 1878:m Harrison Kelley* [C1,MXp422]
KITTLE Lucinda 1829: 9/13 member Valley Church at Arnold Hill [ECRp6]
KITTLE Lucy Marcella {4/14/1883-8/14/1962} d/o Squire & Marcella Kittle, m Samuel Holt Swecker [C3]
KITTLE Lydia Ann d/o Eli & Rachel (Wees) Kittle, m W. S. Booth, resided Illinois [MXp419]
KITTLE Margaret 1806: 8/21 baptized Valley Church at Arnold Hil [ECRp2,5]
KITTLE Margaret m Jesse Phillips* [MXp447]
KITTLE Marshall CSA, 31st VA Inf. Co. F., killed at Beverly at the Hill Raid 11/19/1864, four brothers also
served, two others died in service, buried Arnold Place Cemetery, Pumpkin Town [BWp153,Up4,29]
KITTLE Martin D. 1840: 27 acres adjacent William Davis [L3p294]
KITTLE Mary (1795-1849) d/o Abraham Jr. & Maragaret (Marteney) Kittle, m Mr. Skidmore [BWp423+]
KITTLE Mary {1793-11/9/1823} m Joseph Hart* [C3]
KITTLE Mary d/o Andrew Kittle, m Alby Kittle* [MXp419]
KITTLE Mary m William Simmons [MXp410]
KITTLE May L. b 4/12/1876, d/o Morgan & Sallie Kittle, 1893:m Bruce Yokum* [B1p105,BWp404,C3,MXp517]
KITTLE Miss d/o Abraham Kittle*, m Henry Petro/Pedro [MXp419]
KITTLE Miss m John Triplett*, died prior to 1829 [BWp382]
KITTLE Miss m Mr. Isner* [BWp383]
KITTLE Morgan (1833-1888) s/o Eli & Rachel (Wees) Kittle, CSA, 20 VA Cavalry, killed in service, m Sallie Long*, Ch: Mace b 8/23/1870, Mary Erwin*, May L.*, Waw {8/23/1870-7/22/1899}, farmer & blacksmith, buried Baptist Cemetery, Arnold Hill [B1p82,105,BWp105,154,404,MXp419,517,Up29]
KITTLE Moses (1791-1825) member Valley Church at Arnold's Hill [ECRp5,7]
KITTLE Mr. G. W. m F. M., Ch: Carrie L.* [MXp468]
KITTLE Mr. m Mozelle E. Hinchman* [C4]
KITTLE Mr. m Nancy Bennett*, Ch: Maj. Ben Kittle, Miss Kittle* [BWp382]
KITTLE O. H. P. {6/26/1850-1/8/1910} buried Maplewood Cemetery, Elkins [C4]
KITTLE Ovid W. m Ellen F., Ch: Jackson b 6/17/1854, Thomas J., b March 1856, farmer [B1p30,42]
KITTLE Prudence 1801:b, d/o Abraham Jr. & Maragaret (Marteney) Kittle, m Mr. Holden [BWp423+]
KITTLE Rebecca Rachel {3/18/1833-1/24/1911} m Oliver Scott* [C3]
KITTLE Richard 1781: Indian fighter under Col. Benjamin Wilson after Leading Creek Massacre, with Alexander West and Joseph Friend, 1785: resided in Jacob Westfall's District, Leading Creek up to Petty's Ford, both sides of river, 1787-1792: 6 acres Wilson Creek from Henry Petro, 1809: 8 acres adjacent his own [BWp84,MXp418]
KITTLE Ruth Morgan {9/5/1883-8/19/1928} d/o Leland & Mary Margaret (Moyers) Kittle, graduated Mary Baldwin Seminary, Staunton Va [B1p126,BWp425,C3]
KITTLE S. B. (1837-1908) Confederate Soldier, 67th VA Cavalry, buried Shiflett Cemetery near Job [BWp155,Up29]
KITTLE Sallie 1800:m John Triplett* [MXp484]
KITTLE Sarah G. {2/28/1843-7/1/1918} m Randolph Triplett* [BWp403,C3,MXp485]
KITTLE Smith m Mary E., Ch: Alby*, Hezekiah b 6/8/1854, John A. b 12/7/1859, farmer [B1p30,36,51,MXp419]
KITTLE Squire B. 1842:b, s/o Benjamin Wilson Kittle, CSA, Sgt. 62nd Virginia Infantry, Co. A. C. of H., served with four brothers, three died, 1867:m Elizabeth Marcella Shiflitt, Ch: Lorenza D. b8/25/1880, Lucy b 4/14/1883, Marshall, Mary E. b 6/1/1871, Nancy A., Simeon, Tippie b March 1876 [B1p84,103,112,118,126,BWp154,MXp419,Up4]
KITTLE Susan A.{3/29/1826-10/5/1903} d/o Benjamin & Nancy (Stalnaker) K., m James D. Fretwell* [MXp382]
KITTLE Thomas J. {11/20/1867-9/25/1942} buried Rowan Cemetery [C1]
KITTLE W. B. 1896: began to practice law in Randolph County [BWp179]
KITTLE Warren B., Judge 1872:b, s/o George M. Kittle*, educated West Virginia University, Circuit Court judge, 1897:m Zona Wilson, Ch: George, Nellie, Virginia* [BWp423,424+]
KITTLE William R. m Elizabeth, Ch: Clay b 10/20/1868, Glovina b 4/2/1878, farmer [B1p75,108]
KITTLE William Smith m Margaret , Ch: Margarett b&d 12/30/1856, farmer [B1p42]

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