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Shea's of Brackross, County Kerry

Shea's of Brackross, County Kerry

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Surnames: Shea
I have been trying to trace my ancestors. The information I have is my great grandparents are John Shea(Tim) and Catherine Shea(nee Sullivan) of Brackross, County Kerry. They had 10 children, I could only find 9. They were Bridget born 1858, Timothy born 1861, Timothy born 1867, Patrick born 1869, Bridget born 1873, John born 1877, Myles born 1879, James(my grandfather) born 1884, and Margaret born 1888. Apart from having my grandfather’s death certificate, we need to have all the childrens and my great grandparents death certificates as well. We are not having any luck with it sadly. Just don’t have any idea when and where any of them died.
If anyone has any information I would appreciate it.
Thank you
Ann Wise

Re: Shea's of Brackross, County Kerry

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try for the death records you are looking for. Birth, marriages & deaths from 1864 to the 1950's. Some of these examples(not sure these are yours) give civil registration numbers to help get those civil registration copies from the source below. There maybe more than one couple *John Shea and Catherine Sullivan.
To me it looks like they had several children who passed away and a later child named the same, quite common in Ireland.

Timothy born 24 April 1867 Sneem, Kerry to John Shea and Cathrine Sullivan (occasional use of Kate) the Latter
Day Saints microfilm numbers C01184-7/101149

Patrick born 14 March 1869, #350 Sneem (I have not included the LDS Film #'s, but you can look these up)

Mary 17 April, 1871 #372 Sneem
Mary 16 Aug, 1876
John 27 May 1875 also 13 Jan, 1877
Daniel 14 Dec, 1876 & 09 July 1864 #0279 Sneem
Michael 27 Oct 1878
Bridget 03 Sept, 1873 Sneem][ 30 Jan 1874, Emlagh, Kerry
James 25 Apr 1877 Cools, Kerry
Myles 08 July 1879, Brackrass
Thomas 16 Jan 1880 Lohar

Sneem is a Village, in the Parish of Kilcrohane, Union of Kenmare (within 12 mi. radius of named place)

Emlagh, in the Union of Corkaguiny, Parish Dingle
or Union of Iveragh, Parish Cahersiveen

Cools, Union of Killarney Parish Aghadoe, Townland Cools
or Union of Cahersiveen, Parish Prior, Townland Cools

Lohard in Union of Kenmar, Parish Tuosist, Townland Lohart
also a Alohart, Union Killarney, Parish Knockane, TL Alohart

Brackran not found in Griffith place names, there were
244 John Shea's in Kerry in the Griffith Valuation 1853. If
your John not married possibily didn't occupy his own land at that time? (free) & (free) but more detail.
*Timothy Shea died 17 Nov 1907 Fall River, Mass. estimate born 1889 Ireland LDS Vo/pg 182 #4282842

*Jeremiah married 17 Feb 1914 age 25, Cambridge Mass.
wife Catherine Shea fa: Cornelius Shea/Mary Shine
LDS 16476/4329372

These give parents names as John Shea & Catherine Sullivan
*Daniel J. Shea died 15 Jan 1935 Nashua, Hillsborough, New Hampshire fa: John J. Shea/mo:Catherine Sullivan LDS#4243254

*Denis died 1897. Massechusets, age 35, estimate born 1862 Ireland LDS100812-1/5947

*Ellen died Cambridge 18 March 1905, husband Eugene Brannon

Ireland: you should be able to get a copy of a birth, marriage or death certificate from the General Registry Office in Dublin, there are certain requirements (see Civil Registration Districts with #)
unless you can find who the girls married it would be difficult to find their certificates.

there maybe some information for you in the church records on the website

Kerry is one of 4 counties that do not belong to a not for profit History Foundation where you can get records online.

By the time of the 1901 Census there are 458 John Shea's in Kerry. There are 130 Timothy's, note some in Emlagh.
No Myles/Miles, 71 Thomas and some in Lohar, also Emlagh son of Timothy 58;

Jeremiah Shea, seems to belong to Cornelius & Eliza Shea

That is about all the examples I could find on and there were many more in the USA

Annette Code

Re: Shea's of Brackross, County Kerry

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Hi Annette,
Sorry for the delay in not replying back sooner. Thank you very much for the information you have given me. I will have a look at these websites you have mentioned.

Timothy born 24 April 1867, Patrick born 14 March 1869, John born 13 January 1877, Bridget born 3 September 1873, Myles born 8 July 1879 are my great grandparents children, because I looked them up on the Irish Genealogy website. The rest of the children you mentioned are not my great grandparents children.

The address for my great grandparents and their children was Brackross, Diocese of Kerry, Parish of Sneem R.C.

Apart from my grandfather, it is so difficult finding out what happened to my great grandparents and the rest of their children, whether they stayed in Ireland or moved somewhere else.

Thank you again for all your help.

Ann Wise

Re: Shea's of Brackross, County Kerry

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The CD goes from 1864-1875 so any born later would not be recorded.
Timothy 24 Apr, 1867 Sneem

There are two Bridget
Sept 3, 1873 Sneem
30 Jan 1874 Emlagh - probably death of the first one

Daniel 14 Dec 1875 Sneem

John is not listed nor is Myles, the above are yours but possible deaths would explain why you don't have them.

I only put Timothy in the search and the parents appear, then click on other children, these came up as his siblings. has:

Mary 17 Apr, 1871,#373 Sneem
Bridget of 1873
Timothy 1867
John 13, Jan 1877
Daniel Sneem,#0279 14 Dec 1875
Myles 08 July 1879 Brackrass

Have you looked in the 1901/11 Census? Look for the more unusual names.

#2 Kealafreaghane W. Canuig, Kerry (Canuig dedicated electoral district)
Catherine Shea age 55 Widow, all farming
Mage Shea 89 mother in law all but Mage read and write
Johanna 28 daugh.
Timothy 24 son
Daniel 18
James 16
Bridget 12
Ellen 8

Seems to have enough of the right names, but ages seem out a bit,which is fairly normal. there are only 6 Catherine Shea's in Kerry and most had husband's wrong names. 1911 There is a John Shea 76 wife Catherine 65 married 31 years, 7 children only 3 living, one living at home was Timothy age 23.


Re: Shea's of Brackross, County Kerry

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1904 Kerry Sentinel newspaper, reports Brackross (Is.) on the north shore of the Kenmare River

The Village of Sneem in Kerry is in the Union of Kenmare in the Parish of Kilcrohane.

Emlagh,Townland E or W. Kerry either Dingle or Martrim Parish, Union of Dingle or Cahersiveen

On a map of 42 Kerry Parish's, Kenmare is in s.e. 1 parish from Cork, whereas Dingle & Marhin although not next door they are on the west side of Kerry on the upper peninsula.


Re: Shea's of Brackross, County Kerry

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Hi Annette,
I put in Timothy in the search on the website of and the parents appear but no children, I am not sure what has happened.

I have looked in the 1901/1911 Census, and did find my great grandparents and 2 of the children were living at home then in both census.

Regards, Ann

Re: Shea's of Brackross, County Kerry

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Hi Annette, I have read the story in the 1904 Kerry Sentinel newspaper ages ago.

Regards, Ann

Re: Shea's of Brackross, County Kerry

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Hmm, I don't think the LDS is always right, some days you will get one answer and another on a future search.

Perhaps your next step is a copy of a birth certificate from the General Registry You have good dates, and both parents. Look to see what their criteria are for getting records. You also have the registration #'s on a couple of the children which will help them find something.

The other before you spend money at the General Registry is to phone and see if the Latter Day Saints have the microfilm or if it needs to be ordered. This maybe a less expensive way of doing things. Here is the list again:

Timothy 24 April, 1867 (#?)Sneem, FHL Film #101149 (Cathrine)

Patrick 14 Mar 1869, #350 Sneem, Registration No. for GRO LDS#101184 (Kate)

Mary 17 Apr 1871 #372, Sneem, LDS#255824 (Catherine)

*Bridget 3 Sept 1873 (#?) Sneem, LDS#255887 (Catherine)

*Bridget 30 Jan 1874, Emlagh, LDS 255898 (Kate)

Daniel 14 Dec 1875, (#0279) Sneem LDS 255943 (Catherine)

It could be possible for the LDS to be incorrect when *these were transcribed? I would then go with the 1873.


Re: Shea's of Brackross, County Kerry

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Ok I'll do that, thank you Annette for all your help.

Regards, Ann

Re: Shea's of Brackross, County Kerry

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I was trying to find a reference to Brackross and other than your post that was it. Annette
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