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Legeaux/Legaux family

Legeaux/Legaux family

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Surnames: Legaux, Legaux, Englade
I am looking for any information on the Legeaux/Legaux family of St. John Parish. My gr grandfather was Alexander Legeaux, son of Florian. Family lore says that Alexander died of yellow fever in about March 1900. My grandmother had no idea where her father was buried and knew nothing of his family. (Several descendants wonder if he deserted the family and think that the yellow fever story was made up to save face.) Alexander was married to Odilia Englade.

Re: Legeaux/Legaux family

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Surnames: Legeaux
Your message board entry is pretty old but in response to querey, I have Legeaux relatives from Lucy, LA. My grandmother was born there and her mother was Gabrielle Legeaux. Does this ring a bell for you in your research?


Re: Legeaux/Legaux family

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Surnames: Legaux, Legeaux
I saw your post about the legaux/legeaux family of St John the Baptist Parish and noticed that your gr grandfather was Alexander Legeaux, son of Adam Florian Legaux. Adam Florian Legaux was the brother of my 2nd generation great grandfather Francois Leguax and Rosette Laporte. I have been looking for information on where he too was buried after his death in 1924. I have Alexander (1769-1900) as the son of Florian Legaux and Marie Rosina Clothilde VOLLION. I also have two other syblings listed Reagan (1873- ?) and Jeanne (1877-?). Would you by any chance have any information on the family of Rosette Catherine Laporte(ie, her parents names, where was she was born, name of any of her syblings) wife of Francois Laporte.

Re: Legeaux/Legaux family

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Surnames: Legaut, Legaux, Legeaux
Alexandre Eugene Florian Legaut (Legeaux) was buried 26 May 1900 at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Cemetery in Edgard, Louisiana. He died the 25th of May.

His siblings were:
Eugenie b 1869
Alexandrine b 1872
Drausin b 1874 (not Reagan)
Jeanne b 1878
Elicia b 1881

Gabrielle mentioned in previous post was first cousin to Alexandre.

Francois Legaut (Legaux) was buried 23 Nov 1913 in St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Cemetery in Edgard, La. He died the previous day. He was the father of
Francoise b 1862
Victoria b 1865
Gabrielle b 1870
Jeanne b 1871
Marie b 1873
Georgina b 1876
Adam b 1879
Bertolle b 1882

Re: Legeaux/Legaux family

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Surnames: Legaux, Legeaux, Laporte
Thanks for the information on Francois Legaux's burial location. Is this the Legaux family plot? I see you also have Laporte in your surname research. Any thing on Rosette Catherine Laporte's Family, (Names of her mother, father, syblings, Where are they all buried). Georgina b 1876, sister to Gabrielle was my great Grandmother. She married into the MATHIEU family line. Charles Gratin Mathieu was her husband. I am also looking for the Matheu family grave site also . I am attempting to locate Charles G. Mathieu's Grandfather Louis dit Innocent MATHIEU grave site. I understand he participated in the Battle of New Orleans, war of 1812. Any assistance with locating this grave site would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance

Re: Legeaux/Legaux family

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I can tell you where in the cemetery someone is buried unless there is a tombstone or gravemarker on the site. You see over the years many markers have disappeared or the graves were never marked. The church records only tell you who were buried in the cemetery, not where they were buried. Also in the Edgard cemetery many graves were loss because of river encroachment and the subsequent repositioning of the levee and highway.

I have not done research on the Laporte family. There was a Louis Laporte who cohabited with and later married a former slave Olivia Brown. They had some connections to the Becnel family. You can write to the archdiocese of New Orleans and request a certificate for the information.

Re: Legeaux/Legaux family

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Wait a minute, you mention there was a Louis Laporte who cohabited with and later married a former slave Olivia Brown. Is there anything else you know about this couple. Some years ago, someone mentioned to me that Rosette Catherine Laporte father may have been someone by the name of Louis Laporte. I wrote it down as a note just in case I found someone else who knew his name for sure. I have it somewhere around on one of my note pads. I remember the name louis because this person say they believe they saw it on rosette and francois Legaux's wedding document. Now here you might be providing some additional information concerning a former slave name Olivia Brown. Could this have been Rosette Catherine Laporte's mother. My heart is overwhelm at the possibility that you may have provided me with another piece of the missing puzzle. Is there anything else that is known about Olivia Brown? a physical description, whether she was Louis Laporte's slave or was she a free person of color when they got married. What about the laws that restricted these sorts of marriages. can you shade any more light here. thanks

Re: Legeaux/Legaux family

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Surnames: Legaut, Legaux, Legeaux, Songy, Laporte, Lemoine, Jagrice, Brown, Becnel
I can tell you a little about this Olivia Brown mentioned. She was born as a slave about 1835 in St. Charles Parish. She died June 16, 1888 in St. John Parish.

When she was a slave she was impregnated by Léo Aimé Becnel and had 3 children: Optimé (b 1858), Henri (b 1860) & Marie (b 1863).

In 1865 she had a child by a Louis Laporte and that child was also named Louis Laporte.

By 1870 she is listed in the St. John Parish Census, Ward 1 (Lucy, La) as Widow Louis Laporte, age 35, mulatto female, children: Optime 12, Henry 8, Marie 7

A few households over is Widow Isaac Jones, 60 mulatto female, Louise Jones 26 female mulatto, Celeste Jones 14 female Mulatto, Louis Laporte b 1870 male, mulatto

In St. John Parish Courthouse you can find the Sale & Transfer of Land by Louis Laporte to Henry Becnel in the succession of Olive Brown, Ins/320 A-14, 132. They are listed as being sons of deceased Olive Brown. This information I received from some descendants of Henri Becnel who I met several years ago while they were doing research here in Louisiana.


Now, Rosette Catherine Laporte was the daughter of Louis Laporte & Catherine Songy. You can find this on their marriage entry at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Edgard, La. They were married 24 Jan 1893. Francois was a white man and it appears that Rosette was quadroon. Their marriage took place in the church after the Reconstruction period and after all of their children were grown. Their cohabitation began some 30 years prior.

Catherine Songy was born between 1810-1815. She was listed in the 1870 & 1880 census as mulatto, probably a former slave and child of one of the white Songy men that lived in Lucy. I believe Catherine was also the mother to a Louis Laporte that was born abt 1832 listed as mulatto who latter is listed in the 1880 census with a wife named Roseline and these children: Jules Laporte (b 1864), Odille Laporte (b 1866), Julien Laporte (b 1866), Albert Laporte (b 1871), Alice Laporte (b 1873), Malvina Laporte (b 1876), Alcée Laporte (b 1877), Louise Laporte (b 1880). This Louis could have been a brother to Rosette.

Now who was this Louis Laporte, father of Rosette Laporte? He would have to have been born abt 1810 or well before? Was he the same Louis Laporte that later cohabited with Olivia Brown? Was it the brother of Rosette that cohabited with Olivia? Not enough information is known at this point to make this determination.

There was also a mulatto Olivia Brown listed in St. John & later the St. Charles Census as the daughter of Oliver Brown, mulatto born abt 1816 in Virginia, listed in the census as engineer and husband to Louise Nathalie Ranson (mulatto, native of Louisiana) parents to Olivia b 1849 & Camilla Brown b 1851. This Olivia should not be confused with the slave Olivia b 1835.

If Catherine was listed as a mulatto she was half black/white and Louis Laporte was a white man that means that Rosette was quadroon. Rosette married a white man so that means her children were all 1/8 black or octaroon.

I should also mention, by looking over census records that Catherine Songy was also the mother to a Cecilia Bossier. Cecilia had 5 children by a "Mr Lemoine" - those children were:
Alceste Lemoine b abt 1854 m. Zoe Jagrice
Marie Lemoine b abt 1856
Joseph Lemoine b abt 1858
Josephine Lemoine b abt 1859 m1. Florestan Legaut (Francois' brother)
Louise Lemoine b abt 1863

So this would mean that through Catherine, Rosette's niece married her brother-in-law!

Hopefully we can find more.

Re: Legeaux/Legaux family

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Surnames: d'arensbourg, DuCLOS De SELLE, Legaux, Legeaux, Laporte
Wow, This is absolutely amazing. As I read what you've sent, I can't help but think about what this all means to me right now. You've opened up a part of my family's history that was not known before. And right now gives me great joy to now know more about the lives of my new found ancestors from St John the baptist parish and St Charles Parish, Louisiana. I want to thank you. There appears to be an entire branch of more cousins and family connection that will take some time understanding.

Your assumption base on available census and other documents appears to be correct. I too am hoping to discover more. I have always knew one day I would be able to find the mother and father of Rosette Catherine Laporte. Part of her mother's name was always looking right that at me- Catherine, and I did even know it. Could her first name Rosette be also a clue to some other ancestor possibly Catherine mother? Just thinking about how those ancestors use the name of previous generations to keep the family connected is also interesting. It will be interesting to go back and study the information you've sent. I'm almost certain there is more yet to be discovered.

I have one more family mystery that you might be able to assist me with concerning another ancestral line- D'arensbourg. This one Involved Pierre Fredrick d'arensbourg, fils who died 15 november 1799. Apparently, He too was said to have been in a cohabitation with a slave, woman of color, mulatto named- Felicite. Do you have any record or history of such an arrangement. where exactly did they live. I am also looking for the names of the parents, and or siblings of Felicite, the mulatto female who lived within pierre fredrick d'arensbourg household up until he died. Pierre's was the son of Pierre Fredrick d'arensbourg, pere and Elizabeth duclos Deselle. I am assuming since Felicite was mulatto then her mother was most like native indian or african and her father white european. Felicite was probably born in 1766 base on a record another cousin found and told me about. Any assistance with this one is great appreciated.

Re: Legeaux/Legaux family

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I am aware of the cohabitation of Pierre Frédéric D'Arensbourg, fils with a Félicité; however, I do not know the names of her parents.

Years ago I did some research for a descendant (in Chicago) of P-F & Félicité's son Gilbert D'Arensbourg. I have since lost contact with this descendant. Some members of this branch of the family came down to Louisiana for a visit in connection with the annual Creole family research seminar. The D'Arensbourgs lived mostly in Killona (St. Charles Parish) & some in Lucy (St. John the Baptist Parish), this being of course near the parish line. Much of the configuration of the plantations along this part of the river have changed drastically since the late 18th and 19th century. The river significantly changed is course and is difficult to precisely pin-point the old homesteads. If you click on my name you can contact me privately through the Ancestry messages system and I will see if I can help you find these relatives, who perhaps in the course of the past 6-7 years may have uncovered additional information on Félicité.
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