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Kulba-Mundare area

Kulba-Mundare area

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Hi all,

I'm looking to get in touch with the descendants of Safron Kulba. Am mostly interested in his son Nick.
Also interested in any families originally from Bila Czortkiw.

Thank you,

Re: Kulba-Mundare area

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Surnames: KULBA
Hi Lisa,
From Alberta GenWeb Local History Books
I own Memories of Mundare - can transcribe or make copies of stories for you.
KULBA, Annie; Mingling Memories; Red Deer
KULBA, John; Memories of Mundare; Lamont
KULBA, Karl; Memories of Mundare; Lamont
KULBA, Stephen; Memories of Mundare; Lamont

What other familes from Bila are you aware of? researching?

Re: Kulba-Mundare area

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Surnames: KULBA
Hi again:
From the 1911 Census:
1911 Census of Canada
1911 / Alberta / Victoria / 9 Townships 51 / page 22
11 189 Kulba Safron M Head M Nov 1866 44
12 189 Kulba Mary F Wife M Aug 1868 42
13 189 Kulba Nick M Son S Mar 1893 18
14 189 Kulba Hanka F Daughter S Nov 1894 16
15 189 Kulba Ilko M Son S Feb 1902 9 1901
16 189 Kulba Micheal M Son S Apr 1905 6
17 189 Kulba Mytro M Son S May 1907 4

At one time I had a list of names of persons from Bila.
would need to search through boxes of files - but - if you have names -perhaps I can search through some of the family history books I have.
Cheers Stella

Re: Kulba-Mundare area

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The Master Surname Index (not online) (mostly burials in Alberta cemeteries) of the Alberta Genealogical Society lists some 20 KUBLA names including,

Nick KUBLA, 18 Aug 1891 - 31 Oct 1958 buried in the John the Baptist UK Gr Cath cemetery at Lamont.

For further research please contact the Research Services Committee of the Edmonton Branch.
Alberta Genealogical Society

The Edmonton Branch


Re: Kulba-Mundare area

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Surnames: KULBA

Sts Peter + Paul 'A' NW-10-053-16-W4 Mundare
KULBA Alex 1900 - 1918 257 A,04,06 1918
KULBA David 27 Feb 1948 - 17 May 1948 257 A,07,16 1948
KULBA Dora 1903 - 1976 M 257 A,23,13 1976
KULBA Infant - 24 May 1958 Baby 257 A,02,20 1958
KULBA Karl 1886 - 1940 257 A,17,10 1940
KULBA Maria 1868 - 16 Jan 1923 257 A,04,04 1923
KULBA Mike 1904 - 1963 F 257 A,23,12 1963
KULBA Pauline 1895 - 1974 257 C,05,26 1974
KULBA Safron 1861 - 1927

Re: Kulba-Mundare area

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Thank you for your replies. This has to do with my Granddad's WW1 papers. He names Nick Kullba, from Edmonton, as who the army is to correspond with in matters concerning him & also leaves Nick his "estate" in the event of his death in the war.
The Nick from the 1911 census looks like him. I found attestation papers for Nick also. Peter found a death entry. All these Nicks' have a different birthdates & I don't know if its the same man or not.
My Granddad says he was born in Billa (Prov) Czorthier Russia. Most people think this is a phonetic spelling for Bila Czortkiw. His sister Annie is in Riga Russia. This info is from his war papers. The surname is Kon but it could be Kom.
Thanks again,

Re: Kulba-Mundare area

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Hi in Memories of Mundare -there is no mention

Re: Kulba-Mundare area

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Surnames: KULBA
Hi In Memories of Mundare - there is no mention of Safron KULBA or family - there is aprox.
There May have been an Obituary published for Safron KULBA
which may mention names and locations of his children.

There were a number of families - in the Mundare /Lamont etc area - who originated in Bila,Chortkiw, Ternopil area of Ukraine
Many married family villagers when they arrived in Canada.
** I was interested in your posting.
We just recently - after 20 + years of serious research - have found that our Paternal Great Grandmother was a KULBA
Don't know if my mother and her siblings born in Alberta.knew the names their grandparents in Bila
I would imagine that our family is connected to the other KULBA families in Alberta - more research to be done. eventually.

we are always searching for My grandfathers father he appears on the passenger list - with the family - as well - a cousin/brother? of my grandmother.
They do not appear in any Census for Canada -or in any of the family histories - He was 60 at the time - perhaps turned back because of his age. Though on a trip to Bila - years ago - no one was aware of his return.

My mothers best friend in Vancouver /her maid of honour - was a KULBA - a coincidence - apparently not connected to the Alberta KULBA families - and her parents from a different area in Ukraine/

Took a look at the Attestation papers - the place of birth is not in Bila.


Re: Kulba-Mundare area

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Hi Stella,

I may have confused you, sorry about that. My granddads name is John Kom on his attestation papers, I have his entire military file now. He says his sister is Annie Kom from Billa (Prov) Czorthier Russia, this is 1916. From another paper in his file he says he is born in Billa (Prov) Czorthier Russia & his sister Annie is from Riga Russia (present day Latvia), this would be 1917-18.

He has Nick Kullba from Edmonton twice mentioned in his file. When I searched for Kullba I found the ones at Mundare. Then I found some cemetery listings for Mundare & noticed quite a few people from Bila Czortkiw.

I really felt that they probably met at the training camp before shipping out & became friends. Maybe its a big coincidence that Nick lived in a town where so many people came from the same place originally as my granddad.(at least thats what we think he was saying to them)

Does Billa (Prov) Czorthier look like a good "match" for Bila Czortkiw?

Thanks for your interest, I had found some of your postings interesting too.

Re: Kulba-Mundare area

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Surnames: KON,KONN,KOM
Hi Can't find a place name - that you have posted .
The Kulba's in the local history book - are from a villge Bila, near Chortkiv - the Province is Ternopil.
At one time the area was under Austro Hungarian rule - also under Poland - etc -
Immigrants were labeled Austrian - Galician , etc on passenger lists -

You have your Grandathes attestation papers as well his service record.
He must have applied for Naturalization/citizenship.
There may be useful information there for you.

You might want to subscribe and post to Infoukes
on the subject line type only the word subscibe.
When you recieve a message that you are subscribed
post a message to the mail list.
There are many knowledgeable people on the list - some actually from E.Europe. They may be able to answer some questions re localities etc.

The sister Annie is from RIGA ,in Latvia
It is possible that there may be a placename - similar to the one you posted - in Latvia/ Russia.

From the Alberta GenWeb Local History Books
From Lumpy Butte, Memories Live Forever; Cardston
KOMM, ; KOMM, Charles; KOMM, Fritz;
KOMM, Garrett; KOMM, Linda;

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