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Cherokee Ward's

Cherokee Ward's

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if yoiur looking for Ward's from the south who disapered around 1830's and ended up in,ok. mo. try looking on cherokee roll books .most are decentants of john ward and cathline mc daniels the had many children.he was an irish imagant ,she was 1/2beed cherokee and scotts . she is the daughter of suckie hopper and the grand daughter of chief hop and the g gand dauther of moytoy the chief of the cherokee that was taken to visit the kink of england.if this is new info to some of you let me remind you that we cherokee had no royalty lest iturn loose more cherokee princes on this world .


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My Ward's didn't show up until roughly 1830 in Ar, Ok, etc. I am looking for the father of George W. Ward. Any help would be great.

george w. ward Cherokee

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george w ward 's father was james ward ,from cherokee teritory south east,they came out to ark in the 1830's just before trail of tears.they were known as the old settlers because they came out a few years before the main body of cherokee's did .look on indian rolls ,old settlers. james wards father was john of your cousins just ran for chief in ok birdwell is realy a ward ,was adopted by step-father as a child,another distant cousinran for council his name is paul thomas in Pryor,ok a very close relitive of mine ,where are you located?

James Ward

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James Ward is buried at Blagg-Duckworth Cemetery, Siloam Springs, Arkansas. I am a descendant of His brother Charles Jackson Ward who was in IT about 1834. He left and went to N. Carolina and raised a family in Cherokee County, N. Carolina at Murphy. I have many ancestors buried in NE Oklahoma. Most of my immediate line are buried at Stilwell and Foyil, Oklahoma.

George Ward, Lucy Mayes

Larry Ward (View posts)
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George ward and Lucy mayes another brother are buried at Ward Cemetery between Jay, Oklahoma and maysville, Arkansas. Several of their family members are there also.

james ward

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hi larry,its always nice to meet a reitive. i guess you already know the family history. john (jack) and cathline had a son named jame ,and charles and john and many others. and each of the geneation there after also named their son's by those names ,that what makes it so diffacult to tie anything down. george washington ward is on the cherokee rolls as one of the "old settlers" as are many other of the wards of that time. as for the one that was from tn. or nc they had a border change rigght around that time. that might explain or he may have just moved because the white kept herassing us and pushing us futher and further. did you know of your cherokee heritage? chathine's mothers name was sookie hooper (full blood)she was wolf clan ,and a cousin to nancy ward (beloved woman) and also to chief atakalakola.sookie's father was chief old hop a very honerale chief. well if you have any info on the john ward that died in tx 1837 or mary elizabeth that died in tx in1839-40 please let me know would love to find out which of the wards were their parints or what mary's maiden name was. thanks

wards in ok.

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i am searching for my family tree. i made
a trip to avery,tx. where the last of the
older family members live. i went to my g-grandmothers grave site. her name was mary
smith before she married. she was born in
ok. indian terr. in sep. 1871 and died in
tx.feb.1940. the family says the husbands
she had are all burried in ok. the story
i here is she was married to a man with
the last name lee,then to a man with the last name ward,then to a man with the last name raymond. they say she was full blood
cherokee. but you know how stories go. i
am just trying to find information on this
family tree. if you have any kind of information i would be thankful for your
help. carla

Ward, Indian Territory

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Hello Jackie. I knew of the Cherokee heritage, as my grandfather mentioned it several times when I we would visit them as a child. I don't think he really knew to what extent they played in the settlement of NE Oklahoma. I have visited many cemeteries in that area the last couple of yeatrs and am attending a reunion at Westville later this year. Also, planning another trip in next month or so to roam thru some more cemetweries. I am in Ft. Worth, Texas.

ward's in tex.

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hay larry, how ya doin.i live out here near cookville, tn now.just moved here about 10 mo. ago. it feels like coming home. i lived in ok before that .that was good also. i went to a few of the family reunions while i was there . have you met any of the wards in watts ok. yet that was where the wards landed when they first got out west. it used to be part of ark. but they moved the border. some elders still refer to it as ark,but it in ok . cousin paul thomas took me there one year for a ward reuion. paul live in pryor ok. have you met him yet.he loves to hear from wards and he has lot of info on them. well i'm realy looking for info on my g grand parient they were in tx. 1830 John and Mary elizabeth Ward .they were the first wards in tx .i hear there are some papers in a basement in acourt house in Quitman Tx. is that far from where you are would dearly love to get them .i already got some from san antoio that were helpful well hope to hear from you jackie


Larry (View posts)
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Thanks jackie for the info. I am originally form Waterloo, ALabama in the NW corner of the state on the Tennessee River. Waterloo is on the water route on the Trail of Tears, they have a commemoration there every September. Here is my email address at home.
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