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maurice godin

maurice godin

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According to info in Portuguese records of families of the Reconquista, the Godin and the Godinho both descend from the line of de Castro known as Sr. de Lanhoso. It's notable that Maurice's wife is a "Pampelune". The de Pampelune are a family associated with the line of Nuno Rasura Nunez de Branosera and Diego Rodrigues Porcelos y Paterna who become the de Castro. They also become the de Navarre. The rest of the family history of Godin is relatively unknown to me except that all the families that they wind up with in Nova Scotia may be found on the Island of Cypres together into the 16th century. The d'Entrement family that you'll usually find in your ancestry if you descend from Godin do descend from the Comenenii, Angelii, Paleologians, Doukas, etc.

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Surnames: Godin, Manuel, Goodin, St. Coeur, Comeau,...
I am also a descendant of the maurice Godin family line. I have Maurice Godin coming from Givet, Ardenne, France and his wife, Hugette Pamplume also coming from the same place.I have 3 more generations coming from France but then they move to Quebec, Canada. After that, the future generations go to New Brunswick, Canada where they stay until some of the family moves to Maine and Connecticut, USA. If you want any of my information, just email me at I am writing from my mother, Marie's account so don't email me there. Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Lynn Goodin Ward

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I also think that I am from the line of Maurice Godin who we
think is the father of Vorle do you know if this is so we are not
sure and we think that Vorle is Claude or Jacques Gaudin's
father there is a church d'Aubermesnil-Beaumais near Diepp
where we think that the records would be do you have any further info.


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Lynn Goodin Ward (View posts)
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Surnames: Goodin, Godin, Gaudin,
Yes, Maurice is the father of Vorle. Here is what I have right now..........up to my father.Hope it helps.

Maurice Godin
1535 Givet, Ardenne, France (horseman)
WIFE- Huguette Pampelume (1531) Ardenne, France
CHILD- Vorle

Vorle Godin dit Teinturier
Birth: 1566 or 1570 Chatillion-Sur-Seine, Cote-D’or. France
Death: around 1605
WIFE- Bridget Gouzier (1585 or 1570) St. Vorle, Chatillion,Champagne, France
1. Claude (GAUDIN) b: 1605 in ?Saint-Vol, Chatillon-sur Seine, Cote d'Or, France

Claude Godin
Birth: 1600 St. Vorle, Chatillion, Champagne, France or 1605 in Saint-Vol, Chatillon-sur-Seine, Cote d'Or, France
Death: AFT 1632

WIFE- Marie Barden Birth- around 1605 in Savolles, Champagne,
1. Pierre dit Chatillon GAUDIN b: 1630 in Saint Vorle, France

Pierre Jacques Godin (Gaudin) dit Chatillion
Birth: 1630 St. Vorle, Chatillion-Sur-Seine, France
Christening: 17 MAY 1630 Saint Vorle, Chatillon-sur-Seine, Cote d'Or, France

Died 1685 Port Royal, Canada
WIFE- Jeanne Rousselier ABT 1636 in Moeze, Xaintes (modern Saintes), Saintonge, France
Married 10/13/1654 La Rochelle, France

1. Laurent dit Chatillion GODIN b: 10 AUG 1655 in Montreal, New France, Canada
2. Marie GODIN b: 19 APR 1657 in Montreal, New France
3. Catherine dit La Grandeur GODIN b: 11 MAY 1659 in Montreal ,New France, Canada
4. Gabriel dit Bellefontaine GODIN b: JUN 1661 in Montreal, New France, Canada
5. Madeleine GODIN b: 18 JAN 1664 in Montreal ,Quebec, New France
6. Marie Madeleine GODIN b: 5 FEB 1665 in Montreal, New France, Canada
7. Pierre dit Chatillion GODIN b: 1667 in Montreal, New France, Canada
8. Jean GODIN b: 18 OCT 1669 in Montreal, Quebec, New France
9. Anne GODIN b: 10 JAN 1672 in Montreal, New France, Canada

Gabriel Godin dit Bellefontaine
Birth: 6/1661 St. Vorle, Chatillion, Champagne, France or Montreal, New France, Canada
Christening: 1 JUL 1661 Montreal, Quebec, New France
Married 1690 Quebec
WIFE- Andree-Angelique Jeanne Cochon 1659 Quebec, CA
Lived in Ste. Anne (Now Fredericton, NB)
1. Madeleine Louise dit Bellefontaine GODIN b: 1690 in Riviere Sainte Jean, Acadia, New France
2. Louis Bellefontaine GODIN b: 1693 in Riviere Saint-Jean, Acadia, Canada
3. Joseph Bellefontaine dit Beausejour GODIN b: 1696 in Riviere Saint Jean, Acadia, New France
4. Jacques Philippe Bellefontaine dit GODIN b: 1697 or 1698 in Riviere Saint Jean, Acadia, New France
5. Pierre dit Bellefontaine GODIN b: 1704 in Riviere Saint Jean, Acadia, New France
6. Charles dit Bellefontaine GODIN b: ca 1708 in Riviere Saint-Jean, Acadia, New France
7. Rene dit Valcourt GODIN b: ca 1710 in Riviere Saint-Jean, Acadia, Canada
8. Jean Rene dit Lincour GODIN b: ca 1712 in Riviere Saint-Jean, Acadia, New France
9. Bonaventure dit Bellefontaine GODIN b: ca 1715 in Riviere Saint-Jean, Nova Scotia (later NB)
10. Marie-Yves GODIN b: ca 1718 in Riviere Saint-Jean, Nova Scotia (later NB)

Jean-Rene Godin
Birth-1710 Ste. Anne, Fredericton, York, CA (farmer) or 1712 in Riviere Saint-Jean, Acadia, New France
Death- 15 SEP 1777 Riviere Saint-Jean, Nova Scotia (later NB)
WIFE-Francoise Dugas (2nd marriage 1740) Francoise dit D'Amboise BERGERON
1. Jean Baptiste dit Bellefontaine GODIN b: ABT 1735 in Riviere Saint Jean, Nova Scotia (later NB)
2. Ambroise GODIN b: 1745 in Riviere Saint-Jean, Acadia, New France

Jean-Baptiste dit Bellefontaine Godin (Gaudin)
Birth: ABT 1735 in Riviere Saint Jean, Nova Scotia (later NB)
Death: AFT 1789 in Kingsclear, York County, New Brunswick
WIFE- Marie Angelique Bergeron 1743 Ste. Anne-Riviere, St. Jean, NB
1. Alexandre GODIN b: ABT 1757 in Kamouraska,, Quebec
2. Francois GODIN b: around 1760 in Kamouraska,, Quebec
3. Jean Baptiste GODIN b: ABT 1768 in Canada

Francois Godin
1760 Petit-Rocher, NB
WIFE- Anastasie Daigle 1762 Cap St. Ignance, Quebec, CA
Francois Remi GODIN b: 1787
Jean Baptiste GODIN b: 18 Apr 1787 in Caraquet, N.B.
Marie Marguerite GODIN b: 29 Nov 1789 in Caraquet, N.B
Siffroye GODIN b: 8 Apr 1794 in Caraquet, N.B., Canada
Paul b 1786
Michel GODIN b: ABT 1796 in Caraquet, N.B., Canada
Alexandre GODIN b: ABT 1798 in Caraquet, N.B.
Anne GODIN b: ABT 1800 in Caraquet, N.B., Canada

Paul Godin
(1786-1814) Paraquet, NB, CA
Married 6-6-1814
WIFE- Marie Comeau (1789-)

Francois-Regis Godin (1815-1881) Tracadie, NB, CA
WIFE- Dorothee St.-Coeur (1821-)
CHILDREN- Philomene (1852-?) spouse- Charles Brideau
Adolphe (1854-?) wife-Odile Savoie
Alexandre (1857-?) wife- Adeline Richard
Richard (1861-1945)
Marie-Louise(1863)spouse-Guillaume Vienneau

Richard Godin (1861-1945)
WIFE- Marie Doiron (Mary Gould- Anglicized) (1875-)
Frank (1889-1983)
Alphie (1899-1982)
Abraham Peter (1897-1966)
Marie Ann

Abraham (Godin) Goodin (1897-1966)
WIFE- Bridget Manuel (1896-1927)
CHILDREN- Mildred (1921-)
Albert (1922-1987) MY FATHER
Mary Theresa (1927-2003)
WIFE- Margaret Martin (1899-1967)
CHILDREN-Arthur (1928-2004)
Lionel (1929-?)
Clifford (1938-1998)

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Lowell Mallais (View posts)
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Last generation, would you have the parents of Brigette Manuel and Marguerite Martin, who maried Abraham Godin, thank you, Lowell

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Surnames: Goodin, Godin, Manuel
Bridget Manuel's parents were Gilbert Manuel and Annie Martin, b: 7/10/1868 in Baie St. Anne, New Brunswick, Canada. Gilbert's parents were Joseph Ignal Manuel and Appoline (Pauline) ?.I don't know anything about Margaret Martin except that she came to CT with Bridget and Abraham. She was Bridget's best friend. When Bridget died after the birth of her 3rd child, Margaret and Abraham got together.

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You are very well informed in the posts I`ve read by you. You must work in the field of historical records else you`re one hell of a good amateur.

A Godin

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I know this thread is very old (nearly 12 years old) but I was wondering if anyone who contributed to it had any sources for their information other than other genealogy websites like ancestry. Someone mentioned something about Portuguese family lines but no sources were indicated. With sooooooo much erroneous data on ancestry alone, there needs to be something else off of which we can base our research.
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