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Annie Beauchamp who married Samuel Smith Ford, Fairmount, Md.

Annie Beauchamp who married Samuel Smith Ford, Fairmount, Md.

Debbie Kulibert (View posts)
Posted: 955200562000
My Great Grandfather was Isaac Thomas Ford, His father was Samuel Smith Ford, I'm looking for info regarding the descendants of my great great grandmother Annie Beauchamp , Fairmount, Maryland.

Annie Beauchamp

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I have an Ann Beauchamp born in MD to Edmund Beauchamp, Jr. and Sarah Trahearne. Is this possibly yours?

Annie Beauchamp

Debbie Kulibert (View posts)
Posted: 956592944000
I am the great great grandaughter of Annie Beauchamp and Samuel Smith Ford. I have to do more research on which Beauchamp Annie was the daughter of I do know that my great grandfather was Isaac Thomas Ford and his mother and father were Annie Beauchamp and Samuel Smith Ford, Issac married Hattie Cox and they had one son Samuel Wellington Ford, he married my grandmother Elsie Louise Evans. Isaac and Hattie lived in Fairmount, Maryland. Isaac was a member of the Maryland House of Delegates. Elsie was born on Smith Island Maryland. Old Somerset. I still have to find out if Annie Beauchamp was Edmund the second or Edmund the 3rd's daughter but my great parents and great grandparents were from Somerset County, Maryland, along with Edmund Beauchamps family. Thank you for your interest. I'll have to write to Conventry church and see if there is a Marriage certificate for Annie Beauchamp and Samuel Smith Ford, then I can connect to Edumund Beauchamp.

Beauchamps of Somerset County, MD

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Debbie, I'm just getting started in looking up my family and was excited to read your postings. I just returned from a visit and asked my grantfather, who is from Fairmount, if he knew of Isaac Ford. He remembers him and refers to him as "Ike." Unfortunately granddaddy was not able to tell me anything about Ike's parents. Interestingly, however, my maternal grandmother was Mary Ruth Beauchamp, daughter of Ira Whittington Beauchamp (son of Samuel W. Beauchamp, who was son of Whittington Beauchamp). At this point this is as far back as I have it and the name Annie, Ann, or Anne hasn't come up yet. I'll try to keep your search in mind as I try to find more information on the Beauchamps in my family and will send you anthing that may be relvant. If you find anything that may be relevant to my search, I'd love it if you would pass it along. Thanks.

Ford Beauchamp

Debbie Kulibert (View posts)
Posted: 961619892000
Hi Susan,
Thanks for your reply. It thrilled me that your grandfather remembered my great grandfather Ike, yes, I called my mother right away and ask if they called him Ike, she said they called him Capt Ike. This is just great to hear this from someone other than family. But then again, we may well be family with the connection of Beauchamp. I searched the and found in the 1860 Census Index a Samuel Beauchamp of Salisbury Dist. in Somerset County, Md. I also found a Whitty Beauchamp listed in a search in Kent Co. Delaware? Anyway you are going to love researching Beauchamp. There is alot to read. But if you go to the Websight: Look in the Message Listings around 03/23/2000. Re: Most Beauchamp Family Answers, you may find alot, as well as enjoying the read. I still haven't found where Samuel Smith Ford is from but I know he is barried in Upper Fairmount Cemetary. I'm in Maine I'll have to visit sometime in the near future. For now my next research will be at the Boston Archives this week or next so I will surely look for Whittington Beauchamp and Ira and Samuel. Hope to find something for you. Thanks again for touching my heart with that information. I'll always be open for more. Sincerely yours, Debbie

Ford Beauchamp

Debbie Kulibert (View posts)
Posted: 961664522000
Susan, One more thing, my Grandfather, Samuel Wellington Ford taught at the Fairmount Academy for about a year or two. My mother wasn't really clear on that because she said he felt it wasn't his calling. Also, my mother said that Isaac's home burned down and they lost everything, so I didn't get any of his writings regarding his speeches in Fairmount and Somerset. So I'm trying to findout what his passions for Maryland where. Maybe your grandfather may know. Again thanks for your interest. Sincerely, Debbie

Fairmount Beauchamps

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Debbie, It is really wonderful to correspond with you about our roots, which I suspect connect somewhere back in Fairmount. There are two living generations in my family who attended Fairmount Academy. Your must visit there sometime if you can! They have wonderful old photos. Have you contacted them? I was there last summer and found a photo of my great grandmother's sister, Ruth Meredith, who apparently worked at the school. I'm mailing copies of your sending your requests for information to my granfather's older sister (now almost 90) who is as sharp as a tack. I may have more on Capt. Ike from her. Approximately when did Samuel Ford teach at the academy? Thank you for your wonderful help. Susie

Beauchamp/Somerset County

June (View posts)
Posted: 965806561000
I have just found this web-site. One of the replies stated you were looking for Annie Beauchamp. My grand-mothers name was Annie Beauchamp. Married name. We are all from Somerset County around Perryhawkin Dublin. Don't know if any of this relates to your family tree.

Anne Beauchamp

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A year later..have you identified this Anne? Which Edmund? I`m gathering this line together, but can`t answer you questions, as the "Ford" name is not in my file. What is your E?

Annie BEAUCHAMP/Samuel Smith FORD

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Thank you for your interest. I have just recently moved and have a new e-mail address and haven't had the opportunity to do much research but I have been in contact with relatives from Upper Fairmount, Maryland and they believe that Annie Beauchamp may have descended from Whitty Beauchamp. I have not yet verified this.
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