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I seek all information on the families COUDYSER or COUHYSDER of the area of Heist , Brugge, Blankenberge , Lissewege, Westkapelle.

In advance Thank you for your assistance.


Milton R. Coudyser of Richmond, CA 1944

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Milton is pictured in Wings, yearbook of the 44-E class of cadets at Pecos Army Air Field in Pecos, Texas. He is a flight cadet. I'm not kin but thought this might help someone researching the COUDYSER family.

Re: Milton R. Coudyser of Richmond, CA 1944

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Sir. I am researching Milton R. Coudyser. Where can I see this yearbook, or a photo of Milton?


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Alice, I seek all information on Rene R. Coudyser, in the area of Harlebeke, West Flanders, Belgium.

Thank You
Joseph Martin


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Alice and/or Joseph,

Do you already have an online account with the State Archives of Belgium? If not, you should consider registering for a free account.

Searching for the family name COUHYSDER returns 106 results, primarily in Heist.

For the actual digistised images, if the State Archives doesn't have them, then may (no account required).

For more information about how to access and use the online archives, read more in the following thread/post.

Brugge also has its own online archives available at (registration required but also free) which can help with records from 1900-1915 which may not be available on the other sites.

Records after 2015 are not available online due to data protection regulations.

Hope these sites help.

Regards, Dave


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Surnames: Coudyzer, Coudyser, Coucke, Bekaert, Waelkens, Tronquay, Tronquaij, Van Den Broucke

I don't know if this is the person you are looking for, but I found a birth certificate for a René Rachel Theophiel Coudyzer, born on 1887-03-14 in Harelbeke, son of Theophile Coudyzer (age 33) and Elodie Coucke (age 27). (ten year table index) (detail, entry #103)

Theophilus Coudyzer and Elodie Coucke were married on 1883-06-13 in Harelbeke. Here are links to their marriage certificate. (ten year table index) (detail, entry #178 which continues onto the next page)

The marriage certificate cites both the parents and grandparents of the groom, but as far as I could tell, only the parents of the bride (I've done my best on all spellings/transcriptions but it's best if you confirm them all yourself).

Theophilus is cited as being born in Waregem 1854-03-03, son of Gregorius Coudyzer who died in Waregem 1872-01-15 and Melanie Bekaert who died in Beveren bij Harelbeke (a village in between Harelbeke and Waregem) 1882-08-17.

Gregorius's parents are cited as Ambrosius Coudyser (yes, it does appear to be spelled different than all the other spellings) who died in Waregem 1863-05-03 and Maria Josepha Waelkens who died in Waregem 1827-12-29.

Melanie's parents are cited as Franciscus Bekaert who died in Waregem 1845-04-02 and Maria Theresia Tronquay who died in Gent 1854-09-05 (in order to confirm the spelling, I found her death certificate

Eulodie Coucke is cited as being born in Harelbeke 1859-11-24 and the widow of Julius Jean Coudyzer who died in Harelbeke 1882-07-24. Side note - Julius and Eulodie/Elodie/Elodia appear to have married in Harelbeke 1880-09-09 with Julius and Theophilus being brothers.

Her parents are cited as Edouardus Coucke age 59 and Rosalia Van Den Broucke (no age given), both living in Harelbeke.

If this is the person you are looking for, then you should be able to use the online records at and/or the State Archives of Belgium to find/confirm births, marriages, and deaths of Rene's parents, grandparents, and perhaps more.

If you go back prior to 1796, then the State Archives of Belgium have parochial records online going back into the 1600s.

You may already be well aware of this, but keep in mind that spellings may vary over time and cited ages/dates may not always be accurate.

Hope this helps. Good luck with you research. If you have any questions, feel free to direct message me or email me at

Regards, Dave


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Dave. Thank You for all of this research, I appreciate this very much.

all the best



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Dave, Thank You again for your great work finding and translating the documents for the Coudyser Family. Can you tell me, in what language these documents are written ?

all the best, Joseph


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Surnames: Coudyser

All of the links were for records that were in Dutch. Records from 1793 and into the early 1800s will typically be in French. Parochial records prior to 1800 will be in Latin. has some good pages for translations of common genealogical terms in each of these languages as well as examples of birth, marriage, and deaths records. (see the Record Content and Use section for the examples)

Hope this helps.

Regards, Dave


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Dave, Thank You for your awesome work and response.

All the Best

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