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Joseph Gaylord - Sarah Stanley c1670's

Joseph Gaylord - Sarah Stanley c1670's

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It is possible 3 or 4 children from this union, married into my family. I am looking for someone who can help me untangle the confusion. Possible marriages include.
Elizabeth Gayload to Hickox
Ruth Gaylord to Stephen Hickox
John Gaylord to Elizabeth Hickox
Joseph Gaylord to Mary Hickox

out on a limb

Barbara (Gaylord) O'Donnell (View posts)
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Hi Larry,
I have some of these names in my research
line. Perhaps some can help. Bear with me... (I found spelling of Hickox changed to Hickok.)(I do go back further if you need.)
from William Gaylord, Deacon 1585/1673 & Sarah Walter 1586/1657: Children: Elizabeth 1614/1695;(*B)William Gaylord II 1616/1656; John 1619/1683, Samuel 1619/1690; Nathaniel; (*A)Walter 1622/1689(myline)& Joseph 1624/1667.
(*A): Walter Gaylord married Mary Stebbins 1586/1657:children: Joseph(*1)1649/1711,Mary 1650/1711, Joanna 1651/1698, Benjamin 1655/1689, Isaac 1657/1674,& from William & second wife Sarah Rockwell:Eleazer 1661/1714 & Sarah 1665/1688.
(*1)Joseph & wife Sarah Stanley 1649/1711.
their children: Sarah 1671/1738; William 1674/1753; John Gaylord 1677/1762 married Elizabeth Hickok 1682/?; Joseph Gaylord Jr. 1678/1710 married Mary Hickok 1678/?; Elizabeth Gaylord 1680/1751 married Joseph Hickok 1680/? (they down 4 generations to: James Butler Hickok, "Wild Bill Hickok" 1837/1876.)
(*B) William Gaylord II - son: William Gaylord III 1650/1680 married Ruth Crow. They lived in the same Windsor, Conn. as (*A) line. They had a daughter Ruth Gaylord born in 1673. Could this be who married Stephen Hickox? Good luck!
Barbara Gaylord O'Donnell in Arizona

Gaylord History

Larry Hecox (View posts)
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Thanks for helping me clear up this confusion. I find it interesting that 4 members, of one family, married into the 2 branches of my family. I would be interested in knowing any Gaylord family history from the period.


Barbara (Gaylord) O'Donnell (View posts)
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Hello again Larry,
I have just come across a little more information regarding the children of Joseph Gaylord 1624/1667 & Sarah Stanley 1649/1711...
I only had 5 children listed: Sarah; William; John who married Elizabeth Hickok; Joseph who married Mary Hickok;& Elizabeth who married Joseph Hickok.
The information I just got has more children listed. They are: Benjamin; Elizabeth; Mary; Abigail; Joanna; & Ruth who married Stephen Hickox. It looks like this would be your Ruth. There were no dates with this additional information. And the search goes on! Barbara in Arizona

Gaylord and Hickox

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Hi Larry and Barbara

I too have these Gaylords marrying Hickox, but haven't found if they are related to each other. I have assumed, but no documentation.
John's wife Elizabeth is daughter of Joseph and Mary (Carpenter) Hickox.
and Joseph's wife Mary's father was also named Joseph, but I cannot be sure they are the same Joseph.
Let me know if you find the link and I'll do the same.
I come down from

Walter Gaylord and Mary Stebbins
Joseph Gaylord and Sarah Stanley
Joseph Gaylord and Mary Hickox
Joseph Gaylord and Elizabeth Rich
Aaron Gaylord m. Katherine Cole
Lorena Gaylord and Lynde Phelps
Phebe Gaylord Phelps and Uriel Bradley
Lynde Phelps Bradley and Harriet E. Parker
Helen Phelps Bradley and Charles Sumner Cook
Raymond Wilson Cook and Florence Yale
Richard Bradley Cook and Jean Capps
Donald Phelps Cook and Diane Schweitzer
Kimberly Marie Cook - me

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I descend through the Gaylord-Ellsworth line, to PA, then to Ohio, then to Madison Co., IN and eventually into Missouri. I wondered if you had any documentation or could tell me where I could find it, proving that the Connecticut line did migrate into Pennsylvania. I need documentation for the Colonial Dames. Any help appreciated.

Re: Joseph Gaylord - Sarah Stanley c1670's

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are you still looking?

Re: Joseph Gaylord - Sarah Stanley c1670's

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Yes, thank you. I am always looking for more information. The Gaylord family is intertwined with mine, on several generations.

Re: Joseph Gaylord - Sarah Stanley c1670's

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Suggest that you go to

Starting with William Gaylord, you can trace his offspring through the generations.

Re: Gaylord

Penny Savage (View posts)
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Surnames: Gaylord
I am looking for ancestors of my Grandfather, Emmett Ellsworth Gaylord, His parents are Bert Vern Gaylord and Harriet McCracken. He was born near Oakville Iowa, but I have been told that our ancestors come from missouri. Some of his siblings are: Elsie, Frank, and Rosie. I know Rosie married Harold Powell, and Frank's middle name is Martin, and that they had a sister who was born about 1917, and her name was lilli. I was told that she had to be put in a hospital setting, when she was young(maybe 8-10) around Davenport, and that she died there but I can't seem to find any further information to take my search further back. If any of this matches up with any of your information please email me at
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