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how to find records in England

how to find records in England

Virginia K. McGee (View posts)
Posted: 920030400000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Tripp
In 1610 John Tripp was born to John and Isabell (Moses)Tripp
in Northumberland County England and that is where my family
history stops. I've checked out some books to read but I am
new to this and need all the help I can get.
How do I find out where John and Isabell where born and
who there parents are?


Pearl (View posts)
Posted: 980424000000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Tripp
Virginia .. we must be related, as I also am a decendent
of John the founders.I will share any information that I have with you.
E-mail me at :

Re: how to find records in England: Tripp

Dale (View posts)
Posted: 1012307841000
Classification: Query
Compiled from records found in Horkstow, England, based initially upon a report written by John Tripp given below. I think Isabell Moyses father was Nicholas, I would have to check to be sure.

Descendants of George TRIPP

1 George TRIPP b: Abt 1525 d: 1580
.. +Margaret Unknown
. 2 Agnes TRIPP b: 1545
. 2 John TRIPP b: 1550
..... +Ellys Unknown d: 1591
..... 3 Robert TRIPP b: 1579
..... 3 Thomas TRIPP b: 1581
..... 3 William TRIPP b: 1583
..... 3 John TRIPP b: 1587
......... +Isabel MOYSES b: Abt 1590 m: Abt 1610 d: Abt 1678
........ 4 John Tripp b: Bef September 18, 1611 in Horkstow near Barton on Humber, England d: Bef October 28, 1678 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
............ +Mary Paine b: Abt 1620 m: April 04, 1639 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island d: February 12, 1686/87 in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
........ 4 Grace TRIPP b: 1613
........ 4 Robert TRIPP b: 1613
........ 4 Francis TRIPP b: 1614
........ 4 Elizabeth TRIPP b: 1615
........ 4 Dorothy TRIPP ? b: 1618
........ 4 Ann TRIPP b: 1621
........ 4 Robert TRIPP b: 1625
........ 4 Bridget TRIPP b: 1629
. *2nd Wife of John TRIPP:
..... +Jane Pinnell d: 1573
. *3rd Wife of John TRIPP:
..... +Margaret Unknown d: 1623
. 2 Edward TRIPP b: 1555
. 2 Margaret TRIPP b: 1561

From The Document of John Tripp in the New Bedford, MA library:
The resolution of John the said John Tripp concerning the places of his abode. First I was born in Covetown (or Horetow, Covetown) in Lincolnshire 3 miles from Benton Harbor, and my father's name was John Tripp and my mother's name was Isabel Moses and before she married my father when she was a maid and they had about twelve children and much kindred we had and when I grew in years I was put an apprentice to a shapt (ships?) carpenter whose name was John Baaty (Beety, Beedy?) of [Horys]bury three miles of from Alsand in Lincolnshire aforesaid where i served years and sometime after wrought with him and after that I bound myself to owe Frances East for 4 pounds a year for 4 years who sold me and I had served him and his assign for about a year and a half. He sold me to Robert Jafra (Jeffery?) then living in Boston and Boston church members persecuted some to the offending of others. My master came to Rhode Island with the said persecuted people and I with him and his wife being sickly and they could not get their maid to Rhode Island with them. People whom the said members and expelled from them. Therefore my master was forced to sell me to Randall Houlding of Portsmouth on Rhode Island and I served a while and after bought out the rest of time of him and after a while I married a wife whose maiden name was Mary Paine. I being about thirty or twenty eight years old or thereabouts, and the Lord hath given us eleven children of when one is dead. The eldest is 29 years old and ---- this 17 on the second month 1670. Praised be thee our Rock who hath been help and unto us at all times give what thou pleased. It is mercy from thee to rerceive anything for the earth and sea is all thine and the fullness thereof.

Re: how to find records in England: Tripp

Posted: 1017364287000
Classification: Query
Hello, I read the post you had. And so far we have gone four generations back into England, but how correct they are, we don't know. What I am trying to figure out, is what ship did he come over on? Does anyone know? It has been stated the Truelove, June 10th, 1635. But is that correct, because I can't find anything at all about him on any ship in that year or anyone he could have been associated with. This has me wanting to find out. Also, I don't think there was a Nathaniel who had a John Tripp. From what we have is:
John Tripp, the Founder, who came to Rhode Island; his parents are John and Isabel Moses Tripp.
Their children including John were:
Robert and Grace were possibly twins.
Okay the John who married Isabel; his parents were: John and Margarett Tripp
Their children were including this John:
Then we have that John's parents:
George and Margerie Trippe whose children were including John:
Edward of Eaglesham
Thomas of Horkstow
I don't know if this helps any, but it is what I have. My maiden name is Tripp and me and my aunt have been searching this for a long time. It is only now I question on which ship that he came over on. He must have been older than a teenager. It is puzzling. Hope you can find what you are looking for.
Ronda (Tripp)Mullins

Re: how to find records in England: Tripp

Dale (View posts)
Posted: 1017440049000
Classification: Query
This is what was sent to me regarding the Truelove by Roger Walter:

In his book Emigrant Ancestors [ full title below] John C. Hotten reported in 1874 that the English Public Record Office manuscripts show two sailings for a ship called "Truelove" in 1635:

The first sailing entry reads:
x. Junii, 1635.

THEIS underwritten names are to be transported to the Bormoodes or Somer Islands, imbarqued in the TRUELOVE, de London, ROBERT DENNIS, Mr. being examined by the Minister of Gravesend, concerning their conformitie to the orders and discipline of the Church of England, as it now stands established, and took the oath of allegeance

One of the passengers listed on this ship was:

Jo. Trippatt age 17

On this list there are no entries for TRIPP. The only HALL entry is

Tho. Hall age 24
The second sailing entry reads:

19 Sept., 1635.

THEIS underwritten are to be transported to New England,
imbarqued in the TRUELOVE, JO. GIBBS, Mr. The men have taken the oaths of alle~. and suprem.

There are no passengers listed with surnames of TRIPP or HALL or any close variation.


My conclusion is -- this John Trippatt, (b. ca. 1618) , who went to Bermuda on the Truelove in 1635, is not John Tripp, (b. ca. 1610), who m. Mary Paine.

Family History: 217 Genealogy Books

3989 HOTTEN, John Camden. Original Lists of Persons of Quality, Emigrants, Religious Exiles, Political Rebels, serving men sold for a term of years, apprentices, children stolen, maidens pressed, and others who went from Great
Britain to the American plantations, 1600-1700, with their ages, the localities where they formerly lived, names of the ships in which they embarked, and other interesting particulars from MSS. in the public record office. 700 pp. 4to.
cl. New York, 1880.

Originally published London: CHATTO AND WINDUS, PUBLISHERS,1874.

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