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Markey lineage

Markey lineage

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Surnames: Wilson, McGarry, Fielding, Madison, Kirby, Cannon, Markey & Schanno
Francis Markey (d 1/241859, age 75) "a native of Parish Ennasbeen, Towns Land of Ervey, County Meade (or Meath?) Ireland
Francis m. Fanny (unknown surname) d. 2/23/1859
5 (?) children: John, Patrick, Isabella (Bella) & 2 unknown names
Patrick (d. 2/2/1888, age 64) m. Julia Gargan Markey (d. 10/15/1893, age 61)
12 children (6 boys & 6 girls):
boys: George, John, Joseph, Edward, Frank, Charles
girls: Fanny, Mary, Clarabelle (Carrie), Mary Jane, Juliette & Gertrude
George Markey m. Ann Marshall, 5 children = George, John, Edward, Walter & Fanny
John Markey m. Etta ??, 1 child, Fanny Crecilius
Joseph Markey m. Mary Levenson, 1 child, died young
Edward Markey m. Alice Gertrude Cannon, 5 children = Lawrence, Rose, Mary, Edward & Alice
Frank Markey - single, died at 27 y.o.
Charles Markey m. Kate Glennon, 3 children = May Gieise, Margaret & Edward (both dead)

Mary E. Markey m. Jim Bradley, 1 child Francis W. Bradley
m. Rudolph Tuabner, upon Mary's marriage to Taubner, child's name changed to Francis Taubner, d. 1946 @ age 60.
Clarabella (Carrie) Markey (d. 1921, age 57) m. Michael Daly, 3 children = George W, Francis E & Charles (died in infancy)
Mary Jane Markey died @ 1 or 1 1/2 yrs. old
Juliette Markey (b. 1875, d. 1952, 76 y.o.) m. Arthur Pardon, 3 children = Mildred, Harry, Juliette & Virginia
Gertrude R Markey, single, b. 1881, d. 1931, 50 y.o.
Fanny Markey m. Larry Quinn, 3 children = Mary, Tom & Lawrence. Mary d. 21 y.o.; Tom d. 17 y.o. & Lawrence d. 18 months old.

We're also trying to find any link to Thomas F Wilson, born 1863 in Connecticut (?), married to Annie McGarry, lived in Brooklyn, NY, died 6/19/1928 and buried in Brooklyn, NY. Annie had 3 sisters: Kate McGarry (m. Dr. George (M.?) Fielding, lived in Brooklyn, NY, no known children), Margaret (Maggie) McGarry (m. ? Madison, they lived in Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, and possibly had a daughter, Margaret, and a son ?) and Nellie McGarry (m. William Kirby, jewler or silversmith, lived in Washington, DC and had a daughter, Mabel, who possibly died young)
Thomas F. Wilson, Sr. was an only child and he had only one son, Thomas F. Wilson, Jr. who married Mary Markey. (We have a fair amount of information about the Markey line) Thomas, Jr. and Mary had only one son as well, Thomas F. Wilson, III who married Lucille Schanno and had 3 daughters, Lucy Ann, Ann Marie and Patricia Josette. We have very little to go on since it was 3 generations of "only" children and few records were kept. We have nothing about Thomas, Sr.'s parents or aunts & uncles. Any help will be appreciated.
Pat Wilson-Perkins
Bethel, CT, USA

Re: Markey lineage

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I am looking for information about my Grandfathers, Great Grandmother, Jane Markey. She was born in Ireland on March 25, 1839 we think in a town called Duleek. Her parents were Edward and Mary (O'Connell) Markey. This couple along with their 9 children sailed from Dublin arriving in Boston, MA on May 12, 1849. Jane Markey was the 7th of these 9 children. Her obituary states that she was a near relative of a famous lawyer and statesman, Daniel O'Connell. My cousin is planning a holiday to Ireland sometime this year and we are trying to find out where in Ireland our ancestors came from. Any information would be most appreciated. Thank you.

Re: Markey lineage

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Surnames: Wilson, McGarry, Fielding, Madison, Kirby, Cannon, Markey, Gargan, Taubner, Daly, Pardon, Quinn & Schanno
Here is my lineage as I know it. Although we have a "Mary" and an "Edward" they are a father/daughter pair or siblings and not husband & wife and are in the wrong generation. The only hope would be for the children of Fanny & Francis who we do not have the names of but from the family burial plot we believe that they are Francis & Henry. Plus our family setteled in the New York City/Brooklyn, NY area. Best of luck. If you find any links please share them with me and I'll do the same for you.

Pat Wilson-Perkins

Francis Markey, born: 1784, a native of Parish of Ennasbeen, Towns Land of Ervey, County Meade, Ireland, died: 24 Jan 1859, 75 yrs.,
Fanny Markey, born: 1785, died: 23 Feb 1859, 74 yrs
(known to have had 5 children, 4 m & 1 f ), only three names known: John, Patrick & Isabella (Bella),

Patrick Markey, born: 1824, died: 2 Feb 1888, 64 yrs. Naturalized Citizenship papers of the United States dated 13 August 1855 in New York City.
Julia Gargan Markey, born: 1832, died: 15 Oct 1893, 61 yrs.
(The above had 12 children, 6 boys and 6 girls.
The boys were: George, John, Joseph, Edward, Frank & Charles.
The girls were: Fanny, Mary, Clarabelle (Carrie) Mary Jane, Juliette & Gertrude)

The 12 Children

Ann Marshall had 5 children - George, John, Edward, Walter & Fanny

JOHN MARKEY and Etta (???) Had 1 child - Fanny Crecilius

EDWARD JOSEPH MARKEY (1869-1908), married,
Alice Gertrude Cannon had 5 children - Lawrence Aloysius, Rose Cecilia, Mary Angela, Edward Joseph, Jr., and Alice Gertrude
Lawrence Aloysius (d. 1959)
Rose Cecilia (d. 1945)
Mary Angela (b. 1895 d. 1970) m. Thomas F. Wilson, Jr., had one child, Thomas F. Wilson III
Thomas F. Wilson III (b. 3 Dec. 1923) m. Lucille Ann Schanno (b. 22 Nov. 1928), had 3 children, Lucy Ann (b. 12 Feb 1952), Ann Marie (b. 20 Feb 1953), and Patricia Josette (18 Mar 1954)
Edward Joseph, Jr. (b. 1903 d. 1965) m. Nettie Mae Tracy, had one child, Edward J. Markey, of Blue Hill, Maine
Alice Gertrude (b. 1905 d. 1961) m. John J. Clements, had one child, Alice E. Clements m. Thomas McKenna, currently live in Pittsburgh, PA

FRANK MARKEY Single, died at the age of 27.

Kate Glennon had 3 children - May Gieise (2 girls), Margaret and Edward. Margaret and Edward are dead.

Jim Bradley
Rudolph Taubner
1 child - Francis W Bradley. Upon Mary’s marriage to Taubner; child’s name was changed to Francis Taubner. Francis died in 1946 at age of 60.

CLARABELLE (CARRIE) MARKEY DALY - (died 1921, age 57)
married Michael Daly
3 children - George W., Francis E., and Charles
George W. and Anna Cato have 3 girls - Edna May, Mildred and Muriel (twins (all 3 married)
Francis E. and Dorothy Hanley have 7 children - 5 boys and 3 girls. Francis (married), Robert, James, Ronald, Richard, Dorothy (married) and Patricia (married)
Charles Daly died in infancy.

MARY JANE MARKEY died in infancy at the age of 1 or 1½ years

JULIETTE MARKEY PARDON - (The mother of my grandmother’s cousin, Mildred Pardon, who wrote up the sheet) born 1875, died 1952, age 76.
married Arthur Pardon - died 1936
3 children - Mildred, Harry and Juliette
Mildred Pardon and George Dupree had 1 girl Rose M.
Harry Pardon died at the age of 6
Juliette Pardon and Charles Watkins had 3 children - Charles A., Virginia (married) and Juliette Markey

GERTRUDE R. MARKEY Single, born 1881, died 1931 at age 50

married Larry Quinn
3 children - Mary, Tom and Lawrence
Mary Quinn died at the age of 21 at the Convent of St. Mary of the Springs, Columbus, Ohio
Tom Quinn died at the age of 17
Lawrence Quinn died at the age of 1 or 1½ years

The family cemetery plot is in Calvary & Allied Cemeteries Internments, 29 East 50th Street, Long Island City, NY
Section 2, Range 9, Plot P, Graves 13/16
Recorded in the Name of John & Patrick Markey on April 26, 1962 by J. Cooney, clerk

Name Birth Birth Place Died Date Interred Age
1a Francis Markey 1784 Parish of Ennasbeen, Towns Land of Ervey, County Meade, Ireland 24 Jan 1859 26 Jan 1859 75 yrs.
1a Fanny Markey (known to have had 5 children, 4 m & 1 f ), only three names known: John, Patrick & Isabella (Bella) 1785 23 Feb 1859 25 Feb 1859 74 yrs.

James Markey - son, brother, cousin ? 1806 20 Feb 1859 53 yrs.
Maria Keogh -“Isabella” or another relative 1815 1 Dec 1861 48 yrs.
2 Francis Markey - ? Patrick’s brother 1820 23 May 1856 36 yrs.
2 Henry Markey - ? Patrick’s brother 1823 7 Feb 1863 40 yrs.
2a Patrick Markey (my great-great grand-father) 1824 2 Feb 1888 5 Feb 1888 64 yrs.
2 John Markey - Patrick’s brother 1827 30 Aug 1863 36 yrs.
2a Julia Markey - Patrick’s wife 1832 17 Oct 1893 61 yrs.
Patrick & Julia had 12 children, 6 M & 6 F. The boys were George, John, Joseph, Edward, Frank & Charles. The girls were Fanny, Mary, Clarabelle (Carrie), Mary Jane, Juliette and Gertrude
3 Mary Ann Markie - “Mary” 1850 16 May 1856 6 yrs.
James Reynolds 1853 30 Sep 1875 22 yrs.
Henrietta Tamhetty 1854 2 Jul 1856 2 yrs.
3 Mary I. Markey - ? Mary Jane, died young 1861 5 Oct 1862 1 yr.
3 Joseph P. Markey 1861 18 Jul1901 40 yrs.
3a Edward J. Markey, Sr. * (buried w/Cannon?) 1869 1908 39 yrs.
3a Arthur E. Pardon (m/Juliette Markey) 1874 Jan 13, 1936 62 yrs.
James W. Reynolds 1876 7/20/1876 2 mos.
3 Juliette Markey Pardon (m/Arthur Pardon) 1882 Jul 19, 1952 70 yrs.
Annie M Markey 1887 8/6/1889 2 yrs.
4? George H. Markey 1889 10/28/1889 3 mos.
3 Gertrude Markey 1890 Nov 24, 1931 41 yrs.
Edward Murdock 1899 Jan 15, 1900 1 yr.
3 Rose Cannon Maxwell * (Gram’s “Mother’s Sister”) 1895
3 Elizabeth Cannon * (Gram’s “Mother’s Sister”) 1928
3a Alice G. Markey * (Gram’s Mother, m/ Edward J., Sr.) Sept. 1940
Ann Cannon Hopkins *
(“Uncle Frank Cannon’s baby daughter born dead, I think”) infant ??
4 Ruby Maxwell *
(“Aunt Rose Cannon Maxwell’s daughter”) prior to 1920
4 Rose C. Markey * (Gram’s Sister) Aug. 1945
4 Lawrence H.A. Markey * (Gram’s Brother) March/Apr. 1959
4 E. J. Markey (son of Senior) * (Gram’s Brother) 1903 June 1965
4 Alice Markey Clements * (Gram’s Sister) 1905 Dec. 1961

The following names were not on the form prepared by the cemetery clerk but my grandmother had typed them on a piece of paper with the internment dates and then had written some other notes as to how they were related. I don’t have any proof that they are buried in Calvary except for my grandmother’s notes.

Rose Maxwell
Edward J. Markey, Sr.
Ruby Maxwell
Ann Cannon Hopkins
Elizabeth Cannon
Alice G. Markey
Rose C. Markey
Lawrence H.A. Markey
Alice Markey Clements
E. J. Markey (son of Senior)

My grandmother Mary Markey Wilson (“Gram”), and my grandfather, Thomas F. Wilson. Jr. are interred at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn in the Wilson plot. The notations are from her perspective, her “Aunt Rose” and her “Uncle Frank”.

Re: Markey lineage

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see my post at "Orleans Parrish" (LA) section related to a Markey branch there. I cannot readily find a connection except for the name Etta. Did all Markey's everywhere use the same first names?

Re: Markey lineage

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Surnames: Wilson, McGarry, Fielding, Madison, Kirby, Cannon, Markey, Gargan, Taubner, Daly, Pardon, Quinn, Schanno, Morrissey, LeMaire, Newman & Staak
All I can assume is that "Etta" was a popular Irish name although I can't place it for a Saint's name. Perhaps it was shortened for Bernadette. I don't think that we're related either although we may be "back in the old country" if I can ever get my linkage back that far. How I wish I had been interested in this when my grandmother was still alive since I know that she would have had a lot of the answers. Unfortunately, my Dad is an only child. He's 81 and doesn't remember that much of the details from when he was a child.

Thanks for your reply.
Pat Wilson-Perkins

Re: Markey lineage

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Exact same sentiments here and same lost opportunities, as the parents and grandparents are now gone.

Re: Markey lineage

Maura E. Foster (View posts)
Posted: 1110491803000
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The daughter of one of my Markey great Aunts was named Alice and called "Etta" her whole life! They lived in County Armagh in Ireland. My guess is Etta was a popular nickname or pet name. Probably need to check church records to find baptismal name.

Re: Markey lineage

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Thank you for the insite on Etta. Pardon my ignorance ... but my map does not show a County Armagh, though I have heard of it many times. Does it have a different name on the maps?


Re: Markey lineage

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Surnames: Markey
Joseph William Markey (married to Florence McGill) resided in New Orleans when giving birth to Joseph William Markey on March 7, 1922. Other children included Mary Elizabeth (never married), Nicholas Jay, and Florence. The elder Markey is reported to have married his brother's wife's sister. Other family first names in New Orleans include Etta, Volne, Carroll, Ruth, and Stella. Sometime, a female offspring married a Stier in New Orlaens. The elder Markey moved with the immediate family to Cedar Rapids, IA around 1930. Earlier generations are unknown; though family anecdote has the port-of-entry as Galveston ... unusual though that sounds.

Re: Markey lineage

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Surnames: Markey
Maura & David,
My Markey ancestors came from Kells in Meath which is in the county of Armagh. I have copies of the United States citizenship papers for my great-grandfather, Patrick Markey, dated 1855 so I'd presume that he had been here in the US at least 4 or 5 years before that. On the grave stone of my great-great-grandparents their sons' had the following enscription written on it. I have had several people from Ireland reply back to me with the following replies regarding it since I had inquired where these places were since they had spelled them phonetically. Here is the gravestone enscription and the replies that I have received:

To The Memory of
A Native Of The Parish of Ennaskeen
Towns Land of Ervey, County Meade
Who Departed This Life January
24th, 1859, Aged 75 Years

Also His Beloved Wife
Who Died February the 23rd, 1859
In The 74th Year of Her Age
Requiescant in Pace Amen
Erected By Their Affectionate Sons

I have come to realize that they had meant Meath not Meade and several other spelling differences as elaborated by this e-mail that someone had sent to me:

The townland of Ervey (not to be confused with a town/village or market centre) is an area of 392 acres in the Civil Parish (again not to be confused with a religious parish) of Enniskean in the Barony of Lower Kells, Kells Poor Law Union. A townland is a clustre of houses and not a town/village or market centre so you won't find it on a roadmap unless there was a town/village of the same name on it which, more often than not, there wasn't. See
for a fuller description of these civil divisions.

I would suspect that we are related but until I can gather more information further back from the source in Ireland, I can't help you at this time. I had written to the genealogy board in Armagh and I heard back from them in a form letter, as well as from this individual who wrote and told me how I could trace both my family roots in Armagh (1/2 the tree) and the Markey side (the rest of the tree) in Ervey, county Meath. You might want to try that e-mail link and see if they can help you out.

I also received this from the Genealogy Service in Armagh.

Dear Pat

Your recent letter to Mr. Francie Hughes was passed on to us.

Armagh Ancestry offers a Full Genealogical Research Service to enquirers with ancestry pertaining to County Armagh. Our main sources include Roman Catholic Church records (earliest of which date from 1790), Church of Ireland (Anglican) church records (earliest date from 1683), Presbyterian Church records (earliest date from 1707). It has to be noted that the commencement date for particular parishes differ and many church registers have gaps in the records. Civil (government) registration of births, marriages and deaths only commenced in Ireland in 1864 (civil marriage registration began in 1845 for non Roman Catholic denominations), and therefore we have to rely on individual church registers for research prior to this.

We have computerised all the Roman Catholic Church records from the earliest parish registers in 1796 (some only commence in 1861) until 1900. We are only commencing the other denominations at present and will take a considerable time to complete. If you feel that Annie McGarry and her sisters were born in county Armagh and were Roman Catholic we could search for their baptism if you could indicate when they were born. This search costs $45.

Regarding your Markey ancestors Ervey is a townland in county Meath in Enniskeen parish. It still exists as a place and if you ever visit Ireland you could visit Ervey. You should contact Meath Heritage Centre, Castle Street, Trim, county Meath, Ireland, (email: ) as they are computerising all the various Church records for county Meath.

Yours truly,

Feargal O’Donnell
Lead Genealogist


I have not written for the records as I keep promising that I will because I'm researching all four branches of my family at the same time. I sort of let each one take the lead as they develop on their own. I hope this helps each of you in your searches and that someday we find out that we're all related.

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