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Robert McCormick of Amherst Island till 1958

Robert McCormick of Amherst Island till 1958

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Surnames: McCormick, McMillan, Watson, McCormack, Beggs
Robert McCormick b.~1875 in Ayr, Scotland, parents William McCormack & Eliza Beggs. Robert married Mary McMillan b~1875 in Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland.
Marriage was March 7,1906 in Kingston,Ontario. Witnesses Alex M. McCormick of Amherst Island and Harriet W. Watson of Kingston.
Robert & Mary farmed on Amherst Island, South Shore, had two children, Robert & Margaret, who worked in jewellery store in Kingston ~1926. Mary died Dec.1928 of pneumonia.

Looking for descendants of this family, parents of Robert and relationship of Robert to other McCormicks of Amherst Island who were born in Ontario.

P. McCormick, Amherst Island

pgilmore (View posts)
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Surnames: McCormick

Janet there is still a McCormick P listed in the Kingston and area phone book who lives on Amherst Island.I am not sending his phone number over the internet but you shoul be able to get it from a library or 411-hope its your family, good luck.

Re: P. McCormick, Amherst Island

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Surnames: McCormick
Thank you. I have found that name on a search and will try to make contact.

Re: Margaret McCormick

J.Merry (View posts)
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Surnames: mccormick
Did Margaret McCormick work at Kinnear d' Esterre in Kingston (Jewelry store)?

Re: Margaret McCormick

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Surnames: McCormick, Evans
Yes, the family for whom I am looking did have a daughter Margaret who worked at Kinnear d' Esterre in Kingston (Jewelry store). I was able to visit Amherst Island in May, on holiday from BC, and found out some information about the McCormick family from a wonderful 90 year old lady who had grown up on the farm next to the McCormick farm on the South Shore. She gave me the names of some living grandchildren of Robert & Mary McCormick. I was able to chat briefly on the phone with Selena McCormick Evans, and still have to write her to learn more.

Do you know more of the McCormick family, and Margaret, who I understand, never married? I see in reading some of your postings that you have an Emma McCormick as your grandmother. I look forward to hearing your connection and any information you may be able to share with me.

I'm not sure when or where Mary McMillan met Robert McCormick, as she lived in Glasgow, I believe, before she came to Canada in about 1905-1906. I have found Robert McCormick as a 4 yr.old on 1881 census in Southend, Argyll, not far from Campbeltown where Mary was raised. At that time, there were 2 older sisters and a younger brother.

Hugh McCormick, McCormack

J_Merry (View posts)
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Surnames: mccormick, mcmaster, mccormack, fletcher, merry, tozer, hornbeck
Hi Janet
My grandmother was Emma McCormick.
Her Father was Hugh McCormick.
McCormack on his grave stone. The entire family went by McCormick.
I was researching my Grandmother's Mother, Edith McMaster.
My Aunt Helen (nee McCormick) is the last surviving McCormick of Hugh and Edith's family.
When talking to her, I had asked her if there was a Robert McMaster. She had told me Robert was a brother and had a son named William and a daughter Margaret. She explained William died of cancer and that Margaret worked at Kinnear d'esterre.
I could not find the link to Robert McMaster and in a further conversation she had stated that Uncle Robert was her father's brother.
My Aunt is getting older.
Her parents, Hugh and Edith were married on Amherst Island.
They had met in Pittsburgh township which is where part of the McMasters farmed. Some McMasters were on Amherst Island.
I asked why they married there and Helen had said that Hugh had leased and farmed land off Uncle Robert.
I had read where the McCormick's of Amherst Island where of Irish descent and could not make the connection because Helen made clear her Father was from Scotland, her Mother's family from Ireland.
My Aunt in Toronto is putting together my Grandmother's pictures and my cousin is putting together Helen's pictures.
We are going to sit down and figure this out. There are trunks full. I will scan as many as possible and share the jpegs once my family has time to have this meeting.
Helen's birth certificate says MacCormick. They all went by McCormick.

Hugh McCormick 1884-1947 (McCormack)
Edith McMaster 1896-1971

Children and spouses:

Mary Elizabeth McCormick
Robert Fletcher

Esther May McCormick

Emma McCormick
Austin Merry

Dorothea Martha McCormick

Margaret Anne McCormick
Harold Tozer

Thomas Hugh McCormick

John McCormick

Helen L. McCormick
Ken Hornbeck

These people are all buried in Willowbank cemetary near Gananoque. They are intermixed with the McMasters.

I would like to hear more about Robert McMaster.
Talk soon.

John Merry

Re: Helen L. McCormick

J_Merry (View posts)
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Surnames: mccormick
One last thing - my Aunt refuses to divulge what the L. in Helen L. McCormick, stands for.

It's not Letitia, Lydia or Letitis.
If you know of other McCormick's with the letter L I am curious to know their names.

John Merry

Re: Robert McCormick

J_Merry (View posts)
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Surnames: mccormick
I'm beginning to think the miscommunication is not my Aunt Helen's age. ;-)

I would like to learn more about Robert McCormick.

Thanks for any info you have.


Re: Mary McMillan McCormick

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Surnames: McCormick, McMillan, Watson, Beggs, MacCormick
Hi John,

My primary interest is in Mary McMillan McCormick, as she was my great grandmother, having had my grandfather Archibald McMillan Watson out of wedlock in Glasgow in 1901 (given his father's surname). I am trying to find out when and how she came to be in Kingston/Amherst Island. She left Archie to be raised by her parents in Glasgow, and he never knew much of his mother's life in Ontario, even though he emigrated to Western Canada at 21 years of age.

From the marriage certificate of Robert McCormick and Mary McMillan in Kingston in 1906, I found Robert's parents listed as William McCormick and Eliza Beggs. They can be found on IGI search as married in 08 NOV 1867 Glastry, Down, Ireland. IGI will also give names of first three children (daughters) born in Ireland, before they moved to Scotland, so there is your Irish/Scottish background.

Here is the family of Robert McCormick on 1881 UK Census:

Dwelling: Machribeg Cottage
Census Place: Southend, Argyll, Scotland

William MACCORMICK M 35 M Down, Ireland
Eliza MACCORMICK M 30 F Down, Ireland
Sarah MACCORMICK U 12 F Down, Ireland
Mary Jane MACCORMICK 7 F Down, Ireland
Robert MACCORMICK 4 M Galloway Wigton
William MACCORMICK 1 M Southend, Argyll, Scotland

Looks like your Hugh, if he was Robert's brother, was born after 1881 census. What year were Hugh & Edith married and do you know when Hugh came to Canada? A witness at the marriage of Robert & Mary was an Alex McCormick. Not sure if this might be another younger brother or one of the cousins from Amherst Island.

The other McCormack's on Amherst Island seem to have been there for quite some time, heads of familes having been born in Ireland, some were Presbyterian, some were Catholic familes and can be found on 1881 Canadian census on LDS site I assume but have not yet searched for relationship of Robert's father William to the other Amherst McCormack's from Ireland. It would seem likely that William was a brother to them, and that Robert came from Scotland to Amherst Island because he had uncles and cousins there.

Re: Robert McCormick

J_Merry (View posts)
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Surnames: mccormick
My Great Grandfather Hugh McCormick was born in 1884, so yes he would have not been in the census.

My Aunt Helen did discuss Robert's wife Mary only to say she didn't know her last name and that no one knew much about her. This tells me she was discussed in my Grandmother's family.

I gleaned Robert and the children did not take her passing very well and they missed her and to discuss her touched a nerve.

Thank you for the great information. I'll get on these pictures and see what I can come up with.

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