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Bernhardt and Violenus, Aulstroupt and Jackson, Aulstroupt and Bushby

Bernhardt and Violenus, Aulstroupt and Jackson, Aulstroupt and Bushby

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Surnames: Bernhardt, Aulstroupt, Jackson, Bushby

I am researching these surnames from the 1800s in St.
Croix. Any info on these families would be greatly

William Branch Bernhardt was my Grandfather. His parents were from India. They were: Charles Branch Bernhardt of
Bombay, India, and Jane Hall, of Calcutta, India.(Both
parents had come over with their families as children and
because they were indentured servants, they were given
these new names. Charles was Mahat Mahand originally and I
don't know Jane's.)

William's other siblings included his older sister and
brothers. They were: Alice Bernhardt,Charles Branch Jr.,
Louis,(In San Pedro de Macoris they called him Luis.) and
Alfred.(In Cuba they called him Alfredo.)

Jans Peter Aulstroupt/Aulthrup/Aulstroup married Sara
Jackson.Among other children they had Wilheim . Wilheim married Sarah Jane Bushby.

When he went to Puerto Rico, people called him William Armstrong, when he died.
Among other children William and Sarah Jane had Peter


Richard Bond (View posts)
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Surnames: Bushby, Busby, Busbee

I am not certain if the families are the same. What I do know is that all three names are used by the family that I am related to. The information came orally from relatives there is some disagreement as to the exact place of origin East Indies covers a wide area. We sort of wondered about the name. My grandmother spoke of meeting her grandfather as a child he was a dark complected Asian with a braid. He came over as a contract laborer and oversaw or rented farms at different times in St Croix, Statia and St Kitts. His wife was a lighter "fair" complected Afro-Caribbean woman. The estates on St Croix he was associated with were Princess Stock Farm and Recovery.

Busby and Bernhardt indentured servant Indian connection

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Surnames: Bushby, Aulstroupt, Jackson, Bernhardt, Hall

Thomas Bushby, from Scotland, married Rosalind James of
St. Croix and their daughter was Sarah Jane Busby, who
married Wilheim Aulstroupt.

Jans Peter Aulstroupt, a soldier from Denmark, married
Sara Jackson of St. Croix. Their son was Wilheim

Can you tell me book titles which I can obtain that
include local history of the current history of the
current inhabitants living in St. Croix in the 1800s?

To illustrate: Jans Peter Aulstroupt had fought in the
Battle of Waterloo defending Denmark from invasion by

Because he had developed Rheumatoid Arthiritis, he had an
audience with the King of Denmark to return his sword.
Because he had fought well , the King permitted him to
keep his sword. He left for a warmer climate. Thus, he
reached St. Croix.

The Indian indentured servant who is the original ancestor
to whom you referred may be the brother to one of my
Great-grandparents,Charles Branch Bernhardt and

All the other names refer to my husband's family.
I saw a picture of Sarah Jane Bushby, my husband's
Great-grandmother. She looked just like my 3rd cousin
when she was in her 20s.The families may very well be
related as I have suspected and you pointed out.

I would appreciate any info. If you find somethng to copy
about the families, I would mail any copying cost fees and

I want to pass on their heritage accurately to my


Richard Bond (View posts)
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Surnames: Bushby, Busby, Busbee

I have heard of all these different but similar names being used by the same family who were descended from an East Indian indentured servant. We believe that he may have been from Bali and came to St Croix via the Dutch Islands. There is a large black family named the Jacksons who were once fairly wealthy and had a lot of property in Christiansted. A member of that family became a sailor settled in Australia and became its national boxing champion. Unfortunately I do not know of the individuals you mention. If I find out anything I'll tell you.

Bernhardt baseball player

Richard Bond (View posts)
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Surnames: Bernhardt

Are you related to the professional baseball player from San Pedro de Macoris whose last name is Bernhardt?

Juan Bernhardt

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Surnames: Bernhardt, Violenus, Aulstroupt, Bushby, Jackson

Yes, Juan Bernhardt, the baseball player from San Pedro
de Macoris is my cousin. He comes from a large family.
I met him in April, 1977, when he was on the team of the
Seattle Mariners and played against the New York Yankees
at Yankee Stadium in New York. At that time I also met his brother, Christian Bernhardt, who was living in New York
with his wife and son.
I would love to be able to contact them again.
Juan Bernhardt's father's family were from St. Croix. My
Grandfather, William Branch Bernhardt, born in St. Croix,
would be youngest brother to Juan's father's people.
In San Pedro de Macoris my Grandfather met his future wife, Lucinda Lucille Violenus, who had been born in St. Maarten, the Dutch Antilles.When she left to go to New York, he followed her there and they married and had 3 children: Ralph Donald Bernhardt, William Gaspard Bernhardt, and Edith Sigrid Bernhardt, my Mom, who married Lloyd Astor Burkett.

Any info about my family would be greatly appreciated.

Mohan, Mohand

Richard Bond (View posts)
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Surnames: Mohan, Mohand
I found this article and thought it might be interesting

Bernhardt and Violenus

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Surnames: Mohan, Mohand

Thank you! What a most interesting article!


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Surnames: Aarestrup

This has got to be the answer. I can't wait to share this info with the rest of the family.

First, I must find that audience with the King of Denmark before I share this info. I know now that I must look for
Jans Peter Aarestrup.

Thanks a million!


Aarestrup (View posts)
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Surnames: Aarestrup

I think that this mystery name might be Aarestrup. The Danish consulate here says that it is a pretty little village with a salt spring. The sound is like Our-stroop
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