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Nathaniel West

Nathaniel West

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Surnames: West
Looking to connect several generations of Nathaniel Wests to the family of Lord De La Warr of England and Virginia, Sir Thomas West. My family records (largely oral history) traces a line from Nathaniel West, younger brother of Sir Thomas West, to Nathaniel West, Jr. who was born in Virginia around 1620 and may or may not have had a son, Nathaniel West. I can verify my line to Nathaniel Spence West in Currituck Co., but from there the facts are unclear. Does anyone have anything about his parents, grandparents, etc?

Re: Nathaniel West

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I descend from Nathaniel Spence West's sister, Agnes West.

Their parents were Edward and Martha West. Edward died in Accomack Co., VA ca 1733. After his death Martha married James Fox and moved to Tyrrell Co., NC.

Martha and Edward had three known children: John, Nathaniel Spence and Agnes. Nathaniel Spence married Rebecca LNU. They had seven known children.

Agnes married John Roughton and they had eight known children.

I do not know if John married or fathered any children.

I hope this helps you.


Re: Nathaniel West

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Thanks. It does give me a new direction. Do you know if Edward was connected to the De La Warr Wests? Our family records indicate Nathaniel Spence West's wife was Rebecca Thompson. Their child, Julia West Warden is my family connection, with her son named Nathaniel Spence West Warden my GGgrandfather.

Let me know if you are interested in more about Julia West.

Re: Nathaniel West

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Surnames: West
Yes, I am always interested in adding information to my data base.

I have never been able to connect this line of Wests to the De La Warr Wests. I can tell you that Edward was a tailor and had several scraps with the law because of money problems.

Nathaniel Spence West sold property that had belonged to his father:

Accomack Co. Land Deeds 1750 - 1754 - Folio 256-539
Folio 335: Grantor: Nathaniel Spence West
son and heir at law of Edward West, tailor, deceased
Grantee: George Holden, gentleman
What do you base your information on that Rebecca was a Thompson. I know she had been married before she married Nathaniel Spence West but I don't know his name or her maiden name.
I do not have much info on the children of Nathaniel and Rebecca but since they are not my direct line, I have not concentrated too much on them. Where did Julian "Julia" West and her family live?


Re: Nathaniel West

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Surnames: West, Warden
Rebecca's last name is from family records, some of which were recorded mostly in the late 1800's, and come from multiple written records and narratives from different branches of the Warden and Old family (Julia West married William Warden of Indian Creek, VA, Lower Norfolk Co., a large landholder and planter). I have not verified this with other types of records as I cannot travel.

Have not independently verified the NC/SE VA West connection to the De La Warr Wests, however, it has been referenced in books about the Wests in America. The lineage is not completely documented anywhere I can find.

Our family records have Nathaniel Spence West's father as possibly another Nathaniel West, but that is the generation that is missing in my search, so "Edward West" might be helpful. Thank you.

What data/format on Julia West Warden are you interested in? I also have info on Julia Spence West, her grandmother.

Re: Nathaniel West

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Surnames: West, Allen
Your last paragraph confuses me. I'm not sure who you are talking about. The Julian "Julia" West I have in my data base was the daughter of Nathaniel Spence West. I do not have any descendants for her. She was unmarried when he wrote his will in 1780 but he does not say she is underage so I would put her age between 1759 - 1766 (just an estimate). You seem to be talking about a much later Julia.

There is no doubt who the father of Nathaniel Spence West was. He was Edward West. There is much proof in court and land deeds in both Accomack and Northampton Counties VA. My information comes from actual records. Not that it's proof but Nathaniel Spence West named his first son, Edward.

When Nathaniel Spence West's son, Edward, wrote his will in 1807, one of the witnesses was a Julia Allen. I suspect this was his sister, Julia.
I would like to see your info on Rebecca and her daughter Julia along with whatever proof you may have. I'm not sure who you are saying is the wife of William Warden but if they descend from Nathaniel Spence West, I am very interested. Any format you wish to use is fine with me.


Re: Nathaniel West

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Surnames: West, Spence, Cowell
May I toss a monkey wrench into this discussion? I strongly feel Nathaniel Spence West is at least a near relative to my Joshau West, b. abt. 1725 either in Currituck Co, NC or Princess Anne Co.m VA. Joshua had a son named William Spence West (a connection?).

Joshua married a girl name Sarah/Sally and had 12 children that I have record of. I also have records if Joshua buying and selling land from and to Nathaniel Spence West.

Can anyone shed some light on who Joshua's parents are, and if possible, even what Sarah's maiden name is?

Much thanks for any help. It's been a real brick wall for me for many years.

Re: Nathaniel West

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Well, I don't think you have thrown a monkey wrench into anything; you have just raised a question or perhaps a suspicion.

I have a distant cousin who descends from Joshua West but we have never been able to connect him to Edward West. I guess the answer to the connection lies somewhere in the records of the Eastern Shore counties.

I have looked for a connection but have never found one.

I descend from Edward and Martha's daughter Agnes who married John Roughton. John Roughton came to Tyrrell Co. from Elizabeth City Co., VA.

There were a lot of northeastern NC families who migrated there from the Eastern Shore, in addition to the West family, there are the Twifords, Scarboroughs, Tilletts, Thoroughgoods (various spellings), Aydlettes, and Melsons to name a few.

I have a great deal of info on Joshua West's descendants but nothing on his ancestors.

If I ever discover anything, I will certainly post it to several different boards.


Re: Nathaniel West

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Thanks Jean.

Just curious. Are there any eastern shore NC records and Princess Anne Co., VA records that have not been destroyed and have not been microfilmed?

I too have looked through numerous microfilms trying to make a connection of my Joshua to anyone, all with little success. Sure, I've found some probate records, some property transactions, but so far, none that help get me past my brick wall.

Still, there has to be a connection between Joshua and Nathaniel Spence. They both carried on the "Spence" name in one way or another.

Joshua's will states he has three grandsons, William Simmons, Willoughby West, and Malachi West who were cousins, and a grandaughter Sarah. I wonder if either of them are connected to the Nahtaniel Spence line?

In some old research data coducted by my great aunt, she wrote the following: "(North Carolina Historical & Genealogical Register of 1900. Vol I, P. 82.)

"A Thomas West of Perquimans died Apr. 28, 1735. Brothers were Thomas & Joshua. Also Mentioned in will of Wm Long, brother of Samuel & John Wiatt. This places a Joshua West in Perquimans in 1735 (if he was born in 1725 he would have been only 10 years old at the time)."

"(William & Marys Quarterly. Vol I. P. 158.)
Among papers of Sir John Randolph of VA, a letter of pedegrees as follows: Wm, son of Robert and Rosa Rand, died 1670, 88 years. Md. Elizabeth, d. of Thomas Smith. Issue (1) Thomas who md Dorothy d. of Rich Law & widow of Thomas West. (Could this Thomas West be the brother of Joshua Sr. and the same as the one who died in 1735???)"

But 1835 is the year my Joshua was placed in indenture.

I don't know if any of that helps any or not, but it adds one more West (Thomas) to the mix. But, this could be a different Joshua, not directly related to my Joshua.

Re: Nathaniel West

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Here's another name to consider in our research. My great aunt has this in her notes:

Found a will of a George D. West, April 25, 1789 or Sept. 29, 1789 - Dec. 15, 1789, Currituck Co. Will Book 1, pp. 243-244. In his will he mentions a daughter named Lurana. Quite similar to Joshua's dauther Lurany. Could George be another brother to Joshua along with Nathanie and possibly even Thomas?
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