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William Julius Diers 1891-1950 - 1940 Census Mystery

William Julius Diers 1891-1950 - 1940 Census Mystery

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Surnames: Diers, Moran

Looking for information on William Julius Diers who in 1900 is in Jackson, Edwards, Kansas, the son Herman and (Anna) Christina Diers both born in Germany

1919 (July 7) Mabel Moran married W.J. Diers in Bethany, MO

In 1920 Mabel (Maybelle/Mabelle) are living in Kansas City, Missouri.
In 1923, Mabelle Moran Diers dies @ the home of her mother 2209 Troost, Kansas City, MO but death cert says the were living in 1701 Sacramento St., St. Joseph, MO . In addition to William Diers, she left behind 2 young children,
Anna Christina Diers b. 1920 MO
Roger William Diers b. 1922 MO

By1930, William has remarried to Ruby Jane Miller and they are Blue, Jackson Co, Missouri

In 1935 and 1939 per an Albuquerque directory they are living at 316 Mesa and William is working as a salesman for Remington Rand typewriters.

Then something strange happens in the 1940 Census,

1940 family of William J. Diers is not found in census OR there is a botched or erroneous census report.. However, Actual census image does not lead to conclusion of transcription error as information is clearly written and printed

1940 Albuquerque, Bernalillo, New Mexico 316 So Mesa
Residence 1935: Louisville KY
W J Diers 52 b. 1888 in TN Married House:: Owned Occ: Salesman – Insurance
Elizabeth Diers 47 KY 1893
Son Dich K Diers 16 KY 1924
Dau Mary Helen Diers 14 KY 1926
Son W J Junior Diers 10 KY 1930
Son Milton B Diers 5 KY 1935

Who is Elizabeth ?
Who are these Children?
Children with Maybell (Mabel) Moran don’t seem to be here though they are grown by now. In 1940, Christine would be age 20 and Roger William would age 17
(Note that in 1939 directory, Christina is listed as a student living @ 316 Mesa)
Details re: this W.J. Diers are different. (Age, place of birth, occupation)

Possible 1939 Directory was information really taken in 1938 and things might have changed.
Could William have remarried an Elizabeth with children Dich K, Mary Helen, W J Junior and Milton B -- now knows as “Diers” . ??
But what about W.J. Diers Junior born 1930 ???

There are no other “DIERS” listed in Albuquerque in the 1935 or the 1939 directories,

In 1950 (October 17), William Julius Diers died in Albuquerque, NM.
No mention of Ruby in his obituary and no children with her mentioned.
He is buried at Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery in Albuquerque, New Mexico

In 1956 (September 17) Ruby Jane Diers died in Alameda, NM. Age 52 [1904] Resident of Alameda for 22 years (1934) .
With Survivors , son Roger oand dau Christina.
She is buried at Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery in Albuquerque as well,

And in 1973 (October 25) son Roger William Diers. 51 (1923) dies and buried in Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery also, He is Survived by his wife Mary Elizabeth and children Deborah Elaine, Du Anne , Roger William Diers. Jr. and a sister, Christine

Anybody have any theories on the 1940 census aberration or info of this family?

Mabel Moran Diers who died in 1923 was my Great Aunt.

Many Thanks!

Re: William Julius Diers 1891-1950 - 1940 Census Mystery

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Classification: Query
Very good mystery. You have me intrigued. Unfortunately I cannot shed any light on this. I have spent an hour or so searching every way I can think of. It just makes no sense. I'm sure you noticed but the 1940 census shows the Dier family in Louisville, Ky in 1935.

There obvious has to be a mistake here, but I have no idea what it is. It can't be a transcription error, as the original census document is shown.

I even did a search with just Elizabeth and all the kids using just the first name in case she was married before. No luck.

I'll keep looking. Let me know if you learn anything.

Albuquerque, NM

Re: William Julius Diers 1891-1950 - 1940 Census Mystery

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Thanks for your reply, Ed and to have brought some credence to my dilemma and the mystery. Thought that I went crazy there!!!

Yes I did find the family in Louisville. Not sure what to make of that either.
To my knowledge, they did not live in Louisville.

Yes I feel there might have been a census takers mistake here....maybe they got confused with info given at the next house ??? Could William and Ruby have been divorced at that time and the new wife (Elizabeth) gave some misinformation ???

I will keep searching for more details or new info..... Appreciate your help in searching further as well.

Regards, Kathy

Re: William Julius Diers 1891-1950 - 1940 Census Mystery

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Ed, throughout the '30' the directories show William with Ruby at the Mesa address. In 1949 he had a rural box so can,t see the street but still with Ruby (OCR error is seeing this as "Baby" sometimes) and son Roger and a wife Kathryn living with them. Both are working at Central Typewriter.

So the 1940 census citing would seem to not be a result of a divorce situation.


Re: William Julius Diers 1891-1950 - 1940 Census Mystery

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I considered the possibility of confusing with the neighbors but looking at the census I do not see a close neighbor that they could have logically been confused with. If I understand these census they are written at the time contact is made at the residence, as opposed to being transcribed later from notes. Its hard to imagine such a glaring error.

Is by chance Christina still alive?


Re: William Julius Diers 1891-1950 - 1940 Census Mystery

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Hi Ed, Do you think they would have not told the truth?? Pretty elaborate deception, however! And why ?? No reason I can think of.

If the address wasn't on Mesa Avenue would be tempted to think it was one of those strange parallel universe things that appear from time to time.

This really has me stumped.

No don't think dau Christina is still alive. I think that I have her death...somewhere. Notes are hard to check right now as I had the hard drive totally crash on a laptop this week and haven't purchased a new system yet. Bummer. But will look for her history. She didn't stay in Albuquerque, if I recall correctly.

Thanks for your help!


Re: William Julius Diers 1891-1950 - 1940 Census Mystery

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Classification: Query

Ok, I am officially stumped. I almost believe your theory that there was some sort of deception on the part of William during the 1940 census. However, like you, I have no idea why he would do that.

I have spent several hours attempting to track all the names involved, any and every way I can imagine. The odd thing is I cannot find any record of Elizabeth, Dich K, Mary Helen, WJ Junior, or Milton B as a family with any last name prior to the 1940 census. Following the 1940 Census none of these people surface again in any fashion.

The other odd thing is Ruby, Christina, and Roger seem to have totally vanished in 1940 census. I cannot find them anywhere.

It does appear that Elizabeth, Dich K, Mary Helen, WJ Junior, and Milton B, may have been fabricated, but why?


Re: William Julius Diers 1891-1950 - 1940 Census Mystery

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This may be a longshot but in the 1930 census there are two families living at 316 Mesa SE. Coincidentally one family is from Louisville, Ky. (Robert S Strader 1895).

Do you think its possible that there were two families living there in 1940 and some how when the census was taken they became intermixed? Maybe no adults were around and whoever the census taker talked to confused the information?

I know its a kinda stretch, but who knows??


Re: William Julius Diers 1891-1950 - 1940 Census Mystery

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Ed, AHA!! May have this figured out and it does fall into the category of the parallel universe.........

In 1950 directory listing - 3 DIERS listed

Billy J. With wife KathD. Salesman. H. Cook Sporting Goods Living at 463 Loma Hermosa. ( Wife seen as KathD, Kathyrn. Kathy G)

RW With wife Mary E , in Sales working at Central Typewriter. Living at RD4 Box 689

Wm J with wife Ruby working at Central Typewiter. Living at RD4 Box 689

William James, "Billy" sometimes seen as B.J. , Billy James Dier
b. December 1917 Died July 16 1993 .

Billy also lived @ 8575 Flower Pl NE.

I can find no connection between the 2 families.
In a wedding announcement in The Albuquerque Journal for Billy's daughter, grandparents and aunt/uncle listed.... Nothing familiar there.

I think "my William's " son, Roger , is mentioned many times in sports for Albuquerque High Bulldogs 1940-1942. Apparently a basketball star player

"My William " Veteran grave marker application was signed by wife Ruby and indicated he served in " KS Sgt 117 Field Sig Bn 42 Division WW1". This corresponds with my grandfather miltary history (who is coincidentally or not !! Is the BIL to William's 1st wife, Mabel).

"My William " also had a long history of working for Remington Typewriter.
Began in Kansas City before WW1 where he worked with my grandfather for Remington. So all that part fits in as well.

Still looking ........Can't find Billy with Elizabeth and first 2 of their children in 1930 in KY yet.
Maybe Billy did not marry Elizabeth until after 1926 ????

Is this mystery managed ??? Tho' still not finding William and Ruby in 1940 so not quite solved !!


Re: William Julius Diers 1891-1950 - 1940 Census Mystery

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Hmmmmmm.... Confused again

The William James "Billy" above (I think) if born December 15 1917 d. In 1993 isn't the William J of the 1940 census.

1940 WJ was born in 1888. (His wife Elizabeth, 1893)

"My William" born 1891..... With 3 years an acceptable variance in genealogy terms.

The WJ Jr of 1940 Was b. in 1930..... So could be the 1950 directory listing ??

SSDI listing says Billy J who died 1993 received SSN in Nebraska
Found him in 1920 and 1930 (Greshan, Nebraska) but this Billy J way to young for the one found in 1940 in Albuquerque.


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