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US Indian/Settler Marriages - possible LIGHTFOOT connection

US Indian/Settler Marriages - possible LIGHTFOOT connection

Missi Lightfoot (View posts)
Posted: 930864205000
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Surnames: Lightfoot, Iberville
During the time of fur trading and early settlement of the U.S., a young Frenchman by the name of Iberville was trying to eliminate the memphis fur trade route by the English. In doing so, he made an alliance with the Choctaw Indians who were at odds with their neighbors, the Chickasaw Indians. The Chickasaw had an alliance with the English who in turn supplied them with weaponry to fight the Choctaw. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" meant French/Choctaw forever and English/Chickasaw forever. Bienville, Iberville's brother was noted to have several Indian wives. My guess would be that few if any records would exist on this since many of these "expeditionist" had "proper" wives back home. At one point, "Red Shoes", a Choctaw War Chief starting trading with the English reportedly because of Frenchmen taking Indian women (maybe his). This mostly outraged the Choctaw because they believed in loyalty to their allies. This resulted in a Choctaw Civil War in which Red Shoes was killed. Later on, the French and Indian War (the French and English War really), proved the loyalty the Choctaw and Chickasaw kept with their allies. With such close interaction and intermarrying with the French and English, it makes sense to me that the Lightfoot name could be Indian as well as English but I have found no proof of this. My Louisiana History professor at Southeastern Louisiana University agrees with me. (Hence, the summary with credit to him, Charles Elliot) If anyone has successfully traced their ancestry to Indian blood, please let me know. All I have now is heresay.

re:US Indian/Settler Marriages - possible LIGHTFOOT connection

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Surnames: Lightfoot
While visiting Cherokee, N. C. in 1986 there were Indians there by the name of Lightfoot. They were definately full blooded Indian. I saw them with my own eyes...I now wish I had talked to them, but at that time I wasn't interested in my family tree.
My Grandmother told me years ago that My grandfather was part indian and his father was full blooded Indian and he was very proud of his Indian heritage. I wish I had known that my roots went to N.C. and Ga. when I was there, because I would have checked it out. I don't have anyone to ask anymore.
Joyce (Lightfoot) White

re: US Indian/Settler Marriages - possible LIGHTFOOT connection

carolyn lightfoot (View posts)
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Surnames: Lightfoot
i have always thought that Lightfoot was an English name but in recent years have come to believe that it might be indian. I have recently been told that Gordon Lightfoot is in the family tree somewhere. My family is deceased; no records or anyone to ask remain.

re: US Indian/Settler Marriages - possible LIGHTFOOT connection

Claudia Lightfoot Doyle (View posts)
Posted: 946463985000
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Surnames: Lightfoot, Bingham
The Lightfoots in my family are English with
Indian blood through marriages. They hail
from Middlesex and Kent, England. The Indian
lood is Choctaw. My dad was 1/4.

The indian I was told came into play through
the Binghams. I believe it was Elijah Bingham's
line. My great great grandfather.

The Lightfoots I'm speaking of are: (American Line)
Claude Arnold Lightfoot-Texas (My dad)
John Arnold Lightfoot-Texas
James Lafayette Lightfoot-Arkansas
Lewis M. Lightfoot-Mississippi
John Lightfoot-Mississippi

Claudia Lightfoot Doyle

re:US Indian/Settler Marriages - possible LIGHTFOOT connection

Missi (View posts)
Posted: 946835979000
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Surnames: Lightfoot

Do you know any brothers or sisters of the Lightfoots because my husband's grandfather's family migrated to Texas after Alabama and were originally from Georgia?




Eunice Lightfoot (View posts)
Posted: 950964220000
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I am trying to find my ancestry. I know that my great great great grandfather was Lafeyett Lightfoot who had five sons: William, George, Alex, Layette, and James. My grandfather had a cousin name Claude. My great grandfather was born in Little Rock Ak. Have you heard any of these names before?

Connection to Lightfoot line

Posted: 952245155000
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Interested in the message posted by Claudia re Indian-Lightfoot and her Elijah Bingham line.
unknown Bingham, Mercer, KY (about 1800) son
Elijah L. Bingham, born about 1834, Logan Co, WV
married Lucinda Mae Gullett, 1852 in Morgan Co., KY
Resided in David Arnett household in 1850 Floyd Co., KY census. David Arnett married Lydia Gullett.
Elijah L. Bingham died about 1886, in Zarah, Johnson, KS
Children of Elijah L. and Lucinda Bingham were Nancy, Albert Sidney, William C.John Henry, Joseph and Elijah L.,Jr.

Arkansas Lightfoots

Vonnie L. Lightfoot (View posts)
Posted: 954226275000
I am looking for info. on JOHN (I think) ADOLPHUS LIGHTFOOT born about 1872. He was my grandfather. I don't know where he was born but my father (Lonnie Lloyd Lightfoot) was born in Amity, Clark Co, Arkansas in 1904 so my grandfather had to be in or around that area in 1904. Adolphus was married to Emmaline. I think her maiden name was Johnson. The family moved to Oklahoma in about 1910 and that is where Adolphus and Emmaline died. Adolphus died about 1942. I would would be greatfull for any help. Thanks. My email:

Arkansa Connection

eunice (View posts)
Posted: 955056963000
I too have relatives from Arkansa. I don't know the county. But grandfather Jonathan W. Lightfoot was born in Little Rock Arkansa. His father was Orlando. I have more information. My gg grandfather was William Lightfoot. He had five brothers. He had three wives: Francis, Harriet, Lucy Ann.


Claudia Doyle (View posts)
Posted: 964380055000
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My father was Claude Arnold Lightfoot. During WWII he lived with his family in Illinois. His dad (John Arnold Lightfoot) died in Illlinois. He was hit by a train where he worked in the train yard.

My line is John Lightfoot (North Carolina), Lewis M. Lightfoot (Mississippi), James Lafayette Lightfoot (Arkansas), John Arnold Lightfoot (Texas), My dad, Claude Arnold Lightfoot (Texas). Please email me, would love to correspond.

Claudia Lightfoot Doyle
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