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John YATES Jr. (b Mar 1754 - Halifax, VA; d 16 Dec 1835 - Wilkes, NC)

John YATES Jr. (b Mar 1754 - Halifax, VA; d 16 Dec 1835 - Wilkes, NC)

William A. Roper, Jr. (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Yates, Roper
John YATES Jr. (b Mar 1754 - Halifax, VA; d 16 Dec 1835 - Wilkes, NC) married Jemima ROPER (b 1755 - Orange, NC; d May 1853 - Wilkes, NC) on 8 Mar 1779.

Does anyone know the names of the PARENTS of this John YATES, Jr.?

Re: John YATES Jr. (b Mar 1754 - Halifax, VA; d 16 Dec 1835 - Wilkes, NC)

Barbara Yates (View posts)
Posted: 1036214904000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Yates
Hi William,
I'm looking for a Thomas Yates b.1766 in Ohio Co,Virginia and d.June 16,1853 in White Co.,Tennessee.He was married to Phebe Combs on Mar.14,1810 in Halifax Co.,Virginia.Do you happen to have any info on my Thomas Yates?Thank you for any help that you can give me.
Thank You,
Barbara Yates

Re: Thomas Yates (b 1766 - Ohio, VA, d 16 Jun 1853 - White, TN)

William A. Roper, Jr. (View posts)
Posted: 1036249004000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Yates, Roper, Kilgore, Childress, Price
In my original Query to which you replied, I sought detailed information concernig the parents of John YATES Jr. (b Mar 1754 - Halifax, VA; d 16 Dec 1835 - Wilkes, NC). SHortly after posting that Query, I obtained a new CD-ROM from Dr. L. David ROPER, a leading ROPER family genealogist, which shows John YATES Jr.'s parents to be:

John YATES (b Abt 1712 - Halifax, VA, d Bef 22 Jun 1779 - Caswell, NC) and Sarah Elizabeth KILGORE (b Abt 1730 - VA, d Abt 1798 - Halifax, VA)

I had NOT previously noted that there was additional information about John YATES Jr.'s parents in the ROPER Family History Files.

I do NOT pretend to have a strong acquaintance with this family and recall that my curiosity was probably motivated by wonder at whether and how John YATES Jr. was related to Keziah YATES (b Abt 1766 - Lunenburg, VA), who on 31 Aug 1781 married William ROPER (b Abt 1766 - Orange, NC). The updated ROPER Family History files show John YATES Jr. and Keziah YATES to be brother and sister. Many descendents are also given for each.

The ROPER Family History files are available for download at the web site of Dr. L. David ROPER at:

I believe that these YATES records are to be found in the file containing descendents of a John ROPER Jr.

Unfortunately, the ROPER Family Historyu files do NOT show a Thomas Yates (b 1766 - Ohio, VA, d 16 Jun 1853 - White, TN). But there ARE quite a few other YATES records and some of these bear a strong resemblance to the Thomas YATES you seek in naming, location and chronology.

For example, there WAS also a son of John and Sarah Elizabeth Kilgore YATES named Thomas YATES (b 1752 - Bedford, VA, d 15 Mar 1834 - Cross Plains, Robertson, TN). But I think that you will agree that this Thomas YATES was probably born TOO LATE to be the FATHER of your Thomas YATES. And as you can see from the dates associated with John YATES Jr. (b Mar 1754 - Halifax, VA; d 16 Dec 1835 - Wilkes, NC), he was born much too late to be your Thomas YATES' father.

Please note that William and Keziah Yates ROPER migrated to TENNESSEE and each died there in Giles, TN.

The ELDEST of the children of John and Sarah Elizabeth Kilgore YATES was apparently William YATES (b 1749 - VA, d 1844 - Cross Plains, Robertson, TN). He is shown to be married twice to Agnes PRICE and Rachel CHILDRESS (no dates), but no children are given in the ROPER GEDCOMs.

I think that you would probably agree that William YATES probably COULD HAVE HAD a son born circa 1766.

And it appears to me from the suggested ages of the parents that there could also be other children from this marriage who are NOT shown in the ROPER Family History Files.

Finally, I would point out to you that there is at least some indication of a close relationship between the ROPER and YATES families in America at least as early as 1714 when my ancestor John ROPER patented land in CHarles City County. His patent expressly mentions the transportation of an "Eliza Yates". See my transcrioption "Transcription of Charles City Co Patent of John Roper dated 16 Jun 1714" at:

However, I am aware of no specific genealogical evidence otherwise linking the ROPER and YATES families before the marriage on 3 Feb 1746 of Sarah YATES to David ROPER.

There ARE enough intermarriages between ROPER and YATES family members in this early period though to merit a close collaboration between ROPER and YATES genealogists.

I would encourage you to download the ROPER Family History GEDCOMs and PLEASE share any infomration concerning these branches of the YATES family with Dr. L. David ROPER.

Re: John YATES Jr. (b Mar 1754 - Halifax, VA; d 16 Dec 1835 - Wilkes, NC)

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1098153395000
Surnames: Yates-Daniels-Slones-Greens-Cleres-Fultz
Do you have the names of your John Yates' children?? g-grandchildren?? It would be something if he was my John Yates. WOW! Please contact me.

Re: DESCENDENTS of John YATES Jr. (b Mar 1754 - Halifax, VA; d 16 Dec 1835 - Wilkes, NC)

William A. Roper, Jr. (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Roper, Yates
The ROPER Family History Files at the web site of Dr. L. David ROPER show the following descendents of John YATES Jr. (b Mar 1754 - Halifax, VA; d 16 Dec 1835 - Wilkes, NC):

1. John Yates Jr-5468 (b.Mar 1754-,Halifax,Va;d.16 Dec 1835-,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: Jemima Roper-5466 (b.1755-,Orange,Nc;m.8 Mar 1779;d.May 1853-,Wilkes,Nc)
2. John Yates III-7075 (b.1780-Lewis Fork,Wilkes,Nc;d.6 Feb 1875-,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: Elizabeth Cleveland-7083 (b.15 Jul 1783-,Wilkes,Nc;m.13 May 1803;d.4 Nov 1850-Lewis Fork,Wilkes,Nc)
3. Sarah Yates-7095 (b.1804-,Wilkes,Nc;d.27 Mar 1877-,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: George McGlamery-7109 (b.1795-,Rutherford,Nc;m.31 Oct 1820;d.1843-North Wilkesboro,Wilkes,Nc)
3. Presley Yates-7096 (b.1806-,Wilkes,Nc;d.1878-,Caloosa,Ga)
sp: Rachel Thedford-7110
3. David Yates-7097 (b.1808-,Wilkes,Nc;d.Mar 1860)
sp: Elizabeth Church-7111 (m.5 Jan 1847)
3. Barnard Yates-7098 (b.1810-,Wilkes,Nc;d.Nov 1854-,Caloosa,Ga)
sp: Mary Vannoy-7112 (m.26 Nov 1834)
sp: Nancy Eller-7115 (m.21 Sep 1847)
3. Frances Yates-7099 (b.1812-,Wilkes,Nc;d.3 Jul 1858)
sp: Peter Eller-7113 (b.17 Jun 1805-,Wilkes,Nc;d.7 Nov 1872)
3. Jesse Yates-7100 (b.4 Mar 1817;d.6 Jun 1891)
sp: Sarah Caroline Eller-7117 (b.14 Jun 1831;m.18 Jun 1848;d.27 May 1919)
3. Eli Cleveland Yates-7101 (b.1820-,Wilkes,Nc;d.Abt 20 Dec 1887-,Ashe,Nc)
sp: Nancy Spencer-7114 (b.1830-,,Va;m.23 Feb 1871;d.1872/1874)
sp: Rosamond P DeBord-224863
3. Robert Yates-7102 (b.1822-,Wilkes,Nc;d.12 Jul 1894)
sp: Jerusha Yates-7108 (b.1828;m.Abt 1844;d.Abt 1900-,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: Fanny Lamira Laws-7091 (b.Jul 1823;m.Abt 1851;d.Dec 1912)
3. Margaret Virginia Yates-7120 (b.1852-,Wilkes,Nc;d.1864)
3. Elizabeth Yates-7121 (b.18 Feb 1855-,Wilkes,Nc;d.21 Sep 1940-,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: Lowery Eller-7123 (b.6 Jun 1855;m.Abt 1875;d.19 Nov 1912-,Wilkes,Nc)
3. Angelina Yates-7122 (b.1857)
sp: Murchison Church-7124
2. Robert Yates-68945 (b.1782-,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: Mary Forester-68946 (m.8 Jan 1803)
2. Sarah Yates-68947 (b.Abt 1783)
sp: William Mitchell-68948 (m.30 Oct 1798)
2. Nancy Yates-68949 (b.1785-,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: George Wilcoxson-68950 (m.10 Sep 1806)
2. Houston Alexander Yates-7076 (b.5 Feb 1786-Lewis Fork,Wilkes,Nc;d.13 Jul 1871-,Ashe,Nc)
sp: Sarah Willcoxson-225093 (b.28 Jan 1785-Boones Fort,,Ky;m.8 Nov 1809;d.17 Jun 1858-,Wilkes,Nc)
3. Jemima Yates-7312 (b.17 Dec 1809-,Wilkes,Nc;d.21 Dec 1880-,Ashe,Nc)
sp: William Phillips-7321 (b.17 Mar 1806-,Ashe,Nc;m.29 Mar 1828;d.9 May 1857-Phillips Gap,Ashe,Nc)
sp: Isaac Brown-7324 (b.Abt 1805;m.5 Aug 1857)
3. John Daniel Yates-7313 (b.31 Oct 1811-,Wilkes,Nc;d.26 Jun 1876-,Ashe,Nc)
sp: Alice Wilcox-7325 (b.Abt 0186;m.27 Apr 1840)
3. Couzanna Yates-7315 (b.1813-,Wilkes,Nc)
3. Frances Yates-7314 (b.1815-,Wilkes,Nc;d.19 Jul 1904)
sp: John Welborn Whittington-7316 (b.1 Dec 1802;m.5 Feb 1846;d.9 Apr 1888)
3. Houston Alexander Yates Jr-7317 (b.1818-,Wilkes,Nc;d.Abt 1897)
sp: Emaline -7327
sp: Sarah Miller-7326 (b.1820;m.23 Mar 1840)
sp: Lucinda Bradley-7328 (m.17 Nov 1897)
3. Sarah Isabella Yates-7318 (b.1820-,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: Thornton Kilby-7329 (m.19 Feb 1847)
3. Elizabeth Caroline Yates-7319 (b.1823-,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: Hugh Hamby-7330 (b.Abt 1818;m.6 Aug 1842)
3. Squire Allen Yates-7320 (b.4 Apr 1824-,Wilkes,Nc;d.8 Apr 1895-,Ashe,Nc)
sp: Elizabeth Ann Miller-7331 (b.9 Mar 1831;d.17 Apr 1909-,Ashe,Nc)
sp: Sarah Vannoy-7084 (b.7 Mar 1788-,Wilkes,Nc;d.7 Aug 1868-,Wilkes,Nc)
2. David Yates-7077 (b.1790-Lewis Fork,Wilkes,Nc;d.Nov 1851-,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: Nancy Hayes-7085 (m.22 Oct 1814;d.Bef 1850-,Wilkes,Nc)
3. Alston Yates-7289 (b.1816-Boomer,Wilkes,Nc;d.15 Jan 1898-Boomer,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: Elizabeth Holbrook-7292 (b.5 Mar 1838;m.12 Oct 1852;d.15 Mar 1918)
3. Jesse Yates-7290 (b.1818)
sp: Eliza A Cloninger-68942 (m.13 Apr 1857)
3. Letha Yates-7291 (b.1821;d.24 Jan 1910-Rock Creek,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: Samuel J Bauguss-7301 (m.13 Nov 1840(Div))
3. Sarahann Yates-7103 (b.18 Dec 1822;d.29 Apr 1892-,Surry,Nc)
sp: Eng Bunker-7105 (b.11 Mar 1811-Meklong,,,Siam;m.13 Aug 1842;d.17 Jan 1874-,Surry,Nc)
3. Adelaide Yates-7104 (b.11 Oct 1823;d.21 May-,Surry,Nc)
sp: Chang Bunker-7106 (b.11 Mar 1811-Meklong,,,Siam;m.13 Apr 1843;d.17 Jan 1874-,Surry,Nc)
3. Jerusha Yates-7108 (b.1828;d.Abt 1900-,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: Robert Yates-7102 (b.1822-,Wilkes,Nc;m.Abt 1844;d.12 Jul 1894)
sp: Millie Lunsford-7092 (m.17 May 1851)
2. Elizabeth Yates-7078 (b.1793/1794-Lewis Fork,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: Jesse Harwood-7086 (m.1 Sep 1812)
2. Ann Yates-68943 (b.Abt 1792)
sp: William Turnbill-68944 (m.23 Aug 1813)
2. Louisa Yates-7079 (b.1798-Lewis Fork,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: Abraham Johnson-7087 (m.2 Mar 1822)
2. Salvy Yates-7080 (b.1795-Lewis Fork,Wilkes,Nc;d.1850/1860-,Polk,Tn)
sp: Jacob Michael-7088 (b.1795;m.10 Jul 1816;d.Bef 1 May 1827-,Wilkes,Nc)
3. Martin Beaty Michael-35605 (b.1820-,Wayne,Ky)
sp: Sarah -58716
sp: Rachel -58715
3. Elizabeth Jane Michael-35606 (b.9 Mar 1822-,Wilkes,Nc;d.4 May 1907-,Monroe,Tn)
sp: Samuel Lenderman-35609 (m.25 May 1841)
3. Lemuel Alston Washington Michael-35607 (b.24 Aug 1823;d.23 Aug 1894-,Bradley,Tn)
sp: Mary Irvin-35610 (b.25 Jul 1835-,Monroe,Tn;m.Abt 1850;d.2 Jul 1909-,Bradley,Tn)
3. David Michael-35608 (b.1825-,Wilkes,Nc)

Descendants of John Yates Jr-5468
Page 3
5 Jan 2003
2. Sarah Yates-7081 (b.1800-Lewis Fork,Wilkes,Nc)
sp: John Hamby-7089 (m.15 Aug 1823)
2. Tilman Yates-7082 (b.1802-Lewis Fork,Wilkes,Nc;d.1855/1856-,,Nc)
sp: Mary Ann Bumgarner-7090 (m.15 Apr 1831)
3. Elizabeth Yates-7189
sp: Murphy Pilkenton-7190 (b.18 Dec 1817;d.28 Aug 1906

You can download the ROPER Family History Files directly from Dr. Dave ROPER's web site.


Re: DESCENDENTS of John YATES Jr. (b Mar 1754 - Halifax, VA; d 16 Dec 1835 - Wilkes, NC)

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1098153395000
Surnames: Yates, Slones,Cleres,Fultz,Greens,Daniels
Dave, my John Yates married Anna Daniel from Ky., I believe he was from NC, or his parents were. My g-grandfather was his son James M. Yates marr. to Caroline M. Slone, Daughter of Harkman Slone.They lived in Ky., but Caroline and Harkman were from Scott Co., Va. Thanks for your info, Nan

Re: DESCENDENTS of John YATES Jr. (b Mar 1754 - Halifax, VA; d 16 Dec 1835 - Wilkes, NC)

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Classification: Query
Surnames: yates/church/laws
angeline Yates (b. 1857) who married Murchison church and was the daughter of john yates and fanny lamira laws was my ggg grandma. does any one know the where they may have been buried?
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