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Looking for relatives of Matthew Doherty

Looking for relatives of Matthew Doherty

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Surnames: Doherty/Dougherty
I am trying doing my geneology and trying to tract down relatives of my =
great Uncle Matthew Doherty.
(The surname should actually be spelt "Dougherty"). He came to Canada =
in the l886 as a British Home Child from Liverpool, England. He was =
born in l876. He was only ll years old when he came with a group of =
children to work on farms out west in Saskatchewan.

He married a Marie Roussin in 1918 and they had nine children who were =
born in Birsay, Laura and St. Brieux, Saskatchewan. Their names were =
John,Mary, Cecilia, Josephine, Francis, Thomas, James, Therese and =
Teresa Margaret Louise.

I am wondering if you could suggest how I might contact them if they =
were still alive?

I'd also like to know where I could get a history of these towns?

Thank you.

Jean Cavalluzzo

Re: Looking for relatives of Matthew Doherty

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Doherty
The Dohertys moved to Ontario, but some of their children remained in Sask. This is a direct link to the first page of a bio that may help. Mathew's bio starts the next page. I'm not related just a board volunteer, but will do some more "looking" Butch

Re: Looking for relatives of Matthew Doherty

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Doherty/Doughterty
Thank you so much for your research! I thought I was taking a flyer on this and then presto I get the information I wanted. Amazing. Please forward any other information you may have. YOur time is very much appreciated.

Re: Looking for relatives of Matthew Doherty

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Hello, I have been researching my husband's family who are the Roussin's. Your Matthew Doherty was married to Seraphine Roussin, my husband's grandmother was her older sister Marie. She married Joseph (John) Larocque. My husband's mother was Renata (Vera) Viola Larocque.

I had just recently found this post and the book that is mentioned. After reviewing it and talking to my father-in-law he confirmed this was his wife's family. He knew they had moved to that area in Ontario and has visited the Doherty family members in Saskatoon.

You can check my Larocque family tree if you wish to know more of the Roussin family. I would be interested in knowing the names of the Matthew Doherty's family who he sponsored to come over from Ireland. His story struck a cord with me as my own grandfather on my mother's side was also a British Home Child but not until 40 years later than Matthew in 1926. Hard to believe they continued that practice of sending the children here for so long.

Any questions please feel free to ask and I will try my best to help.


Re: Looking for relatives of Matthew Doherty

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I have read your posting! I am the youngest child of Frank Doherty's, who is a son of Matthew's. I am very interested in finding out information about the families that grandpa had left in Ireland. I have several pics of grandpa on my family tree.

Laurie Doherty Demers

Re: Looking for relatives of Matthew Doherty

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Doherty, Roussin
Found an Ontario book with more Roussin info. Just seach it and click on the page numbers that show up. Butch

Re: Looking for relatives of Matthew Doherty

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Classification: Query
Thanks for the excerpts from the book. Someone sent me those pages about 5 years ago. Very interesting.
The Doherty children may have been born in Ireland, but I don't think they all were. Matthew's two sisters lived in a workhouse as children. Matthew and Thomas also must have been in a workhouse and that is how they came to Canada as British Home Children. I believe their father's name was John Dougherty (later Doherty and even Dogherty was used.) Matthew went back to find his sisters in Liverpool and brought Margaret and Mary Ann with their families to Canada.
I love to get back further in the family history but have reached a blank.
Jean Smith Cavalluzzo

Re: Looking for relatives of Matthew Doherty

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I am the daughter of John Doherty,one of the sons of Matthew Doherty. My father is deceased and buried at Lake Lenore, SK. His sister Josephine resides in a home for the elderly in Middle Lake, SK and Uncle Jim or James lives in Ontario but I believe they have moved to Winnipeg where some of there children are located.
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