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add child - parents not married

add child - parents not married

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I know this is probably a very simple question, but I am fairly new and cannot figure it out. My stepson has a child from a relationship, not a marriage. It appears to me that the only way to input his child is by adding a wife....they were not do you input a 'life event' that produced a child and identifies both parents?
i have several of these and am just beginning to do my inputting to Ancestry so I need to know so I can complete my task

Beth Straton

Re: add child - parents not married

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Classification: Query

You'll get more responses to queries about trees, if you post in the "Member Tree" Forum.

Here's solve your dilemma with unmarried couples and their children. There isn't an option for same sex couples to date.

1) Add the person as husband or wife as you normally do.
2) Now add their child.
3) Open the "people" record for one of the parents.
4) In that record, open "edit profile"
5) There are tabs near the top of the record. Open the "Relationships" tab.
6) "Remove" any of the unwanted relationships, in your case that would be under the "Spouses"
7) The two people will remain in your tree, but their connection will only show up as parents of the child.

Re: add child - parents not married

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Every Family Tree site and software is Very UNMODERNIZED, you just have to live with the "Add Spouse" button, there are family tree softwares such as family tree legend, legacy, and family tree builder that allow you to select the two as just friends or for legacy, you can select "this couple never marry". They do pretty good in their reports not to state they were married, though there are certain places they will still say the two were married.

Until they accept the fact that people actually have children outside of marriage and start to add features such as "Add Mother/Father of Child" or something that doesn't imply spouse, you just have to pretend just for them.

This is what I tried, I simply attached the Father to the child and the Mother to the child without attaching the Father and Mother to one another as "Spouse". The problem I encountered, was when you go to either the Mother or father's personal page or predigree chart, it list the child under "Unkonwn Father/Mother".

I didn't like it so I just attached the person as spouse, ancestry and other family tree softwares will have to just get with the program, and I wish they would real soon.

Re: add child - parents not married

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Three and a half years later, this problem still has not been corrected on the website, although Family Tree Maker now appears to handle it pretty well. Memo to times and customs change. Get with the program.

Re: add child - parents not married - same sex

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That the "sins of the parent" are still reflected in contemporary social norms is remarkable. Yet, IMHO, same-sex parenting presents an entirely different problem.

It's the "gene" that's fundamental to "genealogy" and I can't envision any accommodation for same-sex parenting that wouldn't totally abrogate the essence of the art.

Re: add child - parents not married - same sex

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I'm not sure I understand your issue. Birth parents are the link for Genealogy. However, The family relationship that raises the child IS important too and needs to be documented.

Same Sex Marriage is just the relationship, should be handled much the same as adoption or out of wedlock situations.

If the father and the mother of a child are known they should be listed. Same goes for artifical insemination and surrogate mother situations. Who contributed the "genes" should be documented, but the family should be as well.
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