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Thompson family Currituck, Thomas, Edmond, William

Thompson family Currituck, Thomas, Edmond, William

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Surnames: Thompson, Grandy/Poplar Branch/Currituck NC
Does anyone have any information on the following lineage for this Thompson branch from Grandy/Poplar Branch/Currituck? My father was Clark Thompson, son to Thomas Drayton, my grand father.

Thomas Drayton. Thompson, Born 1881, Died 2/2/1919
Wife: Sarah J. (Sadie) Owens Thompson, born 1/12/1885, Died 12/12/1931 (Sadie also remarried a John Woodhouse approx 1921 after my grand father passed away.)
Children with Thomas D: Minnie, Clarence, Clark, Winton, Lucian

Edmond Johnson Blanwell Thompson, Born 1841, died 3/19/1930
Wife: Matilda Evans Thompson, born 1844, Died 3/16/1918
Children: Thomas Drayton and Sarah Evans Thompson.

William Thompson, a Miller, born Approx 1789 61 in 1850 Census...No other information
Wife: Elizabeth , born Approx 1815 and was only 35 n 1850 other information
Children Edmond Thompson, age 6 in 1850 Census, and Thomas D, age 8 in 1850 Census

I cannot get any further back than William as to who his father is. Nor can I find any record of him prior to the 1850 Census nor after. Nor any death certificate for him, his wife or children. I am working on an assumption that his son Thomas D, may have been a Thomas D. Thompson, a confederate soldier, who is the right age as one who enlisted from Currituck at the age of 21 in 1862, was captured in Dec of that year, taken ill and transported to a hospital in Feb of 1864. In April of that same year he jumped from a 4th floor window to his death. Not sure if he was attempting suicide or escape (article said suicide). My theory is Edmond, my great grandfather, then named his son, my grand father Thomas D. in his honor - thinking it WAS his brother.

Does anyone have any information about Williams father or where he and his wife, Elizabeth, may be buried? Or any information about Elizabeth Thompson, Matilda Evans Thompson or Sarah (Sadie) Owens Thompson?

Thank you, Cathy Thompson Mosley

Re: Thompson family Currituck, Thomas, Edmond, William

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Surnames: Thompson, Owens
This is not a direct line of mine and I only collected this info as it pertains to a collateral line.

Luke (d. ca. 1758) & Margaret Vince White had a daughter Mary who married John Tomson/Thompson. They had 11 known children, one of whom was William Thompson, he had a son Nathan (d. between 1795 - 1800) who married Penelope Taylor (d. 13 Dec 1813), they in turn had a son named William who was born after 1790 and died before 1855. His death is mentioned in an 1855 letter from Lucy Cowell to her sister Eliza Taylor. This may be the William you asked about. I do not know the name of his wife and can not vouch for the validity of this line. Hopefully it will give you clues and a starting place.

By the way, the Currituck Co. Cemetery books lists Thomas D. Thompson's date of death as 24 Feb 1919 not 2 Feb 1919. Do you know which is correct?
Sarah "Sadie" Owens was the daughter of Pipkin Owens (b. 1849 - d. 27 Aug 1907) and his wife Caroline Virginia Partridge.

Pipkin was the son of Noah Owens (b. bet. 1801 - 1802 - d. 1883) and his wife Charlotte Owens (b. 15 Jun 1817 - d. 1849)(this is her maiden name - they were 2nd cousins).

Noah was the son of Zachariah (b. ca. 1768 in Tyrrell Co., NC - d. ca. 1822) and his wife Ann.

Zachariah was the son of Zachariah Owens (b. between 1730 - 1732 in Tyrrell Co. - d. bef. 8 Oct 1789) and his wife Lucretia.

Zachariah was the son of John Owens (b. bet. 1704 - 1707 - died bef 5 Mar 1749/50) and his wife Ann.

I hope this helps you.


Re: Thompson family Currituck, Thomas, Edmond, William

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Surnames: Thompson, Owens
Jean, thank you so much for helping out. If nothing else, it fills in some for my Grandmother, Sadie Owens Thompson's, lineage.

I have come across this Thompson line in my research, taken notes on it, and have been considering a link. The Thompsons all over the US sure had a thing about William, John and Thomas as names. I am so grateful that my Grandmother Sadie, broke the chain with some rather unusual names.

You have caused me to rethink Nathan and Penelope and I will revisit my notes on them and dig more. My GGGrandfather William was 61 in an 1850 Census. That put him born approx. 1789. He quite possibly could have died around the time of that letter, which would have put him around 66.

And, you are right about my Grandfather, Thomas Drayton. I had written his DOD down wrong in this link. It is 2/24/1919. The family story is he died from the Flu epidemic that hit the area at that time.

One of the things clouding my research is a cousin told one of my brothers that our Thompson line was started in Currituck by two brothers who shipwrecked off the coast at Aydlette, waded ashore, and stayed. This sounds rather fanciful to me and would make it impossible to verify and make further links...were it true. And if one seems to know what year that might have taken place. So far, as far back as William, the census records show everyone born in NC as of 1789.

Just out of curiosity, do you know someone named John Laird? He sent me a somewhat cryptic message to contact him via his e-mail regarding this post, rather than address it here, stating he has some research on the Thompson line.

Thanks again Jean, Cathy

Re: Thompson family Currituck, Thomas, Edmond, William

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You are welcome, Cathy.

First I wouldn't put too much faith in the accuracy of ages listed in the early censuses. I have seen them off by as much as 20 years.

If I can help you with anything further on the Owens line, I'll be glad to try. That is a direct line of mine.

Yes, I know John Laird. We have corresponded for years. He has helped me and I hope I have helped him. Sometimes it is much easier to correspond directly than through the boards.

So far as the shipwreck story, I definitely wouldn't put any faith in that. I have heard shipwreck stories about half of the early Currituck Co. families, sometimes it two brothers and sometimes it's three. My own dear Mother told me a similar story about how the Guard/Gard family ended up in Currituck Co. I have no doubt she believed it because that is what she was told. Her ancestor was supposed to have been a cabin boy whose ship wrecked on the banks and he was the sole survivor. I have traced that line back to Accomack Co., VA where the ancestor was brought here as an indentured servant in the mid-1600's . . no ship wreck.

If I were looking for William Thompson, I would research the Thompsons who were already in the County and forget about the shipwreck.


Re: Thompson family Currituck, Thomas, Edmond, William

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Yeah, I'm not putting any stock in that shipwreck story either. My oldest brother is a writer, and he romanticized it in his head, and wants to believe it. My Aunt Minnie told "me" that there were five brothers twho came here and we were from them. Interestingly enough, I actually found a similar story from a Thompson branch out of Massachusetts. There were six brothers born to one of them. One of them, James, chose to stay up there, but the other five went to "the Carolinas" and according to that genealogist, they pretty much disappeared. Even in working from that angle, I'm having trouble making the leap to my William.

BTW, I did get a response from John, and now I understand why he wanted to go that route. He had 28 pages of information. Some of which I think may be helpful.

One of these days, I'd like to flesh out the Owens side of the family. How close in line are you to Sarah/Sadie? I never knew my Grandmother Sadie, as she passed away when my father was still young. No one in the family had ever been told she remarried; Daddy never talked about it at all. She ended up sending my father and his siblings to the Oddfellow Orphanage in Goldsboro, NC and we had always been told it was because she was too ill, and destitute, to take care of them. I was saddened to see she married Mr. Woodhouse around 1920 and sent the first three of her five children to the Orphanage in 1921. Then in 1924, she sent the last two, the youngest. Now I wonder if he was the cause of them having to go...just odd. Have you heard anything about him in your family history? Her tombstone does not say Woodhouse, but Thompson. Odd again... Also, one of my cousins stated that a local doctor had pretty much stolen the Thompson house from Grandma Sadie for very little money, so now I wonder if he was the Woodhouse she married... If you know any of this background, I would surely like to know. It all makes me rather sad for my Daddy, if any of that were true.

Thanks, Cathy

Re: Thompson family Currituck, Thomas, Edmond, William

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Have you seen the 1900 Census for Edmond & Matilda's household?

1900 United States Federal Census
about Emma J Forbes Name: Emma J Forbes
[Emma J Thompson]
Home in 1900: Poplar Branch, Currituck, North Carolina
Age: 15
Birth Date: Jan 1885
Birthplace: North Carolina
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relationship to head-of-house: Daughter
Father's name: Serly F Forbes
Father's Birthplace: North Carolina
Mother's name: Pollie Forbes
Mother's Birthplace: North Carolina
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: View on Image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
Edmond Thompson 57
Matilda Thompson 51
Thomas D Thompson 19
Sarah E Thompson 15
Laura F Thompson 10
Serly F Forbes 42
Pollie Forbes 36
Emma J Forbes 15

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to mislead you about the Owens family. I meant that Owens is a direct line (my maiden name) not that specifically Sarah "Sadie" Owens was a close relative. She is not. I have a very large data base for the Owens family and just happened to have who you were looking for.
I have a note for Sarah that as a widow with young children she worked for Hezekiah Owens (he would have been her second cousin). I'm sure she had a hard life when her husband died and she was left with five small children. Her parents were dead by then. I have not traced her siblings so I don't know if they were in a position to help her. Remarrying immediately was not uncommon for a woman in her position. Thomas D. Thompson died 24 Feb 1919 and she married John J. Woodhouse (b. 1879) in 1920:

North Carolina Marriage Collection, 1741-2004
about Sadie Thompson Name: Sadie Thompson
Gender: Female

Spouse: John J Woodhouse
Spouse Gender: Male

Marriage Date: 1920
Marriage County: Currituck
Marriage State: North Carolina

Source Vendor: North Carolina State Archives

I imagine she kept the Thompson name in death because she had those five children who bore the Thompson name.
I have this line of Woodhouse in my data base also but I don't know anything about them except names and dates. Woodhouse is another direct line of mine but not this particular family.
I'm not sure how many doctors there were in Currituck Co. at the time but I only know of one, Dr. William T. Griggs and his reputation is one of a beloved physician who devoted his life to his patients. He never married. He accepted most anything as payment . . . chickens, IOU's, etc. whatever people could afford. He personally paid for children to be boarded so they could attend school. The high school in Currituck Co. was named for him. I don't believe he was the type of person to virtually steal someone's house. That's another story I wouldn't put much faith in.
Have you researched the orphanage to see what records may still exist?
Good luck with your research. I'm glad John was able to help you with some useful info. If I can help, just ask.


Re: Thompson family Currituck, Thomas, Edmond, William

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Jane, I had seen the entries for this Forbes family. I had "assumed" the Census taker made a mistake and got their numbering off. I have seen some comments from others where Census takers had made mistakes with their families as well. Either that, or figured they all lived in the same house for some reason. I will admit, my very first thought was..."did they allow multiple wives back then" because I didn't see the Serly Forbes...just Pollie and the child...but calmer heads prevailed and I wrote it off as a mistake.

I hadn't done too much research on the Orphanage. Daddy did tell us of his life there. I wanted to get the Thompson lineage back as far as I could, possibly even over to England or Ireland..then branch out and flesh it out later. Lots to research, what with all the spouses and stories, etc.

I get Sadie remarrying...I just didn't get putting her children in an all those children have passed, so we'll probably never know the full story. I do think she was very ill when she passed, so maybe to be optimistic...Mr. Woodhouse was helping her and she was too ill to care for them. I found her death certificate, but didn't understand the term for her illness.

BTW...I had heard the same stories about Dr. Griggs...though I didn't realize he was around that far back. I thought he was more in the 1900's. Anyway.. thank you again for your assistance. The additional info about her working for her second cousin was new to me.

Have a wonderful rest of the week, and good luck on your own researching. Cathy

Re: Thompson family Currituck, Thomas, Edmond, William

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Have you contacted the Odd Fellows Organization about their records? If not, here is an address for you:

Anthony Boyette
Odd Fellows Lodge Apt. #1
113 North John Street
Goldsboro NC 27533
Dr. Griggs was born 14 Feb 1866. He graduated from Atlantic Collegiate Institute, Elizabeth City 1893. He then graduated from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA with a degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1896. He came back to Currituck Co. to practice. He died 9 Apr 1947.
In case you don't have the marriage of Edmond and Matilda:

North Carolina Marriage Collection, 1741-2004
about Edmond Thompson
Name: Edmond Thompson
Gender: Male

Spouse: Matilda Evans
Spouse Gender: Female

Marriage Date: 1870
Marriage County: Currituck
Marriage State: North Carolina

Source Vendor: North Carolina State Archives
Good luck


Re: Thompson family Currituck, Thomas, Edmond, William

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Jean, I have composed a letter to send to the address you gave me for the Odd Fellows Lodge. Do you know if that is a fairly recent contact address?

Just to be safe, I was attempting to verify it, because I heard they had closed the facility there in Goldsboro. Quite unexpectedly, during some negotiations with a company involved with my job several years ago, I had to call a place in Goldsboro, NC. I mentioned to the person that my father grew up in the home. He was quite fascinated and wanted to talk about it, as he knew of the home, and the building was still there, but had never really spoken to anyone associated with it. He said it hadn't been an orphanage for years. Of course, I'm assuming the order of the Odd Fellows is still around, thus the Lodges... Anyway, I could only locate lodges in Winston Salem, NC with

Thanks, Cathy

Re: Thompson family Currituck, Thomas, Edmond, William

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I took the address from a post he made on 8 Mar 2004 to

You might want to check out the Contact Information here:

Good Luck. Let me know if you find any useful information.

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