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Randolph Harris, Nash County, NC

Randolph Harris, Nash County, NC

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I'm looking for further information/confirmation on Randolph Harris of Nash County, NC, who married Mary Seward. All reports I can find online list their children as Mary, b.1796, Joel,b.1774, Canfield/Caufield, b.1776, and Rebecca, b.1772.

But, in the 1800 Nash Co Census, the Randolph Harris(Harriss) household is described as: 2 males under 10, (b. 1800-10); 1 male 10-15 (b. 1785-1790); 1 male 16 to 25 (b.1775-84, and could be Canfield/Caufield); 1 male 45+ (b. pre-1755, and corresponding with Randolph's given dob of 1737 and ca 1750); 1 female 10-15 (b. 1785-90); 2 females 16-25 (b. 1775-1784); and one female 45+ (There's no dob given for Mary Seward). There is a Joel Harris, 26-44 (b 1756-1774, corresponding to Randolph's son's given dob.)
Does anyone have any information on who these other children are? I ask because a group of Harrises "appears" in East Baton Rouge Parish, La, between 1820 and 1830. Their of the ages to be these children; NC is listed as a birthplace in later censuses, and among what would be "grandchildren" to Randolph and Mary, the names Randolph, Mary, and Joel are prominent. This may be one more deadend, but I would like to know who all of these other children are. According to the abstracted will of Randolph online, the only children mentioned are those listed above. Hope someone can help. Thanks.

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This Randolph Harris died in Nash Co., NC in 1827, shortly before a Chancery Case was filed in Southampton Co, VA
concerning the estate of his father Joel Harris who died intestate. This suit listed all of the known living descendants of Joel Harris down 7 or 8 generations, including
Randolph's children Mary, Rebecca, Cofield and Joel.
Don't know if this 1828 Chancery Case is online yet in the Virginia Digital Library but it was published in "The Southside Virginian" in Vol 6, No 2, Apr 1988, pgs 70-71.
Hope this helps.

Re: Randolph Harris, Nash County, NC

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Ok. The page I found on him online says he died 1815. Are there two Randolphs in this vicinity?

Re: Randolph Harris, Nash County, NC

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Found it. For those who don't have it, I'll repost it here. One thing I immediately notice is that this is the longest list of Harrises I've seen that contains no Martha or Patsy/Patsey. One place it lists "the only heirs". The others are "heirs", and then some "names and numbers unknown." Does this mean other than the "unknown" the list is all inclusive? Are the four children listed for Randolph his only heirs? This may well be one more deadend. I notice that it lists a Sally/Sarah who married Nathan Horn. One thing I've found online is where Joel Horn married Ann Harris. Some of his orphans were given to Jacob Horn as guardian, who is listed next to Randolph Harris in Nash Co, 1790. Ann Horn's children included Harris, Howell, and Hardy Horn, and probably should have been in this list somewhere. But thanks so much for the answer, and hopefully we can fill in some blanks somewhere.

by L.H.Hart

The following is an abstract of the bill and cause of a Harris family
suit brought in 1828 and found in Southampton County Chancery Papers. All genealogical
material was extracted and transcribed.

Southampton County November Court 1828

Gideon Harris, Polly Harris, William Felts & Priscilla his wife late
Harris, Joel Harris, Howell Harris, Henry Harris, James Harris and John Grizzard
and Sally his wife late Sally Harris which said Gideon, Polly, Priscilla, Joell,
Howell, Henry, James, Sally and Lewis hereinafter named defendant are the children
and heirs of Joel Harris deed.- William Harris infant and only child of Hamlin
Harris deed, by the said Howell Harris son of Joel his next friend - Williamson
Harris, — Ferrell and Sylvia his wife late Harris — Ferrell and Priscilla his
wife late Harris and Henry Harris which said Williamson, Silvia, Priscilla and
Henry are the children and heirs of Howell Harris deed. - Polly Harris, Rebecca
Harris, Joel Harris, and Cofield Harris which said Polly, Rebecca, Joel, and
Cofield are the children and heirs of Randolph Harris deed. - Howell Harris,
John Tilman and Betsey his wife late Harris, Wm. H. Robertson and Nancy his wife
late Harris, Henry W. Williams and Sally his wife late Harris which said Howel,
Betsey, Nancy, and Sally are the children and heirs of John Harris deed. - John
Christian and Fady his wife late Harris, Wm. Green 5, Jincey his wife late Harris,
Grigsby Rush and Priscilla late Harris, Howell Harris, James Harris & Joshua
Harris (Henry Harris and Betsey his wife late Green, Olive Green, John McLeod
and Fady his wife late Green — Shamwell and Nancy his wife late Green, which
said Betsey, Olive, Fady, and Nancy, are the children and heirs of Nancy wife
of Robert Green now deed, who was Nancy Harris and — children and heirs of Sally
the deed, wife of Nathan Horn who was Sally Harris the names & number of her
children being unknown - which said Fady Christian, Nancy Green deed., Jincey,
Priscilla, Sally, Howel, James and Joshua, were the only children and heirs of
Olive wife of Joshua Harris deed. - Harris Reese, Redmond Reese, John Reese,
Rivers Reese, Howell Reese, Charity Reese, Arthur Adams & Betsey his wife & Sally &

Norfleet Ivey infant children & heirs of Polly Ivey deed, who was Polly Reese
by George Ivey their next friend which said Harris, Redmond, John, Rivers, Howell,
Charity, Betsey, & Polly were the children & heirs of Sally Reese deed, formerly
Sally Harris - Joel McLemore & Burwell McLamore children & heirs of Lucy McLemore
deed, who was Lucy Harris — children and heirs of Sukey Ricks dec. who was Suckey


Harris whose names and numbers are as yet unknown & who reside out of this

Commonwealth complainants

vS In


Lewis Harris son of Joel Harris as well in his own right as adm. of Lewis Harris

the Elder deed. Defendant

That Lewis Harris, the elder, departed this life in the year 1826, in this county,
intestate, unmarried, and without issue - that he had no father, mother, brother,
sister, grandfather or grandfather (sic) living- but his next of kin were your
complts. and the above mentioned Lewis Harris, son of Joel, children & descendants
of the decedants brothers and sisters, Joel, Hamlin, Randolph, Howel, John, Olive,
Sally, Lucy & Suckey - that his estate consisted of about (blank) slaves with
a good perishable estate four hundred & fifty six acres of land, on which he
resided situate in this county, and fifty nine acres of low ground land in Greensville

That your worships will perceive at once the utter impracticability
of a division of this property in kind amongst his heirs, who amount to more
than 40 in number & their respective shares of the land cannot exceed $100, and
who reside in several states of this union. They therefore earnestly pray that
a sale may be effected of the whole property and a division had of the proceeds
amongst them."

Re: Randolph Harris, Nash County, NC

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This abstract lists families out of sequence so I would not depend on it for correct lineages. It only included those descendants that were known to the plaintiffs so any kin that had moved away from Southampton and their descendants may not have been known to plaintiffs. For the deceased descendants that had heirs are named in the suit, but not necessarily all of their heirs, only those known to the plaintiffs as living are named.

Joel Horn was the son of Henry Horn, Quaker, and Anne Purcell. Some of his children by Sarah Ann Harris, dau of Hardy Harris and Sarah Howell, had Joel's brother Jacob Horn as their guardian. All of their children were recorded in the Quaker Meeting House Records. This family is not descended from Joel Harris but is descended from Joel's brother Hardy Harris, so they would not be named. Sarah that
married Nathan Horn (2nd wife) was the daughter of Olive and Joshua Harris as listed. Nathan was a nephew of Joel and Jacob Horn.

Re: Randolph Harris, Nash County, NC

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Thank you so much for clearing up the Hardy/Howell connection. Now I have to head off in another direction. If you would like to contact me more directly, it's

Re: Randolph Harris, Nash County, NC

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You have "Joel's brother Hardy Harris" marrying Sarah Howell, and being the father of Ann. But the Hardy Harris I find in this family is listed as being married to Ann Thorpe? Were there two marriages? Am I misreading something?

Re: Randolph Harris, Nash County, NC

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The Hardy Harris b1754 who married Anne Thorpe 11 May 1775 was the son of Benjamin Harris and Faithy Smith, while the Hardy Harris bc1715, son of Edward Harris and Mary Thorpe,who married Sarah Howell was of an earlier generation.

Re: Randolph Harris, Nash County, NC

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I am familiar with this family in particular, his daughter Rebecca D. Harris (born 1782), who married Marmaduke "Duke" Mason in Nash Co.,NC.

Re: Randolph Harris, Nash County, NC

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Thanks for the reply. Do we know what the "D" in Rebecca's name stood for? Do we know the names of her children? This may be general knowledge, but I don't have the info yet.

Thanks. Also, feel free to email me directly at
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