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von Trotta-Treyden

von Trotta-Treyden

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Surnames: von Trotta-Treyden, von Pfeilitzer-Franck
Can anyone tell me where I should look if I want information about the marriage between Christoph Gotthard von Trotta- Treyden and Marie Magdalene von Pfeilitzer-Franck. They where married in Panewesys 1762, and later on they lived in Bauske in the Kownoshen aria.
I really appreciate if some one could help me with any information in any kind.
Thank you

Lena von Trotta-Treyden

Re: Panewesys

Linas (View posts)
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Panewesys is now called Panevezys. If any records exist - they will probably be kept at the Lithuanian national archives. Their web site (in Lithuanian) is at

Re: Pfeilitzer-Franck

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Surnames: Pfeilitzer-Franck
I found Rudolph Pfeilitzer- Franck, who has owned Franksesava country seat (near from Jelgava city, in the midle of Latvia). Franksesava is very nice place. He was live in last of 19th century in Latvia and Lithuania, in the district of Shauli (?). Grandmother of my grandmother was live in Fransesava before marriage (~1867). But that's all what I know! Probably Maria Magdalena and Rudolph are kindreds. Good luck!
Best regards

Re: von Pfeilitzer-Franck

Lena (View posts)
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Surnames: von Pfeilitzer-Franck
Hello Leva

Thank you for your answer. It is very difficult to find any information about Marie Magdalene von Pfeilitzer-Franck. No one seams to have any information about her or her relatives.

Kind regards

Lena von Trotta Treyden

Re: von Pfeilitzer-Franck

Ieva (View posts)
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Surnames: von Pfeilitzer-Franck, Henning, Hening
Hello Lena!
I think the family of Pfeilitzer gen. Franck (In Latvia) is coming from district of Jelgava. It was in Courland last the begining of 20 century. I found Antoinette Baronesse von Pfeilitzer gen. Franck who was born in Sesava. Near Jelgava sity is plase with name Franksesava. Sesava is not only geografical plase and also small river. Franksesava is the manor house near Sesava river. I want to found some information about my grandma fifth generations ago who is coming from this plase. Her father's surname is Henning (or Hening), but I dont know who is hers mother.
Today the last building in Franksesava manor house is the granary. I have one photography from this place (see attachment)!

Re: Franck

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Surnames: von Pfeilitzer gen. Franck
Dear Lena

I'm a born Franck (different name now), my Franck family hails from Latvia.

I have been follwing your posts around the net today :) ... and in one it says something about "Courland", which "is the historically distinct area of modern day Latvia bounded by the Baltic Sea to the west, Lithuania to the south and the Dvina River (now Daugava) to the North"...

Something is not known in our family and the name "von Pfeilitzer gen. Franck" seems to give a clue.

Maybe we have some missing puzzles to share...

I saw your email on another board, so I will contact you later.

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Hello, my name is Quinn Bradlee and I too am descended from the Trotta-Treyden family. My 3rd great grandmother was Friedericka Theodroa Elizabeth von Trott-Treyden and she married Friederich Ludwig von Tschirschky und Bogendorff. I don't know if any of these names mean anything to you or not.

Re: von Trotta-Treyden

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My 2nd great grandmother was Ada von der Osten-Sacken who was married to Ulrich von Behr,He´s parents was Ulrich Johann von Behr and Minna von Bucholtz. Her parents was Friedrich von der Osten-Sacken and Theophile von Korff. I know about the names but I cant find them in my tree. I do miss a lot of names in my tree.

Kind regards
Lena von Trotta Treyden

Re: von Pfeilitzer-Franck

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Hello, Lena!

I own the property where von Pfeilitzers (Wilhelm and Albert) built some houses. Now I am digging the ground around the buildings to search for a history. There are 2 local museums close to my property, where I found some information about "my Pheilitzers". What are you looking for? Goodnight! Andris
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I am a descendant of the Trott-Treyden family as well and was wondering if you have any information on the family and where they were from?
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