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thomas fitzpatrick born 1842

thomas fitzpatrick born 1842

ken fitzpatrick (View posts)
Posted: 953467294000
Would like to find my ggrandfathers birthplace in Ireland also any other info about his life and family in NYC. enlisted in the Irish brigade ( 69 th? ), became a police officer, lived at 51 sheriff st. Lower east side ? married to margaret morrison, had son John francis Fitzpatrick mar. 4 1872 also 5 other brothers and sisters (names unkown ) date of death 1890's - early 1900's buried im boston. any help would be great.

thomas fitzpatrick

m.e.fitzpatrick (View posts)
Posted: 953733397000
my ggggrandfather is Philip Fitzpatrick. Became police officer in manhattan c.1862. He had atleast two brothers. One Patrick the other we don't know his name. Philip had son John, also Police Officer. Don't have too much other information, but the timing and location match Thomas. Do you have any other info?

Reply to M.E. Fitzpatrick/ ref. my search Thom. Fitz

Thomas Fitzpatrick (View posts)
Posted: 953735285000
Very interesting, family talk has it that Thomas had brothers, no names mentioned.One of his sons ( my grandfather ) was named John Francis,who also became a police officer, up here in Boston,I haven't jumped in with both feet yet, but there must be some records /census/police/marrige/etc. I'm kind of new to this but it's great that people use this resource. I'll keep your mail on my list and if I find out anything in my travels I'll give you a shout. Hope you'll do the same,Good Luck!! - ken Fitzpatrick

Thomas John F. Fitzpatrick

Mary McCloy (View posts)
Posted: 955448069000
I just got similar information today from my uncle, who resides in Boston. John F. is my maternal gr.grandfather, born 3-4-1872 in N.Y.City, moved to Boston as a child. He passed away on January 14, 1951, and his wife, Mary Ellen Foley passed on July 11, 1958. Thomas and his wife Margaret were born in 1842 in Ireland 1843 New York, respectively.
I am pretty much a novice also, but you can contact me at, sounds like we are on the same trail. Mary McCloy

thosjohn f fitzpatrick

anne marie lewis (View posts)
Posted: 960144631000
saw your reply to person requesting info on thos john Fitz. I am John's granddaughter. Whose daughter are you, Mary?

thosjohn f fitzpatrick

anne marie lewis (View posts)
Posted: 960144666000
saw your reply to person requesting info on thos john Fitz. I am John's granddaughter. Whose daughter are you, Mary?

Fitzpatrick decendent

Mary McCloy (View posts)
Posted: 960290434000
My mother was Patricia Praught, her parents were Joseph and Mary (Fitzpatrick) Praught, Mary's parents were John F. Fitzpatrick and Mary Ellen (Foley). John's parents were Thomas Fitzpatrick and Margaret (Morrison).

All of these lines are new to me since my mother never spoke of her lineage, and it never donned on me to ask about them.

I live in Manassas, Virginia, and have lived in the Northern Virginia area most of my life.

I hope this answers your questions, I am not sure if we are talking about the same father/son. It would be nice for me, it would probably bring answers to me alot quicker than what I am acheiving at the present time.
Thanks for answering my inquiry.
Mary McCloy

fitzpatrick descendant

anne Marie Lewis (View posts)
Posted: 960303943000
Mary, I am your uncle Joe's cousin. My father and your grandmother, Mary were siblings. So, we are 1st cousins once removed! I have one brother, Ken (53) I am 58..married, a teacher in Boston. Would love to find out where Thos and Mgt's parents came from since you said that they both were born in NY..I thought maybe Ireland. Now I want to know where their parents came from. He (Thos.) as well as your grandparents and greatgrandparents are all buried in St.Joseph's cemetery in Boston.

Fitzpatrick Lineage

Mary McCloy (View posts)
Posted: 960801821000
Hello Anne;
My mother was Patricia Anne, who died in Sept. of 1992, I am still bothered by that fact, we miss her so much.
I will be 46 in August, and have been persuing information on John, your father, and his father.
Thank you for telling me that your father and Gr.father are buried up there, maybe even his wife Margaret. I called up to St. Joseph's in Boston for anything on Thomas's burial, and the woman was quite difficult to deal with. I sent them the $10 to search for the two names,Thomas and John Fitzpatrick, since Norman has given me a mixed bag of information, anything that there was not documentation for has been erroneous.
I have received verification on Thomas in the Civil War, he joined in Albany, in Nov. of 1862 (I hope I am remembering correctly, the document is in the car to have copies made to send to Norman and you if you would like), and mustered out in Sept. of 1863. He was in the 177th infantry.
There was nothing about his family or place of birth, though I know that it is in Ireland, and Margaret was born in England, as John's birth document states.
I am still waiting for that birth copy from New York City Archives, they are a mess to deal with. I held off looking for Thomas's death certificate in New York, since it stated in John's obituary that they moved to Boston when he was a boy. So I was hoping that he died and was buried in Boston and not New York, as Norman stated.
My address is: 7541 Whitehall Drive, Manassas, Va. 20111-1606. Number is (703)335-6982. I have five of my six children here at home with me, the oldest here is almost 20 (july) Kristofer, Gabriel is next and he is 15-1/2, Casandra will be 13 in July, Vanessa turned 9 last month, and Lauren will be 4 in July also.
Thank you for contacting me about our common lineage, I am in touch with Priscilla often,
but she is not interested in any of this, so I am on my own.
My e-mail is, contact me directly, or via mail or phone, it is nice to know that I have more relatives than I ever knew about. What grade do you teach, tell me about you and your family.
Take care I will enjoy our correspondence.
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