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Reidheads of Castine Maine

Reidheads of Castine Maine

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Many members of the Reidhead Clan are working on our family tree.The 1st Reidhead we have in this country appears in Castine Maine.What county is Castine in?We also need to check ship records for the ports in that area to determine who,what,when.Any help would be appreciated.John Reidhead born 1802 Castine Me.His father was David born Kinloss,Moray,Scotland.Thanks,Sherri

re; Reidheads of Castine

Bob Singleton (View posts)
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You might know this already but there is a historical society in Castine - Castine Historical Society, Castine Maine 04421. I haven't talked to them in a couple of years but the person to contact then is named Gardiner gregory.


Beverly Farnham Henry (View posts)
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I was born and raised in Castine/Penobscot and my family still lives there. The Castine Historical Society is not yet set up for doing much research unless one makes an appointment with Sally Foote. The Witherle Library in town has a small collection but again one needs to do his/her own searching. The following I feel are better avenues: www which will give you the Penobscot,Me. Projects Roots Web--Reidhead is listed in its Surnames and Family group sheets. Castine and Penobscot have been linked historically since the 1600's and are close neighbors-for example I was born in Castine,used its library,belonged to its church,Girl Scouts,played with its children,etc. but went to school in Penobscot. Mary Ellen Gross,Town Clerk in Penobscot,zip code 04476 and Susan Macomber Town Clerk in Castine zip 04421 are very helpful. By the way both towns are in Hancock County. The Hancock County Historical Society can be reached via the Rootsweb or mail to the Public Library,Ellsworth,Me.. Both Penobscot and Hancock County have active queries on the web. Sorry, I know nothing about the Reidheads, however, do you have any connections to the Farnhams of W.Penobscot, Conners,Greys,Fitzsimmons(Simmons),Blodgetts,etc? Bev
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Hi! I have a Reidhead ancestor who was probably a brother to your David (father of your John b. 1802). His name was William, b. 1756 in Findhorn. William came to America in 1776 as a commisary in H.B.M.'s 754th Argyle Highlanders. His parents were John Reidhead b. 16 Jul 1727 in Kinloss, Moray, Findhorn, Scotland and Katherine Nishie, b. 12 Sep 1726. They were married 11 Dec 1755 and had the following children: William 1756, John 1758, Anne 1762, Katherine 1764, Anne 1765, James 1767, David 1770, David 1772. I show the father,John, to be the child of John Reidhead and Marjorie Wetson.
I am not able to look up any specifics now as all my backups are in Miami and I won't be back there til later this month. The only references I have available here are: The History of John Reidhead, Jr. and Posterity by Maurine R. (Perkins) Wight and
The Bangor Historical Magazine, v. 5, July 1889-June 1890, by Joseph W. Porter, Editor and Publisher, pg. 226 William Reidhead's Journal.
If any of this helps you, I'm glad. If you'd like to contact me for more information, I'll be at in Miami after the 20th of Sept. Dot Sheeler

Reidheads of Castine Maine

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We are talking about the same family.We know that David married Esther Banks,William married Olive Banks?You have more info on your William than we do on our David.(I'm a dirrect decendant).There are several of us who have been trying to find a copy of the John Reidhead Jr. book.I was not aware of the info in the Bangor historical Magazine.Thank you so much for your help,I will email you when you are back in residence.My email is

Farnhams of W. Penobscot

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Your data re Castine/Penobscot research is a huge help to me(am researching the Mansells of Castine). Castine's Vital Records seem to have been purged of all references between the alphabetical listings from L to O, it is like butting a head against a stone wall.

My father's cousin was John Farnham of Newport/Carmel -- he was the son of John, I believe, who married my great aunt, Winifred Goodwin of Stetson/Carmel. John was a funeral director in Newport, recently passed away but had done extensive research on his Farnham history. His widow is still in Newport, you might wish to contact her. I have some of his early research, if you cannot get more recent data send me an address and I will send a copy to you.


Dot Sheeler (View posts)
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Hi, Sherri:

Back in Miami again. The book, "The History of John Reidhead, Jr. and Posterity" by Maurine R. (Perkins) Wight is at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. At least, that is where I found it. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I only copied pages 2-5 and 8-9, but on page 4 it lists child "8. son David Reidhead, born 9 Feb. 1772, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland. Married Esther Banks. It is from this son David and wife Esther Banks that is the direct line of John Reidhead, Sr., and son John Reidhead, Jr., the same John to whom this history is dedicated." You should find the book interesting.
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I won't be able to get to Salt Lake any time soon,as I live in Minnesota,but I have asked family members back in Arizona to look for their families copies.Thank You.I am trying to determine how and why David came to America,was William (who married Olive Banks) his brother?I have made contact with many Reidhead cousins through these pages,and we each pick up a peice of the puzzle from time to time.I am at Talk to you soon,Sherri

David Reidhead

Dot Sheeler (View posts)
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Yes, David was brother to William. Quoting from the same paragraph I sent before, "John Reidhead, son of John Reidhead and Marjorie Wetson, born .....;bap. 16 July 1727, Kinloss, Moray, Findhorn, Scotland; Married 11 Dec. 1755 to Katherine Nishie, born 12 Sept. 1726, daughter of Alexander Nishie and Janet Bremmer; John Reidhead died about 1816; their children were l. son, William Reidhead, born 28 Oct. 1756 in Findhorn, Mora, Scotland, died 11 Dec 1811. He married Olive Banks. 2. son John Reidhead, born 27 Oct. 1758, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland. 3. daughter Anne Reidhead, born 13 May 1762, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland, died child. 4. daughter Katherine Reidhead, born 18 Feb. 1764, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland. Married Robert Ranlon on 23 Jan. 1790. 5. daughter Anne Reidhead, born 16 Dec. 1765 Findhorn, Moray, Scotland. 6 son James Reidhead, born 21 Dec. 1767, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland. 7. son David Reidhead, born 9 May 1770, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland, died child. 8. son David Reidhead, born 9 Feb. 1772, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland. Married Esther Banks."

Farnhams of West Penobscot

Beverly Farnham Henry (View posts)
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Do you have information for me. If you do BLESS YOU! Is this the John Farnham, the son of Joseph Frye Farnham of W.Penobscot--the town--not the county?? Hope so. E-mail me PLEASE Bev
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