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Merilee Blaine (View posts)
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Interested in the following people who lived in Calloway Co in the 1800-1900. Interested in ancestor or descendants.

OUTLAND, John David B: 1875 in Calloway Co, married Mary Retta NANNY, b: 1881 in TN

OUTLAND, Joe or Josiah B1845 in Calloway Co, KY married Josephine Evans born in Calloway Co and H P Skinner born in KY.

Calloway County Outlands

Joe Michael Rowland (View posts)
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Surnames: Outland, Rowland, Purdom, Grogan, Hopson, Vinson, Apperson, Tinsley, Booker, Boone

I am Joe Michael Rowland, born in 1951 in the town of Murray, Calloway County, Kentucky.

My father's name is Edgar Leon Rowland (b. Almo, Calloway, KY, 5 Oct 1907), son of Lemuel Lee Washington Rowland (b. 5 Aug 1856) and Arlara Gay Booker. Lemuel was son of Reuben Rowland (b. 28 July 1824) and Nancy E. Hopson (b. 24 Mar 1829. Reuben's father was also named Reuben Rowland (no Jr. or Sr. is recorded).

My mother's name is Joye Narelle Outland Rowland (b. Calloway County, 20 July 1907), daughter of Sandy Josephus Outland (b. Pottertown, Calloway County, KY, 12 Jan 1870) and Vyrella Murtis Grogan (b. Calloway County, 27 Apr 1867). Sandy Josephus was the son of Josephus Dodds Outland, Jr. (b. 5 Jan 1848) and Nancy Jane Purdom (b. 3 Sept 1849). J.D. Outland, Jr., was son of Josephus Dodds Outland, Sr. (b. Stewart County, TN, 11 May 1810) and Rhoda Vinson (b. 30 Mar 1811).

Vyrella Murtis Grogan Outland was the daughter of James Armstrong Grogan (b. 1810) and Elizabeth (Betty) Morton.

The other surnames mentioned above are those of other spouses not directly in line of ascent (and I include them here for the benefit of those researching these associated lineages):

Mary A. Apperson, first wife of Lemuel Lee Washington Rowland (sometimes recorded as Lemuel Washington Lee Rowland) was born in Graves County, KY, 8 July 1860.

Minnie Redford Tinsley (b. 1881) was Lemuel's third wife.

Family tradition has it that seven generations back somehow resolves at Squire Boone, brother of Daniel Boone. I don't know if this is true, as I've only been able to trace back 4 generations; neither do I know whether the lineage is through the Outlands or the Rowlands. All I can tell at this point is that the next stage of my search likely involves the surnames:

Hopson, or

I knew of connections between the Outlands and the Rowlands other than the marriage of my parents (my father's half-sister, Nell Rowland, married my mother's brother Bert Outland, for instance), but I was surprised to find both surnames mentioned in Mr. Beale's listing, above. So, now I will expand my search to include the Beales.

I am indebted to my niece, Denise Rowland Haugh, of Murray, KY for compiling the information I present above.

Thank you.

J. Michael Rowland

Rowland-Outland Genealogy

Danny F Rowland (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Rowland, Outland, Grogan
I am Danny F Rowland,
brother of J Michael Rowland
whose search prompted this inquiry...I believe the Squire
Boone relation to be

descendant of Squire Boone is our families belief also

Shirley Parrish (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Outland, Vinson, Jameson, Pullen, Parker
Outland lineage traces back to Squire Boone. I am in process of proving this. I will be glad to share any info that I find. Email me at with information you have. Our ancestors are of Quaker descent. I have been to Squire Boones and wife's grave in NC and have pictures. Contact me


Re: Calloway County Outlands

Kara (View posts)
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Surnames: Sammons, McKinney, Vinson, Hamon, Smith, Wooldridge
hi Joe,

I have the Vinson line as well. Rhoda looks like she may be my GGGG Grandpas Sister..Do you know if Rhoda had a brother name James P. Vinson?

James was born in North Hampton N.C. in 1807, d. in Trigg Co. Kentucky. I have most of James' decendents. If your interested email me. Thanks,


Re: descendant of Squire Boone is our families belief also

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I have research up to Squire Boone in my line. Jonathan Boone, Daniel Boone's brother is my ancestor. I would appreciate any information you have on Squire Boone. I have obtained basic information off of the internet. I know that he was from England.


Re: descendant of Squire Boone is our families belief also

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Surnames: Boone, Outland, witty,winchester, mcnutt
There are good books about the Boones. I have purchased one. I am sure your ancestor is in it. It was expensive but I think it is worth ir to me. Generations of Boones are listed. Ihave not yet decided who our main boone ancestor is yet, still researching. Write me and I will look up the book title and author.

Re: descendant of Squire Boone is our families belief also

J. Michael Rowland (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Rowland Outland Grogan Boone
When you refer only to "Squire Boone," that always causes confusion because Daniel had a brother named Squire Boone, and their father was also named Squire Boone. A generation marker such as "Jr." or "III" is seldom appended in the old records.

My family's verbal tradition has it that Daniel's brother, Squire, was our ancestor. Because it was my mother (maiden name Outland) who told me this, I have long assumed that this line of descent was through the Outlands. But lately I've come to wonder whether the Boone linkage wasn't through my father's (Rowland) line.

The Outlands and the Rowlands seem to have much in common; I think the family lines may have crossed more than once; so maybe it's through both lines.

Also, the Boones being one of the first and most prominent families into the Kentucky territory, they had opportunity to influence many family lines. So I've taken it more or less for granted that many people have Boone ancestors, and I've stopped researching it -- though I would still like to fill in the missing few generations between my earliest Rowland and Outland ancestors and the Boone surname. I've been unable to trace Squire Boone's offspring any further than the second generation after him.

Thanks for writing.

J. Michael Rowland
son of Joye N. Outland and Edgar Leon Rowland
of Calloway County, Kentucky

Re: descendant of Squire Boone is our families belief also

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Thanks. I think we part company at the first Sqire, though. His son, Jonathon, is my ancestor. I forget sometimes how they had the grand old custom of reusing names over and over again. I have a pile of Daniel Boones up my lineage.

Re: descendant of Squire Boone is our families belief also

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Classification: Query
I am related through Squire Boone's daughter Mary "Polly" Boone. Any info you could give would be greatly appreciated
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