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Kennedy, Culzean Charters from c.1200

Kennedy, Culzean Charters from c.1200

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Surnames: Kennedy
Would there be microfilm of the Culzean Charters or would they be in a book, as I have come across a number of references to deeds / charters being in "Culzean Charters" which I would like to view. Am unable to visit the Archives in Scotland. Thankyou.

Re: Kennedy, Culzean Charters from c.1200

Bill (View posts)
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Let me know what you find if you would.


Re: Kennedy, Culzean Charters from c.1200

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Hi Shirley,
I have come across several books about the early history of the Culzean Kennedy's while I was doing some paid research for someone else here in Glasgow. None of these are available on the shelf, you have to request them at the Mitchell and they will bring them up out of storage for you to read. some of them however have a lot of latin!
these are all in Scotland, UK.
Where are you?
Best wishes,
Susan Kennedy
Glasgow, Scotland.

Kennedy, Culzean Charters from c.1200

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Surnames: Kennedy, Adair
Thankyou Susan.
We have most of the early Great Britain government books (Scotland) written in Latin here in our State Library of South Australia, the Latin being no problem as you can easily read the names, dates and places
I have a Gilbert Kennedy (seemingly sheriff of Carrick) married to Christian Adair who had a son Roland (sometimes listed as Roland Adair) in Wigtownshire, Scotland c.1457. Gilbert Kennedy appears to have died about 1455, possibly in a battle in the civil (Bishop's) war. Roland Adair had a son William Adair who had Dunskey Castle, Wigtownshire
and other properties in the Kirkmaiden / Stranraer area.

As there were a number of Gilbert Kennedys around about that time I thought it would be great to see a book on "Culzean Charters" if possible. I had read that the Carrick/Culzean Kennedys did not have to "register/record" their land dealings with the Government (appears they were a "Government" in themselves in their area of Carrick, Ayr and Wigtownshire). Hence I feel that some of their land dealings etc. may not appear in the RMS, Exchequer Rolls, etc of the Scottish Government.

Would the books at Mitchell be the Scottish Government books or specific books on Kennedys ?

Shirley Walsh,
Adelaide, South Australia

Re: Kennedy, Culzean Charters from c.1200

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Hi Shirley,
these are books written by several different authors, not govenment books at all! Some list any court cases regarding the Scottish families, I think James Maidstone is the main author here, he was a lawer.
If you have a good family history society they may have some of them....otherwise its a case of getting in touch with the family history department at the Mitchell or the special collections and I would have to go through each one to see if I can find any details.
But you are correct in that the Carrick Kennedy family 'ruled' the area from Stranrae to just above Ayr and inland up into the southern uplands.....including the three rising points of the river Clyde itself. So much later on in time the Kennedy's were very much involved in shipbuilding and had a strong influence in Glasgow.
Get in touch with me directly if you want more help and we can come to some arrangement.
Best wishes,

Kennedy, Culzean Charters from c.1200

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Surnames: Kennedy
Susan, are you saying that all of the the numbered "Culzean Charters" are deposited in Mitchell Special Collections in Glasgow and that all of the numbered charters are detailed in a specific book ?

Some numbered "Culzean Charters" (i.e. #536) are detailed in the book "Wigtownshire Charters" edited by R.C. Reid, LL.D., published Edinburgh, Printed by T. & A. Constable Ltd., printers to the University of Edinburgh for the Scottish History Society, 1960. I think that this is the Scottish History Society, 3rd Series, vol. #51.

Re: Kennedy, Culzean Charters from c.1200

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No Shirley, the books I am speaking about are transcripts of law cases between the Kennedy branches and also that there are several books about the family held in store at the Mitchell. These can be obtained by requesting them and sitting and reading them there! You can take notes but its purely a reference library and special collection department.

I think you must be talking about the various dealings between the different branches of the family which resulted in the Culzean Kennedy family claiming the clan chieftanship.

Kennedy, Culzean Charters - Ailsa Muniments in SRO GD25

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Surnames: Kennedy
The Kennedy papers are in the National Archives in Edinburgh at the Scottish Records Office.

They are called the AILSA MUNIMENTS and the reference number is GD25.

An enquiry to the Historical Search Room there may yield some leads if the Muniments are indexed.

Thankyou to James Brown of Baltersan for this information.

Kennedy, Ailsa GD25, some dates & places

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Surnames: Kennedy
Some AILSA GD25 records with dates
(including Wigtownshire, Scotland)
are listed below.
Would appreciate any additions to this list.

Ailsa Craig in the parish of [unknown]
insulam de Ilysay PRO Ailsa (GD25.1.26 ) 1404

Barquhonny in the parish of Leswalt
Barquhonny PRO Ailsa (GD25 ) 1499

Callines PRO Ailsa (GD25.83 ) 1461

Cardoness in the parish of [unknown] KIRKMAIDEN ?
Cardynis PRO Ailsa (GD25.83 ) 1461

Garchrie in the parish of LESWALT
Garruchquherrie PRO Ailsa (GD25 vol iii ) 1431

Genoch in the parish of [unknown] GLENLUCE/INCH?
Kynach PRO Ailsa (GD25.109 ) 1383 - 1384

Glenvernoch in the parish of PENNINGHAME
Cloywerranach PRO Ailsa (GD25.171 ) 1500

Kilhilt in the parish of [unknown]
Kylhilt PRO Ailsa (GD25.71 ) 1456

Kirkalla in the parish of Penninghame
Carrikcawla PRO Ailsa (GD25.171 ) 1500

Kirkanders in the parish of Borgue
Kirkander PRO Ailsa (GD25.83 ) 1461

Larbrax in the parish of LESWALT

Monybrig PRO Ailsa (GD25.19 ) 1499

Leffnoll in the parish of [unknown] INCH
Leffenolle PRO Ailsa (GD25.1.59 ) 1454

Leswalt in the parish of [unknown] LESWALT
Lessaulle PRO Ailsa (GD25.1 ) 1431
Lessualle PRO Ailsa (GD25 viii.i ) 1431
Liswalt PRO Ailsa (GD25.83 ) 1461

Lochnaw in the parish of [unknown]
(refer Agnew of Lochnaw)
Lochnaull PRO Ailsa (GD25 vol111 ) 1431

Low Salchrie in the parish of KIRKCOLM
Salchar PRO Ailsa (GD25.35 ) 1447

Plunton in the parish of [unknown]
Plomtoun PRO Ailsa (GD25 83 ) 1461
Plowmptoun PRO Ailsa (GD25 83 ) 1461

Kennedy, Ailsa Muniments search

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Surnames: Adair, Kennedy
National Archives of Scotland
search at

I typed in :
Adair Kinhilt

and search results came up with :

Ailsa Muniments
Inventory of Writings belonging to the Right Honble Archibald Earl of Cassillis, Lord Kennedy etc.

CountryCode GB
RepCode 234
Repository National Archives of Scotland
Reference GD25/1/71
Title Charter by John Macdowal of Quarterland to Gilbert Kennedy (See GD25/1/32) son of the deceased Alexander Kennedy of Ardstyncher and Margaret Cunningham wife of the said Gilbt. Kennedy and the heirs procreate between them, whom failling the nearest heirs whatsoever of the said Gilbert Kennedy, of the 25 shilling land of Beach, lying in the Earldom of Carrick; To be holden of the said John Macdowal and his heirs for payment of 5 shillings Scots at the Feast of Pentecost yearly
Date 31 Dec 1456
Description Copy Witnesses-John Kennedy son of Sir John Kennedy Knight, John Kennedy of Coff, Rolland Adair of Kinhilt, John Eccles son and heir of the Laird of Eccles, and Michael Mackinlay and Forgus Macun Chaplains. Dated at Colmonel.

AccessStatus Open

This Rolland Adair of Kinhilt was relative of Gilbert Kennedy.
Gilbert Kennedy's widow was Christian Adair.
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