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Jonathan Worrell Pa.

Jonathan Worrell Pa.

Earline McKee (View posts)
Posted: 932805190000
Trying to find documentation that Jonathan Worrell was married to Jane Dicks. It would be about 1792 in Pa.Thank you for your help. Earline
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I am also looking for information on a Lillian
Catherine Worrell, Camden Co. New Jersey. She
was born May 23, 1910, married James Leslie Simmons
in NJ and had 3 kids in NJ. She also worked
at Whitman's chocolates in Philly. i was told
her mother's name was Rena and I don't know anything
about her father. This is my mother's mother.
Let me know if she sounds like anyone on your family list.

Lillian Catherine Worrell

Sherry Worrell Brown DiMeglio (View posts)
Posted: 951750300000
My father's family are the Worrells. Originally from the Media/Hatboro area outside Philadelphia. They founded Hatboro and donated the land for Villanova University long ago when we actually has money. My father's grandparents were Quakers and settled in Lumberton, Burlington County, New Jersey. I know of two Catherine Worrells and one Lillian (I think).

My grandfather, Joseph Worrell was married to a Catherine Worrell. He owned a painting business. His first wife was Anna Biederman. They lived in Pine Hill, Camden County,NJ. My father's cousin, Eleanor Schmidt's, mother was named Mary. I believe that she had a sister Lillian.

Also, I work for a property management company that manages The Mansions in Pine Hill, New Jersey/ They had a deceased resident named Catherine Worrell about six months ago. I wondered if she was related to us.

My second-cousin, Eric Schmidt, obtained a "history of the Worrells" that was produced by an ancestor early in this century. It traced from England, Ireland, etc. through the Longstreth family, Francis Scott Key, and others. Eric has the current information that relates to this century. My father was named for his grandfather, Comly Demus Worrell. His grandmother married two brothers in succession. Interesting and unique family. We lived in Stratford, NJ, for most of my life. My father passed away there in 1989.

If I can be of further help...or...if you are related to us...Hooray! Please write back. Sincerely, Sherry DiMeglio

Lillian Worrell

Posted: 951752870000
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Sherry, I'm not sure how we are related but
I bet we are. My grandmother Lillian lived
at 11 Laurel Road in Stratford, NJ. The
house if now a doctor and lawyers office.
I have recent photo's of the house taken
by some very nice person in one of the
forum's I'm in. Lillian had a sister named
Marion WORRELL SWOPE BOWERS, and she had 2
brother's Harry and Edward. Email me privately
and we can continue this. Debby in Calif.

Family Tree

Jim Woprrell (View posts)
Posted: 953141084000

I live in Cinnaminson, NJ. I can only go back to my Grandfather (James) who died about 1930.

He was married to Margaret Fisher, their only child was Paul (my Father).

All three above are dead, however, my Mother is still alive and she remembers that my Grandfather had a sister Florence who lived in Atco, NJ.

I have also spoken to an Audery Adams (maiden name Worrell), in Burlington County, she has done a family tree on the Worrell name and has promised to share it with me.

Please let me know if you have any information that may help in my quest.

Thank you,

Jim Worrell

Worrells in NJ

Sherry Worrell DiMeglio (View posts)
Posted: 953281094000
The Worrells that we are descended from are a branch of the Longstreth family. They are descended from Bartholomew Longstreth who came over with William Penn from Yorkshire in 1699. One of their descendants, Mery T. Longstreth married Demas Comly Worrell (This seems to be a Quaker family name.) who was a Quaker minister.

They had three children that survived: Joseph Longstreth, Sarah ((Dubell), and Martha.
Sarah had four children, Harry, Howard, Anna and Edward. Howard and Anna were twins.

Joseph is the one from whom we are related. He was married three times.
With Ellen Brien he had three children: J. Edward (a Mt. Holly retail store owner), Mary and Williams Richards.
With Elizabeth Ann Carson he has one child, Laura, that die the same day she was born.
Her mother dies four days later.
With Rachel Vaughn McClosky (a widow), he had five children: Mary Ella (called May), Samuel Longstreth, George W. (who died at foudays) , Comly Demus, and Florence Virginia.

J. Edward had a daughter named Lillie or Lillian Emma, daughters Ellen and Anna. and a son, William Richard. Could that be your mother or maybe a descendant?

In any case, here is where it gets sticky. Florence had no children and May had five daughters, two lived. Samuel Longstreth Worrell married Mary Jane Floyd. They had four children Ethel, who died as an infant, Abraham Joseph (my grandfather), Anna, and Clara. Then she divorced him and married his brother Comly Demus Worrell with whom she had Mable. I remember most of this generation from when I was a little kid. Aunt Annie gave birth to my father's cousin Eleanor, who now lives in South Carolina. He son is the one with the original book.

The family had always been Quaker up to this point. I think the divorce and marrying his brother kind of di that in. My grandfather was always called Joe. He married Anna Biederman and had two children, Comly Demus (my father) and Thelma, who know lives in Babylon, Long Island, NY. Anna sufferred from severe migraines. She was hospitalized and died when my father was young. The grandparents (Mary Jane and Comly) took the children and brought them up. My grandfather deteriorated into alchoholism and lost his painting business. My father lived with his Aunt Mable in Lumberton, Burlington County, New Jersey. He fought in Europe and met my mother Evelyn McDowell through his cousin Eleanor. They married and moved back to New Jersey in 1953. Unfortunately for me, my dad's family was pretty excentric. My mother was very conservative. As a result, we didn't see too much of them. I lost out on a lot. My brother Thomas Conly Worrell lives in Sanatoga, PA, with his wife Maryann and their daughters, Maryann and Deborah. Maryanne (the daughter) is the one who saw your message. I married Cornelius T. Brown Jr. and had three children, Cynthia, Cornelius III and Colin (they're twins). I am now married to Sebastian DiMeglio.

I don't know if any of this helps. One of the points made at the beginning of the Longstreth book is the fact that individuals can sometimes change or misspell names. Maybe that's what happened. Maybe your Lillian is related to J. Edward's Lillie. This family loves to name kids for grandparents.

I will look up some of those other names you's hoping! I found out recently that a friend from work who lives in PA is a distant relation! Who would have thought. Keep in touch...Sherry DiMeglio.

Posted: 954404919000
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hi sherry i am looking for info on the dimeglio's. does your husband have any info on them? i really would love to hear back. thanks, debbie


Sherry DiMeglio (View posts)
Posted: 954860426000
My husband is Sebastian DiMeglio from Hammonton, New Jersey. They were originally from the Ridley Township area outside of Philadelphia. His father's parents still spoke Italian and little English. His father was John. His father was also Sebastian. They came from Naples. Many of them still live in the Hammonton area. If you need further assistance, write back.
Posted: 986975246000
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can you tell me if he had any brothers or uncle's that might had been born around 3/11/1876 in italy? and what his parents names were? i am doing a family tree and have names and would like to find out more family info. do you no anything about their migration to the states? do you no any info? can you help? my father still lives up there out side of philly. he was 3 when he came here from italy. his father was married before his mother and we do not know if there were any other siblings. you may have heard of dimiglio constuction that is my father and brother. they do work in jersey. write back please debbie

DiMeglios near Philadelphia

Sherry DiMeglio (View posts)
Posted: 987190054000
My husband's family lived in Ridley Township and Chester. His father, Joseph, and his mother, Virginia, owned a bar (DiMeglio's Tavern) in Ridley. His father's name was Sebastian. His mother's name was Selena. Sebastian was born in Naples, Italy. Joseph's brothers' names were Carmen, Phillip, Frank, and George. Their sister was named Phillomena. Sebastian's brothers lived in Hammonton. Their descendants now own DiMeglio Construction in Hammonton as well as DiMeglio Septic owned by John. They are all cousins but my husband (also named Sebastian) does not have too much contact with them. His father, Joseph, died when he was eight...he is now 43. His mother still lives in Folsom, outside of Hammonton. His brother is also named Joseph. Are you a long. lost cousin? Cool. Write back and let us know.
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