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George EBERT (View posts)
Posted: 942032630000
I have genealogy on the MONTAGUE Family begining with Richard MONTAGUE, born abt 1614 to William DE MONTAGUE married to Bertha or Berta from Mass. to England. I am still gathering information on this family.

Montague line

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We have Montague's in our line. Also goes back to England. My ex husbands grandfather James Swallow married a Montague. Our Montague's goes back to being a friend of William King of England. William the Conq. gave Drogo DeLa Montacuto land in England for standing by him in the conquest of England. The Name Montague was changed about 4 times through-out the years. I'll have to dig up some info. I just happened on this message board and found this name. Interested?? reply. The Cornelius' married the Montague-- alot of them came to Mo. and settled around Plevna, Mo.and around Edina, Mo.


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I have many MONTAGUE Family members, spelled several ways. I have problem with how some of my MONTAGUE members connect in the 1460 thru 1320. It seems several invidiuals have the same names, parents childern. I connect to the same lines as you do. I trying to correct past information. I would be happy exchange information. Email me at Linc4346@AOL.Com.

Montague line

Dave Bryant (View posts)
Posted: 945637185000
Saw your post about Drago Monte Cuto coming to England with William the Conquerer. I decent from this same line. Would love to exchange information with you.

Montague Line

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Just found your message. I'm up pretty early, and just
thought I would look to see if I Had any messages
I'll get back with you on this.
It's been along time since I had this line out
So keep looking for me.
What is your E-Mail address.
ours is
28626 Sunset Drive
Macon, Mo. 63552
Where are you from???
by for now
Betty Dwiggins

Montague line

Dave Bryant (View posts)
Posted: 945803529000
My E-mail address is My famuly comes from Nova Scotia, Maine, Massachusetts. Most of them had to do with fishing and ship building as far as I know. Looking forward to any information you might have.. Some surnames I have associated with the Montague line are Seeley, Goodwin, Frost,Merryfield, White, Grant Coombs. Do any of these ring a bell?


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I'm using your E-mail address hope this goes thru.

Montague line

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could'nt get through on your E-mail so I'm coping and pasting
hope this works

Here goes
Name:Drogo de Monteacuto
born: approx. 1040 came to England with Robert, Earl of
mortan at the time of Englands conquest 1066AD
William de Monteacuto
Husband: William de Monteacuto
Richard de Monteacuto
Child of Richard
Drue de Monteacute (notice name changed)
married Aliva Basset her parents Alan Basset Barron of Wiccomb in
Co. of Bucks.
Drue and Aliva's children
Drue De Jr.
William De Monacute md. Isabel
female became a nun at Shaftsburg
Drue De Montacute parents Drue de Sr. and Aliva Basset
child of Drue Jr.
William De. Monacute son of Drue de Montacute
children: Margaret and Isabel(Margaret md. William de Echingham and
Isabel md. Thomas De Audham
this line stops because of no males
2nd child of Drue Sr. and Aliva
William De Montacute.
William De. Montacute Jr. notice he has first cousin
named the same
Child of William De Montacute
William De. Montacute md. Berta
Child Sir Simon De Monacute md. Aufricia Fergus he died soon
after 1315
Aufricia Fergus was daughter of King of Isle of Mann descended from Orry
King of Denmark ( he died soon after 1315)
their children
Lord William Montacute md. Elizabeth montfort he died 1320
Simon Montacute md. Hawise St. Amand.
child of Simon and Hawise St. Amand Montacute
William Montacute cousin to first Earl of Salisbury born about same
time, Nothing is known if he had a family or not.
Lord William Montacute born 1320 son of Sir simon de Montacute and
Aufricia Fergus
Married Elizabeth Montfort. her father was Lord Peter Montfort. lord of
war Wickshire
child Sir William De Montacute
md. Katherine Grandison he died 1344
Katherine and Sir William first Earl of Salisbury died around 1344
their children
William second Earl of Salisbury
John md. Margaret Morthermer great grand daughter to King Edward first.
Note On my grandmothers side Carter's we are direct decendents of King
Edward the First. Wild!!! Montague's are of my first husbands side of
the family which I have 2 sons by him

Robert Montacute 3rd son of Sir William and Katherine
William Montacute's will was proven name changes to Montague
John Montacute brother to William md. Cecily
Thomas of Phalley md. Elizabeth
Edmond and female Ursuala
Thomas of Phalley that md. Elizabeth
Abraham Vicar of Stokes, Podges, BuckCo. Will dated 1629
John of Penn md Katie
And Thomas Jr.
Abraham md.
Elizabeth md. Robert Foord
Abraham born 1627 died 1628
John of Penn Montague
William and Amo William md. Agnes Julia
William of Boveney Parish of Burnha, of Buckingham
First brother to John Montague will proven 1550
William of Bray Montague md. Margaret Cotton
Robert Montague*
Alice and Catherine

William of Bray child
William Montague of Waddeston, Bucks
Robert Montague md. Margaret Cotton, father Roger of Wardville, Berks
Lawrence (of Dorney Buckingham)Montague md. Joan Radcliff
William* Montague Md. Margaret Malthouse.
Lawrence (Vicar of Dorney, Buckingham md. Joan Radcliff children
Richard Bishop of Chichester died 1641
Richard's children
Richard Jr. and female md. Stokes;D. son of Richard Stokes MD
William* Montague md. Margaret Malthouse
William of Boveny
Elizabeth md. Richard Barns or Burns.
Ann md. E. Smith'
George Montague md. D. Ballard, 2nd md. Susan Norris
Peter* Montague md. Eleanor Allen
Peter Montague and Eleanor Allen Montague' children
Richard,Robert, Elizabeth. Ann, and Margaret.
*Peter Montague md. "Abilgail Downing crossed over to USA around the
Virginia area
Peter Jr. Montague md Cecily
Ann born 1630 in VA. md. John Jadwin before 1657 died 1657
Ellen born 1632 in VA. md. William Thompson before 1659
*Peter Montague born 1636 Nansemond Va.
Elizabeth born 1636
William born 1638
Margaret born 1640
*Peter Jr. Montague md.
his children
Mary born 1664 married Thoma Paine 10/24/1682
Peter* Montague born 1666 Middlesex Va
William Montague born 1670
John Montague born baptized 05/21/1682
Peter* Montague
*Thomas born 1694
Peter born 1696
Thomas Montague Jr. born 1694 Middlesex Co. Va. md. Grace.
Peter 03/28/1718
Thomas born 02/20/1719
John born 11/23/1721
*Clement born 12/29/1723
2nd marriage by Penelope md 1727 to Thomas Jr. Montague
Elizabeth born 09/10/1728 died 02/15/1744
William born 06/14/1730
Catherine born 08/04/1732 10/20/1734
Philip born 04/13/1736
*Clement Montague born 12/29/1723 2nd marriage was to Hannah,
Thomas* born 08/31/1750 in Spottsr , Va. md. Ganess Ellis
Clement Jr. born 1751
Elizabeth born 1753 md. Trigg then to Carpenter
Isabella born 1755 md. James Ballard
Sarah born 1757 md. /Wheting, 2nd marriage to Wilson
Susannah born 1759 md. John Estes
Thomas* Montague born 1750/08/31 in Spottsr Co.Va. died 09/1805
md. Agnes Ellis born 02/16/1753 died 09/07/1823

Lucy born 02/02/1777 md. Hart 2nd marriage Bagby
Elizabeth born 09/26/1779 md. Samuel Endicott died 07/11/1840
Anna B. born 11/17/1782 died 06/24/1822
*James Thomas Montague Jr. born 05/02/1784
Mary Ellis Montague born 12/08/1788 Married George Todd 07/02/1829

James Thomas Montague Jr. born 05/02/1784 Lincoln Co. Kty.
md. Susanna Ford
Children *James T. Montague b. 09/29/1811 Henry Co. Kty. md. 1st. Sarah
Ann Duncan 2nd.
William born 07/10/1814
Lucy 11/12/1817
Lewis F. Montague b. 01/03/1820
Lemeul F. Montague 03/21/1822
Henrietta Montague b. 03/19/1826
Susan born 09/09/1828
Martha Ann Montague born 09/09/1826
Elizabeth Montague b. 09/17/1833
and Albert Ballard Montague born 02/23/1836

*James T. born 09/26/1811 Henry Co. Kty. and Letha Ellen born
04/01/1821 Woodford. co. Kty. she died 09/26/1907 buried at Mount Salem
Church in Mo.
Susan J. Montague born 1839 md. James Dunn
Lewis F. Montague
martha A. Montague b. 10/01/1842
Lemuel born 02/08/1844
Esabelle born 10/15/1845
William Montague born 08/29/1847
James B. Montague born 12/08/1848
*Montaville DeLa Montague born 10/22/1851 Oldham Ky. Married 3 times
died 10/28/1928 Madison Co. Mo.
1. Mary Matilda Cornelius*
2. Abbie McQuire
3. Isabelle Edgington
John Montague born 09/29/1852
James Anderson born 02/13/1852
*Montaville DeLa Montague and Mary Matilda Cornelius her father was
Samuel and Elizabeth Norris Cornelius their children were
* Lena Belle Montague 02/12/1878 married James Granville Swallow
10/17/1897 she died
08/03/1931 Axtel, Mo.
Grace Montague born 09/24/1882 never md.
Paul Montague born 06/28/1891 never md. was shot in the war died at home
because of wound.
PVT. 223 field Sig BN
John Swallow
Ruby Swallow
Otis Swallow
*Naomi Swallow md. Robert Edwards
child Angelo Swallow of Naomi's
children of Naomi and Robert Edwards

*Robert L. Edwards
Grandville L. Edwards
Connie Sue Edwards Davis
Linda Lou Edwards
Frank L. Edwards

Robert L. Edwards md.* Betty Berry (ME)
Robert Lee Edwards
Billy Don Edwards
Robert Lee Edwards md. Laura Pagliai
3 children
Robert Lee Edwards IV my grandchildren
Joseph Reid Edwards
and Ceianna Rose Edwards

Billy Don Edwards md. Kristen Japhet
1 child
Alyssa Dawn Edwards

Send me what you have if you have time and different info.
we problaly need to send our info in the mail
Write back
Betty Dwiggins 2nd marriage


Posted: 946516726000
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I will be happy exchange information on this line.
email me at with any request.


Posted: 946516902000
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I am from LV, NV. My email address is I will be happy to exchange information on family lines.
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