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Family Tree

Family Tree

Ryan (View posts)
Posted: 1139041384000
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I noticed this board has been active since I last checked it when I only read my first cousins' posts. Tiger and Ronald are the children of two of my uncles.

I was just wondering if the family tree you have has my great grandfather Inigo BItanga (died Sept. 25, 1935 and married to Rosa Ver). My dad told me my grandpa had 9 nine siblings but according to a court case settled a few decades ago there were only five of them (Pedro Bitanga married to Agripina . Purisima Fernando Bitanga single Gregorio Bitanga single, Guillermo Bitanga, my grandfather, Clarita Bitanga, married to Agripino L. Rabago) when the case was filed in 1954.

My grandfather was from Laoag, Ilocos Norte. He was a lawyer and took his pre-law degree at the Ateneo de Manila when it was still in Padre Faura in Intramuros. I think my great grandfather was a lawyer as well. I was told there's a street in Laoag named after him.

Re: Family Tree

BITANGA of Bangui (View posts)
Posted: 1141444549000
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I belong to the Bitanga clan from Bangui, Ilocos Norte. We are of a small family but would like to hear from anyone who has a relationship to us. It would be nice to know where our ancestry came from.

It is also interesting to know that in the early 1900's, a few Bitanga's ran as mayor of our town (Bangui, Ilocos Norte). Go to becomes cumbersome to get to this site but keep on trying, eventually you'll go through). Perhaps, someone out there can identify their family history.

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Jay Bitanga (View posts)
Posted: 1145335841000
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Hello Ryan,

My grandfather is Col. Pedro Jamias Bitanga, whose wife is Epifania Lara Bitanga. I believe our lineage from D. Simeon Bitanga as advised by one of our family experts Bryan Quisquirin.

Inigo Bitanga

Bryan (View posts)
Posted: 1161915086000
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"My dad told me my grandpa had 9 nine siblings but, "

Yes, Ryan, your father was probably right. According to oral family history, Don Inigo BITANGA and Da. Angela Rosa VER had many children. Among the identified children were:

1. Gregorio* Ver BITANGA /possibly married late to a Mary JOHNSON of the USA, no kids/issue known.
2. Genoveva Ver BITANGA /married to attorney Marcelo MALLARI, issue.
3. Pedro Ver BITANGA /married to Agripima PURISIMA, issue.
4. Fernando* Ver BITANGA / possibly married to Mary COBLE, with issue, Mary Coble was possibly a near relative of Mrs. Teresita Ver Coble DIMAGLIA, daughther of Juan Urban COBLE who married Conchita Ver VER.
5. Maria Ver BITANGA /married to Oscar FAYON, issue.
6. Felizardo (Sardo) Ver BITANGA /married to Salvacion ACACIO of Vintar, probably many issue.
7. Mariano Ver BITANGA /married to Nicetas (or Felicitas)Quevedo ZUMEL, one stillborn child known Maria Candelaria died after 1 month on 13 Jul 1932. It is possible they had other children.
8. Patrocinio Ver BITANGA, possibly died single.
9. Guillermo* (Emong) Ver BITANGA / poss issue, but no marriage.
10. Concepcion (Conching) Ver BITANGA /died adult, no issue.
11. Clarita (Claring) Ver BITANGA / married to Agripino L RABAGO, issue.

In any case, hope this helps. Give my regards to the family.

Love & Aloha,

correction: your BITANGA lineage

Bryan (View posts)
Posted: 1161918817000
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" I believe our lineage from D. Simeon Bitanga as advised by one of our family experts Bryan Quisquirin."

Hi Jay,

Long time no email... ; )

Now let me correctly recite your BITANGA lineage.

Jay BITANGA, son of
Architect and retired army colonel Manuel (Noli) de Lara BITANGA [1946-living], son of
Army colonel Pedro Jamias BITANGA [abt 1896-abt 1977], son of
Politician D. Hermogenes BITANGA y Sambrano [1866-aft 1924], son of
Gentlemen farmer D. Miguel BITANGA y Mangligas [1836-1867], son of
Capitan D. Gavino BITANGA e Agcaoili [abt 1789- bef June 1842], son of
Capitan D. Juan Bernardino BITANGA [abt 1756-poss 1811].

Jay, in any case, send email to my personal email box, when the mood hits.
Hope this helps,

Lawyer Simeon Jamias BITANGA [1894-?] was another son of D. Hermogenes BITANGA y Sambrano with his second wife Da. Maria JAMIAS y Quevedo [1869-after 1910]. Lawyer Simeon, therefore was the full brother of your grandpa, Colonel Pedro. And Yes! Jay, Dona Maria, is also your great grandmother. ; 0

Re: correction: your BITANGA lineage

Jay (View posts)
Posted: 1164010819000
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Hi Bryan,

Pls. make a correction also on the items :

Noli Bitanga, my dad is not an army colonel but banker. My uncle, Cristino Bitanga is the Army General.

Also, my Lolo Col. Pedro Jamias Bitanga lived from 1904-1985. Just would like to help you get accurate data.

Pls. include another child from me for your record. Patricia Nicole S. Bitanga born 2005. Thanks and hope to hear from you.

Happy Thanksgiving !

cuz' Jay

Thanks! for responding

Bryan (View posts)
Posted: 1164061160000
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Hi Jay,
I actually had the right information in my database (excluding the 1904-1985 of your lolo)... I just wanted you to respond. Thanks again for the updates.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Re: Inigo Bitanga

Ryan (View posts)
Posted: 1164211192000
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That seems to be pretty accurate. We have my grandfather's marriage certificate here though. He married my grandma, Angela Mendoza y Ferriol of Agoo, La Union. He had two children from a previous relationship both based in San Francisco. Eight children (unless I made a mistake in counting them) from my grandma (all boys except the youngest child).

Thanks for the info :) I'd be happy to help update our side of the family tree.

Re: Inigo Bitanga et al

Posted: 1174456931000
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I'm surprised you haven't asked for more ... about OUR family? In any case, when you make the time, send me an email, either as a post here or at my personal email address.

(cousin) Bryan

Re: correction: your BITANGA lineage

Posted: 1233193306000
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Surnames: Bitanga
Hello Bryan & Jay,

These posts look pretty old, so not sure if you all are still out there, but I'm thinking I'm a distant relative and wanted to say hi. My aunt on my dad's side has done extensive research on the Filipino side and I am also a relative of Gavino Bitanga, whom you have listed below. My lineage comes down through his son Paulino Bitanga, who was a brother of Miguel. My aunt only had as far back as Gavino though.

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