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I am searching for information on the LOCKMAN and BLACKETER families in IN. John B LOKMAN married Holly BLACKETER in KY and moved to IN where some of their children were born, namely Mary and Moses twins in 1831. Jackson co I think.
Mary had a child out of wedlock John Jefferson LOCKMAN b in Bartholomew co on May 23,1852. I need the name of his father. thanks
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Surnames: Blacketer, Lockman
Thelma Stocker Simmons is deseased years ago,her mother and my dad were cousins. thanks for all you have done and any pictures I would like to view.


Ruth (View posts)
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You may have heard that genealogy research can become an obsession - it's true, I'm afraid. I tried to chase down the current addresses of Submitters to LDS - who may well be your cousins, with indifferent luck, as below listed.

Lucile Beem - L R Beem, 3316 Catalina Lane, Boise, ID 83705-4007; tel: 208-344-8128

James Taylor, 303 W Tipton Street, Atlanta, TX 75551-2740; tel: 903-796-9287

Thelma Mildred Simmons not found. You cannot easily tell how long ago the information was given to the Mormons.

In my father's line, the family rumor was that my grandfather was adopted by the husband, married after grandfather's [and his older brother's] birth, to his natural mother.

Eventually - for general interest purposes and dream of "writing a book" - several very old photographs were assembled by borrowing copies from relations in Sweden and America. My grandfather, one of his sons and the "husband who adopted my grandfather" - have the strongest family resemblance you could possibly wish as evidence of common genes!

Perhaps you can borrow copies of relevant photos and hope that your relatives took after the male line!

Best wishes from Ruth
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Surnames: Lockman, Blacketer
I know the correct spelling for Holly is not Hetty. I have her marriage record to John B Lockman but I thank you I willsend for the records. Mary was born in 1831 as many census records show so she would have been 21 when grandpa was born. In the Davis co Iowa census on 1856 grandpa was listed as John Jefferson Lockman and his mother Mary Taylor and James Hugh Taylor. I hold to the belief that James was indeed the father but nobody in the family agrees with me so I must somehow prove it.
Helen Johnson

* BMD - vital records * LDS - ancestral files *

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Dear Helen


One page names the parents of John Jefferson LOCKMON [sic, spelling: Lockmon], born 23 May 1852, in Columbus [spelled wrongly], IN: Parents: James Hugh TAYLER and Mary LOCKMAN [sic, Lockman].

Another page names the parents of John Jefferson LOCKMAN [sic, Lockman], born 25 Jun 1826 in Jackson, IN: Parents: John B LOCKMAN (1798-1847) and Holly (Hetty) BLACKETER (b. 1793)

[We know that records, including LDS, are not infallible. Errors/duplication/conflict of information are obvious in this File.] Submitters: Lucille S Beem of ID, James Emmett Taylor of TX and Thelma Mildred Simmons of MN. Suggest checking LDS web site - for address: then try to confirm current address on - or similar search engine.

Holly (Hetty) Blacketer, b. 1793 in NC; daughter of John Blacketer & (unknown) married John B Lockman, son of Ann Kirkland & husband, Vincent Lockman [b. 1763 of Orange, NC; d. 29 Oct 1843 in Medora, Jackson, IN]. Holly & John B Lockman were married 25 Jan 1816 in Mercer Co, KY.

Just checked this source: Bartholomew Co, IN Marriages: "Bartholomew Co, IN, Marriages, 1821-1920" - Carolyne Stultz compiled set of cross-indexed marriage books; parents included for marriages from 1882. email : There is no listing of father or mother of bride or groom [1882-1920] in Bartholomew Co, IN, for your specific individuals, but there were several brides, grooms named Lockman or Blacketer, who married in Bartholomew Co, IN.

Some births for your surnames, not your specific individuals, are recorded. Part of this database is open by subscription.

It would be helpful to obtain BMD - birth, marriage, death certificates - for many of your ancestors.
To verify the state or county address - in order to request BMD certificates, see the below web site. Asking first at the county level - when the county is known - is my preference:

Note town mentioned above - Medora, Jackson Co, IN.

Below are some possible, generic interpretations of information from the LDS pedigree file. Please forgive any mistaken dates, as I'm referring back & forth to Internet pages with nothing printed out for reference.

There may not have been any 'twins' - but since records were entered by several submitters, same date of birth for different siblings, or same child, with name altered - may account for appearances.

Apparently there were two generations with individual named "John Jefferson Lockmon/Lockman".

If "your" John Jefferson Lockman, born 23 May 1852, was born 'out-of-wedlock' to Mary Lockman - the vital record dates seem to indicate that Mary Lockman was age 17 and James Hugh Tayler was age 15 at date of birth in 1852. [sic, spelled Tayler but not to rule out 'Taylor']. You may have good reliable sources that prove the above status. A birth certificate, from Columbus*, IN, might confirm name of natural father.

After several years of genealogical research, one finds many similar stories. Again it is not unusual for the same unwed parents, to marry belatedly, after one or more additional children have been born. Less common is for the firstborn child to retain the mother's surname.

*Bartholomew County Health Department, 440 Third Street, Suite 303, Columbus, IN 47201-6798; (812) 379-1550.

*Bartholomew County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 2455, Columbus, IN 47202. Include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope and a copy of your family tree with your request.

Ruth - "Genealogy Grannie"

Pedigree of the HAPSBURG Jaw

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Dear Helen

My family photographs, with genetic implications, include:
Per Johan ____, born 1832 in Sweden,
Per Johan's grandson George* ____, born 1889 in Michigan, from "adopted" son born before marriage, and
Per Johan's grandson, John ____, born 1905 in Sweden, from daughter born after marriage.
*George's two sons carried much the same resemblance.

The three abovementioned men, in photographs, look like the SAME man. Their noticeable features were a stern expression increased by overhanging brow and jutting jaw --- somewhat more square-jawed, and less prominent than the "Hapsburg Jaw" - described on the web sites quoted below, for your further reading, if desired.

"mandibular prognathism syndrome" - otherwise known as the Hapsburg Jaw.

Pedigree of the Hapsburg Lip and Jaw [13 generations] - see web site:
Home Page: U of VA course on "Human Biology":

Now this weekend - I'm REALLY going to work on "my book".


Re: Pedigree of the HAPSBURG Jaw

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Hello cousin (I think)! My great-grandmother was born of a male Hapsburg/ Habsburg, and a female entertainer. She was born in Innsbruck. Your connection, and mine, is Michigan. I too have a partial Habsburg jaw problem. I have found it awful to live with!!! I had it fixed when I was younger, but I am having a lot of problems with it now. One side of my lower jaw grew longer than the other, and often times it effects my speech. My great-grandmother was born 1858/60. Her name was Anna, and her sister's name was Francis. They were both adopted out once in America. I do not have any information on Francis. Anna had 9 children. Please write back, we might be able to help each other!!
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Dear Bianca
You sound like a cousin I would be proud to have, but I'm not aware of being related to that particular, royal German family! My maternal grandfather, however, does have Mayflower ancestry and, in consequence of his line making two 'brilliant [no doubt accidental] marriages to 'gateway ancestresses' was related to practically every royal family in Europe. That part has not intrigued me, after the first discovery --- since there are apparently millions of Plantagenet descendants living in America, who are completely unaware and could not care less. [Notice my correct English grammar. We were residents of England for some 40 years, as expatriate Americans.]

Just the same, I really do love a puzzle, so if you will send me a little outline of your ancestry, I would be glad to try and extend it for you --- if possible.

Until starting this genealogy research --- I never knew that my mother was half German. My husband's mother was "pure German" as she liked to say, and was insulted when my firstborn son had a "Mongolian mark" at the base of his spine --- and I told her it came from her side. No historian am I, but I am told the Mongolians left their 'marks' on all Germans. All the history that accompanies genealogy --- makes it even more fascinating!

Incidentally, my 100% Swedish uncle George [one of the Hapsburg jaws] was the only Michigan birth to my Swedish Immigrant grandparents. Apparently they had been told how great life would be in Manistee, MI --- but decided to move onward --- to the western shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, then Waukegan, IL.

Hope you will respond.


Re: Pedigree of the HAPSBURG Jaw

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Surnames: Hapsburg,Starc,Branisel,Praznik
I am under Starc ,Branisel, and Praznik....I am Slovenian on my Daddy's side and German, Irish, and English on my Mama's side. I have a slight Hapsburg Jaw ,not to prominent ,like Marie Antoinette,and my brothers ,Joseph and Gregory Starc have it,too ,plus, my Aunt Mandy and Granny ,but niether of my parents,do, but still they have the long noses and strong jaws.Look at my photo.Starc comes from another word which means old one or old man. Praznik means Holiday,but I cannot for the life of me find: What Branisel means? My Granny's and Aunt's is slight ,too! I am thinking with all these Hapsburg 's Jaws ,we probably are related in some way , I just have to to find the connection ? Have to sink my teeth into the research.Probably we are the bastard side of the Hapsburg?LOL! Royal Families in History always have that side!

Re: Pedigree of the HAPSBURG Jaw

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Surnames: Starc,Praznik,BRANISEL
I have the slight less protruding Hapsburg Jaw,along with my 2 brothers and aunt and grandma.More like a minor version ,like Marie Antoinette. I am Slovenia on my Daddy's side and German , Irish, and English on my Mama's side. Starc,Praznik, and BRANISEL are the slovenian names.Does any one know the meaning of Branisel???I think the Hapsburgs are on both sides through either marriage or Royal Affairs ,illegitmate. Check out my pic. I need to sink my teeth into the research.The Hapsburg Jaw is a curse caused a alot of Dental work and the TMJ! But teeth and Jaws are not the only genetic cures in the line!
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