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Marriage records and 'unknown spouses'

Marriage records and 'unknown spouses'

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I am doing something wrong and I'm not sure what, I have entered information under add a fact for add a spouse, so the spouse is listed as a family member. Then later have found the correct marriage record and saved it to the correct person. When I create a descendancy report on Family Tree maker I get this person married the correct person, and then it also says they married an unknown person on the date shown on the marriage record. This is probably not clear and sorry about that. If you look at my Ross family tree, and find HARRY RAVENSCROFT RICHARDS, he married CHARLOTTE BEATRICE HOWELL.
The descendancy report, says

He married CHARLOTTE BEATRICE HOWELL. She was born on
21 May 1878 in Stourbridge, Worcestershire, England. She died in Dec 1969 in Welton, Lincolnshire, England. He married an unknown spouse in Jul 1900 in Worcestershire.
How do I fix this, should I do something different when entering the information? Help!

Re: Marriage records and 'unknown spouses'

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It's not clear what program you're working on, the ACOM on-line tree program or FTM?

Here is what you should be doing in the ACOM on-line member tree program.

-Add the spouse

-Create *add a fact* a marriage event in the timeline. If you don't know the exact date, ball park it. This links the couple. When you do find a document, just link it to the existing marriage event and edit in the correct date and place.

or.... you can start by creating the marriage event, the system will prompt you to choose or add a spouse.

This will sync correctly to FTM. Problem solved.

Re: Marriage records and 'unknown spouses'

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I am using ACOM, and recently added FTM, so I didn't know 18 months ago when I started my tree that I needed to do anything after add the spouse, so at this point do I edit the marriage record, by adding a fact, I think what I have done is added a marriage event because there was no record in the marriage record of who the spouse was/is. I'm still confused.

Re: Marriage records and 'unknown spouses'

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Yes, typically you need to add the "fact" of marriage, as well as the spouse name, before trying to add a record to support the marriage information. Very few of the marriage databases will seek out a spouse by the name indicated on the marriage record, and fill in the date for you. For most, you have to have the "fact" already in your timeline and then most (but not all) will let you click that to add the exact date from the marriage record. You also can add the record cite manually, but that's a tedious process.

Re: Marriage records and 'unknown spouses'

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There is another little quirk with the "add marrage date" too.If a person has multiple marriages, adding a new marriage date through the spouse with the first marriage will change the date of the first marriage. Example of how to accomplish this-John Jones married Susie Smith Oct 4,1880-Susie Smith Jones dies and he then marries Nancy Brown on Sep 10, 1882-in order to get the correct marriage date for John and Nancy, you will have to go through Nancy Brown to add the marriage date for John Jones. If you try to add the 2nd marriage through John Jones, you will change the first marriage date for Susie Smith. This is a quirk that I wish Ancestry would fix. What will cause problems here is if Nancy Brown had been married before and you have her first marriage recorded too. If that be the case, her marriage to the first spouse would have to be accomplished through him instead of her. Surely hope I have explained this as best as I can.

Re: Marriage records and 'unknown spouses'

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You may have to tinker abit, the ACOM on-line tree program has its quirks with marriage events.

I would suggest you turn off auto-sync in FTM, choose manually sync. This prevents constant syncing which is not needed and can cause all sorts of problems.

In your tree in the ACOM on-line tree program.

-Check both profile pages of the couple, if there are any "marriage" events in either, remove them. You want to start with a clean slate. Removing the "marriage event" will not remove the citation/document from the profile, you'll re-link/attach this later

-Now choose *add a fact* on either profile page, choose marriage, and follow the prompts to link to the other party. You can also enter the date and place at this time.

-When you return to the overview of the profile page, you should see in the time-line "Marriage to John Smith", and on the other parties page, "Marriage to Jane Doe".

-If you have a citation for the marriage already linked/attached to the profile(s), you can now relink it to the event. There are some threads on this board about how to move and link citations in the member tree program. This is something you should learn, it comes in very handy, particularly when dealing with profiles that have multiple marriages.

-Also note that no two (ACOM) databases link/attach exactly the same, the more you work with specific databases, the more you learn about how they react when linking them to profiles in your tree.

The sequence to follow is to always create a "Marriage" fact before linking/attaching a citation.

Re: Marriage records and 'unknown spouses'

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Thanks, it does make sense, I think! It means I now have to go back through the marriages in a 700+ people tree and rearrange a lot of them. Is this information, as in the correct sequence to enter marriages in 'how to' information? Or are we just supposed to figure it out? Is there any other similar quirks I should be aware of?
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