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Paton- Patton Thomas, John, William - N Ireland, Lochwinnoch Renfrewshire, Falkirk Stirlingshire.

Paton- Patton Thomas, John, William - N Ireland, Lochwinnoch Renfrewshire, Falkirk Stirlingshire.

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Surnames: Patton-Paton-Nevin-McNab
Dear Paton Researchers',

My family originally came from Ballycastle N Ireland.

John Patton md Jane McVicar When? Ballycastle area-N Ireland

Children (so far)
Thomas, William ,Ellen (Hellen) Elizabeth

Thomas Patton md Jane Nevin 1879 Ballycastle NI

William Paton md Mary Renfrews 1880 Lochwinnoch, Renfrew

Elizabeth Patton md James McNab 1883 Port Glasgow

Thomas Paton and Jane Nevin in 1881 Census Lochwinnoch along with William & Mary, Ellen &Elizabeth all working in the linen factories.

Thomas & Jane had their first son in Scotland, then went back to N Ireland and had the rest of their eight children:

John,William,Margaret,Catherine (Jean)Thomas, Fanny,Andrew Robert, James.

Thomas, Jane and family are found in N Ireland in 1901 Census, Island McCallion, near Mossend Village Co Antrim.

Sometime later in 1901 the family returned to Scotland and they worked in the mines in and around the Falkirk area.

I have no idea what happened to William & Mary in Renfrew and Ellen, Elizabeth went on to reside in Bonnybridge and one of her sons William McNab md his cousin Margaret Paton.

Whilst in N Ireland the name reverted to Patton, whilst in Scotland Paton- Jane (nee) Nevin Paton died in 1909 Bonnybridge and Thomas returned to Ballycastle and died just after the First WW .

I hope someone out there may have a connection.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


Christine McManus

Re: Paton- Patton Thomas, John, William - N Ireland, Lochwinnoch Renfrewshire, Falkirk Stirlingshire.

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Hello Christine;
I am the great grandson of William and Mary Renfrew (not Renfrews) Paton.
They immigrated to Rhode Island in 1890 along with many of the Renfrew clan. The entire group is buried in the Quaker burial ground in the town of Lincoln, Rhode Island. I am currently involved in searching the family roots with my cousin in Yorkshire, a transplanted american and the son of William's son, James.
I am a bit confused on one point. As I understand it, the family originated in Ballymina, N-Ireland, not Ballycastle. Where did you get your Ballycastle information?
Another person missing in your cast of characters is William's brother Robert. He served in the Boer war, returned to Scotland, married and was killed shortly after in a coalmine accident in Falkirk at the age of 27. My grandfather John, William's eldest, had mentioned an uncle "Tom" in one of his letters from the 60's, but it was thought to be an error...confused with his uncle Robert. I'll have to check further about Tom with my Yorshire cousin.
What is your connection in the family?
Do keep in touch.

Richard Edney

Re: Paton- Patton Thomas, John, William - N Ireland, Lochwinnoch Renfrewshire, Falkirk Stirlingshire.

C McManus (View posts)
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Surnames: Patton/Paton/McVicar/White/Nevin
Dear Richard,
Hi I am really amazed and very excited that I have managed to connect with one of our Paton family members.

The info that I mentioned in my previous message is all that I know of.
I have actual copies and transcripts or photocopies of most of the marraiges- ie your William and Marys' my Thomas and Janes and Elizabeth Paton and her James Mc Nab. I also have the 1881 Census for Lochwinnoch,1881/91 for the McNabs and the 1901 for my Patons living in Ballinlea (near Mosside) the farm that the house is on is called Island McCallion- this was 'owned by a Daniel McVicar in the land and tax &tithes records for 1850sGriffiths Evaluations- possibly a relation of John Pattons wife-Jane McVicar?

I do not know if John and Jane Patton resided there or not.
The house is still standing and we were over in Scotland and N Ireland last year and visited the house and took photos'.

According to family info all of the Thomas Paton children were born there- except of course the oldest John who was born in Renfrew
The marriage cert that I have of Thomas Paton says they were md in the Pres Church Ramoan (also md in the Parish of Ramoan) and registered in Ballycastle- though his place of abode is either Rittal or Kittal Kettal/ Rettal- I cannot find it anywhere- hers is Carnlelis.
So thats why I mentioned Ballycastle-however I have no idea where John Patton and Jane McVicar were md or where they were from, also I had no idea that there was another son called Robert.
According to my Thomas Pattons marriage cert in 1880 John Patton was alive- though I do not know if N Irish marraige certs would give you info about them being deceased. However Elizabeth Patons marriage cert shows in 1883 that both John Paton and his wife Jane McVicar is dec. So IF the marriage cert of my Thomas is correct in the fact that John Paton is alive then sometime inbetween 1880 and 1883 he died- this would give us his father at least I think.

Now how am I connected:
Thomas Patton and Jane Nevins son James Paton is my grandfather.
James Paton md Mary Eadie Morton,
they had 6 daughters and one son,most of them red heads- Mary Eadie Morton had red hair.
Most of them still reside in Bonnybridge in Scotland.
My mother and her husband Christine Paton and John Bell imm to Australia along with her sister Winnifred Paton and Thomas Johnstone in the early 1960s.(They used to go to Ballycastle and the house in the early 40s' on holidays with their father& family- visiting Portrush ect and the beautiful Antrim Coast)

I started this research about three years ago and have had a lot of success particularly in the Scottish side of things as records are readily available.So I am particularly pleased to have a bit of a breakthrough on the Irish side
Please email me at our email address.

I could possibly send you over transcripts and info that you are missing and we could exchange info if that is suitable.

Great to hear from you. Looking forward to your reply.


Christine McManus (from a very hot and sultry Brisbane)

Paton& Renfrews' 1881 Census Loch Winnoch Renfrewshire.

CMcManus (View posts)
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Surnames: Paton/Patton/McVicar/Nevin /Renfrew
Dear Richard,

I have just realized that I do not have your email address.

I have quite a bit of info regarding the family I am posting the info I sent to Wayne Paton in UK on this list to get you started and would like to send the rest direct when I am organized. If that is OK with you. I do believe that we are connected - he has kindly sent me streams of letters and I am busy deciphering it all and have come up with a few enquiries

Below are the copies of the 1881 Census for the Patons'and Renfrews' living in
Lochwinnoch Renfrew.Plus some info and a few questions.

Thomas Paton ( my gg grandfather) has his age as 20 when in fact the age
according to the 1901 census for Island McCallion is in fact 50-10 years
older- so I believe there was a transcripting error on the 1881 cd so the
age for the 1881 Census should read 30 he was 10 years older then his wife.

Elizabeth and Ellen are boarders with the Wylie family.

I also have the Renfrew Family living in Lochwinnoch -William and Ann.

I will send more as I organize it.

I have a few questions for you with regards to the info you have so kindly
sent. ( what a lot of work- thanks so much)

I am keenly interested in your copies of 'letters' from John Paton and Janet
Paton Bowman.(br&sis yes)

They mention the Robert Paton dieing in the mine accident and that he served
in the Boer War etc. Also that a member of the Renfrew or was it Paton
family (next generation down? or same generation of Renfrew Family) a
William who went over to S Africa and married a Boer girl.

The questions I have are as follows:

Your info on Robert Paton shows he died in 1895 according to the Procurator
Fiscals Report age 27- this would be correct.( born about 1868 according to
above official records) However the Boer War did not START until 1899 and
finish 1901 or 2 so it may have been difficult for him to serve in the Boer
War as he died before it started.

Possibly they have got mixed up with the other family member who went to S

Second in one of the letters the family members states- that William Patons'
parents(John Patton and Jane McVicar) both died when he was age 7 and that
he was billetted with a Catholic family who would not let him attend his own
church he left Ireland when he was 17 to move to Scotland, then married Mary

This we have found to be so, according to the below 1881 Census he is
married to Mary Renfrew and we have the marraige cert ect.
According to the 1881 Census William Paton was aged 24, this would mean he
was born about 1857, so his parents died according to the letter when he was
about 7 years old this would mean round about the year 1864.

However the above Robert was born in 1868- so either the informant on the
Report did not have Roberts age correct
(this has happened before when the informant did not know- I have one lady
on the other side of the family who got actually younger as the census years
went by and when she died her son the informant put down her age he really
had no idea and only went by what she had said according to her age at death
she was at least 7 years younger then her actual birth date)

or both John Patton and Jane McVicar died after 1868 which would mean that
your William was about 11 years old when he was billetted out to the
Catholic family or round about then, there is no reason why this could not
be so.
I hope you do not mind me asking these questions they are not in any way
intending to be criticisms, I am just 'sorting' through the family info and
trying to reconcile it with official records such as the marraige cert
census death certs and ages etc. Family letters, history and stories are the
best source of info - however there have been known to be discrepancies( for
eg no Thomas when in fact there is a Thomas) or applications made about
family members when in fact it applies to someone else and things can get a
bit muddled.

I am next going to organize marriage transcripts and foreward them on, I also have photos of the house that Thomas Patton lived in and maps of the local area and will copy them as I get through it all- I also have photos' of children belonging to Thomas Paton and Jane Nevin.

kindest regards


Census Info Below

1881 Census Scotland
Dwelling: Risk Cottage
Census Place: Lochwinnoch, Renfrew, Scotland
Source: FHL Film 0203577 GRO Ref Volume 570 EnumDist 1 Page 14
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
William PATON M 24 M Ireland
Rel: Head
Occ: Bricklayers Lab
Mary PATON M 21 F Johnstone, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Wife

Dwelling: 7 Killnow Cottages
Census Place: Lochwinnoch, Renfrew, Scotland
Source: FHL Film 0203577 GRO Ref Volume 570 EnumDist 3 Page 17
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
John WYLIE M 55 M Lochwinnoch, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Head
Occ: Stoker In Bleachworks
Jane WYLIE M 54 F Lochwinnoch, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Wife
Robert WYLIE U 16 M Lochwinnoch, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Son
Occ: Bleachfield Worker
Janet ROBERTSON U 35 F Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Boarder
Occ: Bleachfield Worker
Elizabeth PATON U 23 F Ireland
Rel: Boarder
Occ: Bleachfield Worker
Ellen PATON U 20 F Ireland
Rel: Boarder
Occ: Bleachfield Worker

Dwelling: 30 Killnow Cottages
Census Place: Lochwinnoch, Renfrew, Scotland
Source: FHL Film 0203577 GRO Ref Volume 570 EnumDist 3 Page 24
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
Thomas PATON M 20 M Ireland
Rel: Head
Occ: Genl Lab
Jane PATON M 20 F Ireland
Rel: Wife

Dwelling: Allans Land
Census Place: Lochwinnoch, Renfrew, Scotland
Source: FHL Film 0203577 GRO Ref Volume 570 EnumDist 3 Page 5
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
William RENFREW M 48 M Lochwinnoch, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Head
Occ: Limestone Miner
Ann RENFREW M 46 F Johnstone, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Wife
Ann RENFREW U 24 F Johnstone, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Daur
Occ: Bleachfield Worker
William RENFREW U 18 M Johnstone, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Son
Occ: Bleachfield Worker
Archibald RENFREW 12 M Johnstone, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Janet RENFREW 15 F Johnstone, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Daur
Occ: Bleachfield Worker
Jean RENFREW 9 F Johnstone, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Daur
Occ: Scholar
James RENFREW 6 M Howwood, Renfrew, Scotland
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar

Re: Paton& Renfrews' 1881 Census Loch Winnoch Renfrewshire.

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Christine McManus,

Hi, I am Judy Paton Blish, cousin of Richard Edney. I, too, am doing my geneology. I have not been very aggressive in getting family info, but was excited to see what you have posted. Richard told me that he would share with me what you send him and I am looking forward to that. Richard's mother, Victoria and my father, Wilbur were brother and sister. I have printed what you wrote to Dick here.

It is really interesting to find family.

Judy Paton Blish, email -

Re: Paton- Patton Thomas, John, William - N Ireland, Lochwinnoch Renfrewshire, Falkirk Stirlingshire.

Richard Edney (View posts)
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Are you still there Christine? I have been trying to e-mail you without success. Perhaps you have changed address? Just wanted to say hello.

Re: Paton- Patton Thomas, John, William - N Ireland, Lochwinnoch Renfrewshire, Falkirk Stirlingshire.

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Finally got onto rootsweb, Ihaven't heard from Wayne Paton either in a few years- I don't know if I have his correct email address or if it has changed I last heard when he was visiting the US something to do with his work.

Re: Paton- Patton Thomas, John, William - N Ireland, Lochwinnoch Renfrewshire, Falkirk Stirlingshire.

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Surnames: Patton, Carmichael
I'm replying to this line of interest but don't know if there is any connection. My husband's family is Patton, in fact his grandparents were Patton married to Patton with semingly no connection. They originated from Moneydig, Garvagh areas Co Londonderry and Antrim. They lived with family around Armoy and Cloghmills, Co Antrim. None of his family know very much at all. His great grandmother was Mary Jane Carmichael from Scotland. The whole N Antrim area is dotted with Pattons and very little connections are known. Even though we live here I can find out very little as there's virtually no family stories. His father's family moved to England in the 1970's.
I'd like to find a link with someone or something!

Re: Paton- Patton Thomas, John, William - N Ireland, Lochwinnoch Renfrewshire, Falkirk Stirlingshire.

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Surnames: Patton Paton

Well I am not sure how we can put this altogether.
Our family were definitely from similar areas-Ballinlea my great uncles talked about going into Mosside - and my great grandparents were married in the Ramoan Parish Church -in fact the house is still there in Island MaCallion - though the farms cows used the land(back in 2001) we visited it and took photos.

I have the 1901 Census of the Patton family living in this house and after that they moved to Scotland for work. On my g grandparents marriage cert Thomas Patton states his place of abode as Kittal and his young bride Jane Nevin as Carnlelis. (in and around Craignamaddie)
One of the US Pattons has a certificate back to 1866 of one of my g grandfathers brothers a Robert John Patton bn in Dunaghy to a Jane Patton, the reason they have connected it is because his full name was Robert John Patton and his mothers name was Jane and the time of brith is nearly consistant with his age at death( and we learned from Scottish certificates of marriage that her surname was McVicar- he died in Scotland in a mine disaster)
Now I am not surprised that you are having difficulties in finding whether all the Pattons in the area are connected. If you think of it like this, my ggrandfather was born in abt 1851- by 1875-80 him and (either all of them or most of them if there were some missing we don't know there names)his siblings had moved over to work in Scotland leaving behind his father (who we believe was a widow) that is a whole family of Pattons moving out of Antrim although my g grandfathers family returned in 1882 (the rest of his siblings remained in Scotland)by 1901-1911 they had returned to Scotland with the boys all finding work in the mines.My G grandfather also returned to Ireland in abt 1912 and died by 1919 in Moyarget. However in between that time at least one returned and was married in Moyarget-Ireland(1911) and then went back to Scotland- this happened to alot of families and those that were left behind that were maybe related have now gone and so a whole chunk of 'connections' are missing.
Now I don't know if any of the Pattons came from Londonderry but I know we had family in Portrush
It would be good for you to just work backwards from your husbands family- his parents where were they married? Could you get a cert?I know that Irish records only give you the fathers of each person but its better then nothing and the areas they were living in would help to connect. Also if his grandmother was Scottish then she shouldn't be too difficult to find on Scottish records? Can he remember where she was born in Scotland or what area her family may have come from? Did his grandparents marry in Scotland or Ireland? Work out the years they would have married roughly I am sure that he should be able to get her mg cert if not from Scotland then from ireland.
You can get Irish records (pay)online death certs, birth and marriage receiving them in the mail - an online genealogy company called genfindit and of course you can also search Scottish records online. I am at present online with scotlandspeople site - so is it possible you could give me more information and I may be able to find out some info about her at least.

I am afraid thats all I can help you with at the moment.
Kind regards

Re: Paton- Patton Thomas, John, William - N Ireland, Lochwinnoch Renfrewshire, Falkirk Stirlingshire.

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Hello out there, this is my first try at this, so any help from any one would be greatly appreciated. I am searching for any information about a dear old family friend from my childhood, Armour Patton, father Thomas John Patton. I believe "Paddy" (Armour) was born around 1888. At some stage he lived in Ballymoney, Ireland. Paddy was a huge part of our family and I would just like to know a little more about his roots. Your help is greatly appreciated, thankyou.
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