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Find A Grave

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I am finding several files I would like to upload from that is not on yet. How would I go about adding them to my ancestors? with proper sourcing?

Re: Find A Grave

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If it is not indexed on you can't do an automated attach-to tree.

Material posted on findagrave may be copyrighted: photos taken since 1928, material written by the creator of a memorial or other contributor, etc. Copyrighted material may not be uploaded to your tree without permission of the person who owns the copyright. It is not necessary for there to be a formal copyright notice posted there; the creator of the item holds the copyright whether or not there is such a notice present.

In each MemberTree person detail page, you can create an event (say, burial). If you do it from the page with the timeline, click on Edit this Person, click on Facts and Events tab, and on the same line as Burial at far right is "More Options" button. Click that to get the create-citation option and follow the prompts to create a citation to the findagrave item.

For any file uploaded to a person page, after the file is uploaded there is an option at the right sidebar to create a citation for it.

A side note, though -- a huge proportion of material in findagrave is not related to the burial or gravestone.

There may be fantasy genealogical accounts, such as one I ran across where the person who created the memorial had no idea where the person was buried but had him attached to a cemetery (created 70 years after his person's death) that had unrelated person by the same surname; he then gave a long ditty regarding speculative genealogy for the person.

There is lots of stuff copied from an obituary or death record that is not cited, incorrect readings of gravestones, and incorrect transfer of data from death records (say, died 1949 when actually died 1943, one I ran across today) etc.

One of the findagrave organizers gave a wrong transcription of an extensive gravestone inscription for a Revolutionary War Veteran; when challenged, he refused to acknowledge any problem with what he wrote, and declined to change it.

In addition, many gravestones give actually wrong dates (such as for one of my ancestors 1849-1904 the gravestone states 1850-1905).

Also some contributors get names of cemeteries wrong, put in wrong places, and do just about anything else that can possibly go wrong.

Sorry to go on so long about this, but when creating a source citation it is wise to have in mind just what you want to use the purported cemetery material *for*. Personally I often limit references to findagrave to web-links at lower right of the person overview page, and try to find other sources for evidence of vital dates.

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Wow thank you for all of the information. I'm a newbie so any and all information is welcome.

I understand to take FAG info with a grain of salt.

The ones I found in there are of my great grandparents, I had my mom look at them to verify it was actually theirs.

Again, thank you for your help!!

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Be sure to read the FindAGrave FAQs before venturing further

In particular, read #43

Re: Find A Grave

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All of the above is consistent with my experience as well (recently found a photo of a gravestone for a woman whose maiden name was Dewey, according to multiple official records - and on the gravestone it is spelled Duey, made me wonder whether the family had paid the stone carver in advance!) Also, a rather officious/difficult person created a Find A Grave memorial for my great great grandmother, which had her dying in Kentucky in 1826 (and buried in a specific cemetery, where her aunt and uncle and some other family members are buried). This resulted in my husband going looking for her on a visit to the area (in freezing weather), with no success. I then figured out that in fact, she died in 1900 in Solano County, California (and was already on Find A Grave, with a photo of the gravestone on which a daughter and grandson also are shown). Even so, it took weeks to get this guy to back off and remove the memorial.

Similarly, a many-times great grandfather was listed on Find A Grave as buried in a New Jersey cemetery (where a couple of his sons and other family members are buried), but he is well documented historically, and there is no evidence that he ever even went to NJ (he lived in York County, ME) much less died there. That person did not back off until several descendants (myself included) started putting smarmy notes/flowers on the memorial, saying things like "even though there is no record of where you are buried, it's nice that you are remembered," etc. The notes cannot be removed by the person who created the memorial, so eventually he was shamed into just deleting it. But as you can imagine, there are any number of Ancestry trees (and on other sites as well, I am sure), that now have wrong information thanks to that clown.

That said, however, the Find A Grave memorials can provide important clues to names, spellings, relationships, dates, etc. Once you have that information, frequently you can verify (or disprove) it through other sources, because you now know at least approximately what you are looking for. For instance, if the Find A Grave memorial includes descendants from more recent times, you may find that the descendants' official records include a mother's maiden name, etc.

I add Find A Grave memorial numbers in the descriptive section of the "death" event, which makes it easy to go back to them. Also, since I started doing this before Ancestry linked to Find A Grave, I have a manual citation form for Find A Grave links, into which I insert the URL for the particular memorial.

Good luck with it - you are wise to proceed with caution, no matter what source you are using. (And it is not just Find A Grave where there are errors - I have found some real bloopers in official records of various types.)

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Good advice, BurgessDonnelly!

I would also recommend Ancestry users read Item B of the "Rules of Conduct" portion of Ancestry's Terms & Conditions.

This is seriously weird...I have TWICE posted a reply similar to this but both disappeared.
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