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Ed Sawyer

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Surnames: Sawyer
Looking for parent/offspring information for Edwin Sawyer from Currituck County, NC

Here are the vitals that I have confirmed:

B: July 30, 1857 -- North Carolina, USA
D: July 18, 1938 -- Camden County, North Carolina, USA

Father: Cornelius
Mother "Dilsey" or "Della" (no last name)

Levi S., Adelia, Pete, Oscar Samuel, Lily, Talmon Berry, Irvin

Death Certificate as a source and Census data (though vague)

If anyone has any hints/information that could help me, please reply.

Thank you very much


Re: Ed Sawyer

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Classification: Query
Hi Ambrose
I have Edwin Sawyer born March 1851 died Jan.28,1901 buried
Sawyer Cemetery Barco, Nc married to Frances born April 1860
about 1879 their kids is a match but the last one Irwin, I have him as Edwin S.Sawyer Jr.born June 1898 and Died Oct.1938 and is buried Gregory Cemetery at Shawboro, Nc.I`m not sure if this is same line you`re looking for. But the rest of the kids match your post.Let Me know if this is what you are for.

Re: Ed Sawyer

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Sawyer
"I have Edwin Sawyer born March 1851 died Jan.28,1901 buried
Sawyer Cemetery Barco, Nc married to Frances born April 1860"

Is this the date on the tombstone in Barco? I have a copy of his death certificate that provided the vitals.

Do you know where you sourced the wife's name "Frances"? On his death certificate it says "Phonella". Some of the family members (now deceased) called her "Phernelia (sp). It would be interesting to know where Frances was found!

"their kids is a match but the last one Irwin"

Uncle Irvin died when I was in high school when I started working on the Sawyer side of me family tree. His information is correct and sourced, if you would like to add it.

Thank you so much for all of your help!

Where is the Sawyer Graveyard in Barco, if you are local? I live in Currituck County, but only know of a Sawyer graveyard in Belcross, Camden, NC.

Re: Ed Sawyer

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Good Morning Ambrose
I went back too look how i came up with what and when i quit looking after i found Edwin was dead about 1901,However i was wrong about Edwin`s death.
In 1880 Edwin was just married to Phernelia in Camden Co. On the 1900 census he was living in Currituck Co. at Crawford Twp.they had seven kids.
Levi S. born July 1881
Adelia born March 1884
Peter S. born Oct.1885
Oscar S.born March 1887
Lillie born July 1889
Talmon Berry born June 1893
Edwin S. Jr. June 1898
On 1910 census there was one more child who William Irvin born Jan.1901 that makes Eight kids.
Oscar S. Sawyer was married to Nora J. Gregory about 1912.
According to their tombstones Nora was born Feb.2,1883 and died Jan.26,1965 Oscar was born March 29,1887 and died Aug.22,1969 and are buried at Shawboro in Ed Gregory yard on N.Indaintown Rd. north of US 158. Edwin S.Jr born June 24,1898 died Oct.23,1938 buried same place. I have other info too if you need it. Do you know a man living there by the name of Roy Sawyer he would be a good source for info on sawyer`s. Good Luck

Re: Ed Sawyer

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Sawyer
Most helpful! Thank you very much

I will investigate more when I locate the graveyard, I need to take pictures there.

I don't know a Roy Sawyer in Currituck, but I will see what I can find out about him.

Thank you so much for your assistance!

Ambrose Sawyer

Re: Ed Sawyer

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Hello Ambrose
Peter S. is buried at New Hollywood Cemetery Elizabeth City, Nc.along with Annie Ferebee Sawyer

Re: Ed Sawyer

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Surnames: Perry, Sawyer
For many years I have searched for a Nancy Sawyer who was married to Josiah D. Perry (b 1820, d 1882). I suspect that Nancy died ca 1866. Children include Ivey Dowdy Perry (b 1855, d 1937) and Joab Sawyer Perry (b 1861, d 1952), among others.
Does anyone have a record of Nancy Sawyer?

Re: Ed Sawyer

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Surnames: Talmon Sawyer
Talmon Sawyer was my great grandfather on my father's side, by marriage. His last marriage was to Ella Kirl, they lived in Sligo on Poyners Road. I know Talmon had 3 children that I know of by a previous marriage, Robert Sawyer of Eliz. City (the one with all the wreckers), another son we always calledd Snooky, with no idea what his real name was, and another son that owned a service station in Great Bridge, and can't remember his name. I lived next door to Talmon growing up, he couldn't read or write but in the summer months would religiously take me to the library every week to get my week's supply of books. Loved baseball and swore vehemently man never landed on the moon. Him and Grandma Ella lived in 5 school buses that the front had been cut off of and welded together until their last 7-8 years when the biys got together and bought them a mobile home.

Re: Ed Sawyer

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Surnames: Sawyer
Snooky = Talmon Berry Sawyer, Jr.

I knew him well. Thank you for posting! He was also called "Tee-bo" by my side of the family.

My father was Ambrose Sawyer Sr. b. 1928 d. 2005

When I get home, I will give you most information about Talmon Sr.'s Tree.

Re: Ed Sawyer

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Hello Ambrose
So Your Grand Daddy Ambrose and Bessie are buried in West Lawn Memorial Park were`s your Daddy Ambrose Buried How is Ma Ma Octavia doing these day`s fine i hope. Is your wife`s name Patricia I see you have Ambrose A. III and Archie Lee.
I`m I getting close. Do you know were Levi S. is Buried and when he died can`t find them. You Have A Great Day
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